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Earn The Deal By Paul Xavier – Instant Download!

Learn How to Easily Make 6-Figures as a Creator
Even if You’re Just Starting

The Types Of Sales You Can Expect To Make By Learning & Using The Earn The Deal® Sales Systems…

Earn The Deal By Paul Xavier

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What’s Included In The  Earn The Deal™ (ETD) Sales Mastery Program
Learn how to convert complete strangers into high paying clients with

Fundamentals Of The Worlds Highest Converting Ethical Sales System

  • How to design and create your own sales system that generates predictable profits for your business.
  • The only four outcomes of a sales conversation & why we only accept 3 of them as professionals.
  • 9 sales myths that will wreak havoc on your conversion rate if you believe them.

5 Phases Of A Successful Sales Conversation

  • The sequential process that every successful sale follows.
  • 11 core beliefs about sales that all top performers have.
  • Deep dive into how to conduct an ETD sales conversation

Downloadable Proven ETD Sales Guides

  • Universal Earn The Deal sales guide
  • One-Off Videos
  • Content Retainers
  • Commercial Campaigns
  • Mentorship Programs

Creating The Ultimate Earn The Deal Sales Guide For Your Offer

  • How to create your own questions for your sales conversations
  • How to prepare for negative situations by practicing objection prevention

Earn The Deal Practice Exercises

  • How to properly role play to develop real sales skills
  • Finding your most commanding, confident & passionate tonality for conducting sales conversations

Live ETD Sales Meetings Recordings & Team Role Playing

  • How to position, price, package and run a ETD sales conversation for content retainers
  • How to position, price, package and run a ETD sales conversation for commercial campaigns

Emotional Regulation

  • How to quickly identify when you’re beginning a sales slumps and turn it around
  • Using our sales tracking sheet to monitor your performance

Feedback On Your Questions

  • How to record your sales conversations, save and organize them so you get feedback and improve.
  • How to get paid (credit cards, bank transfers, checks)
  • How to land your first client for a brand new offer
  • How to sell when the price of your offer is flexible

Whats Included In The Program?

15 Hours of Value Packed Video Tutorials

This program gives you a complete sales & communication system that you can duplicate into your business to start converting prospects into high paying clients with absolute control.

Skill-Developing Practice Exercises

This is the first ever sales program that includes 7 different practice exercises you can do every single week to unlock your full sales potential. Instead of just having video tutorials, you will be challenged with exercises designed to develop your skills in the fastest timeframe possible. As we like to say – practice makes perfect, not consumption !

Earn The Deal By Paul Xavier

Our filmmaking & content creator clients inside Earn The Deal have generated over $40 million dollars in sales in the last 4 years.

Track record:

  • Over 1,000 successful students who have generated a ROI on Earn The Deal
  • 99% satisfaction rate
  • Average deal size = $7,500+

In the last 5 years our companies have generated over 5 million dollars in sales and at the heart of those sales is the Earn The Deal sales program.

Who This Course Is For
You want to develop immensely powerful sales and communication skills.
Complete beginners and sales experts will benefit from this course as we teach the foundations for getting started AND the advanced sales psychology.
​You’re willing to put in some work – this program works when you do. If you plan to invest in the program and get to it whenever you get to it, there are better places to procrastinate.
Who This Course Is NOT For
You do not have a product or service that you want to sell via sales conversations.
You are looking for a comprehensive program on other areas of your business like running paid ads, copywriting, operations or finance. This program has one day that that goes in-depth into our absolute favorite and most effective organic (free) mega-value marketing strategy called “Bullseye Videos” but this is not a program on marketing or paid advertising.
​You do not care about speed. This program is developed for people that want to develop this incredibly valuable skillset in the fastest timeframe possible .