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Data Structures in Java (Late 2017 Edition) is an action-packed 8 hours of tips and tricks that professional Java programmers have used for the past 20 years to produce code that is robust and fast. Every lecture is followed by a short quiz to test your learning. Sometimes the questions are easy, others require some research on your side. Over 130 quiz questions in total will help you gauge how well you understood the various data structures.

“I am crawling through the material but finding it highly entertaining (no summer in England indeed!)” – Aristos Tofallis

“I watched a few videos from the Data Structures course and you have some of the best examples and explanations on the subject that I’ve seen. – Will Lokes

Heinz Kabutz is the author of The Java Specialists’ Newsletter, a publication enjoyed by tens of thousands of Java experts in over 145 countries. His book “Dynamic Proxies (in German)” was #1 Bestseller on in Fachbücher für Informatik for about five minutes until Amazon fixed their algorithm. Thanks to a supportive mother, he has now sold 5 copies.

Heinz’s Java Specialists’ newsletter is filled with amusing anecdotes of life on the Island of Crete. He is a popular speaker at all the best Java conferences around the world, and also at some of the worst. He teaches Java courses in classrooms around the world, where his prime objective is to make absolutely sure that none of his students fall asleep. He is not always successful.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 – Introduction to Collections in Java
Preview1. Welcome (3:08)
Start1.1 Code Samples
Preview2. Computational Time Complexity (22:59)
Preview3. Space Complexity (4:12)
Preview4. Arrays (15:20)
Section 2 – Lists
Start5. Lists (13:22)
Start6. ArrayList (14:07)
Start7. Iteration (7:55)
Start8. CopyOnWriteArrayList (7:03)
Start9. LinkedList (8:39)
Start10. Vector (4:10)
Start11. Stack (5:34)
Start12. Sorting lists (49:41)
Section 3 – Sets
Start13. Sets (10:06)
Start14. TreeSet (35:19)
Start15. ConcurrentSkipListSet (9:43)
Start16. CopyOnWriteArraySet (18:02)
Section 4 – Hashing
Start17. Hashing (16:25)
Start18. HashSet (13:43)
Start19. ConcurrentHashMap.newKeySet() (3:28)
Section 5 – Maps
Start20. Maps (2:11)
Start21. HashMap (28:34)
Start22. ConcurrentHashMap (6:28)
Start23. TreeMap (18:42)
Start24. ConcurrentSkipListMap (9:02)
Start25. Hashtable (18:15)
Start26. LinkedHashMap and LinkedHashSet (13:16)
Start27. Highly Specialized Collections: EnumSet, EnumMap, IdentityHashMap, Properties, WeakHashMap (19:53)
Section 6 – Queues and Deques
Start28. Queues and Deques (4:33)
Start29. ConcurrentLinkedQueue and ConcurrentLinkedDeque (9:15)
Start30. ArrayDeque (11:29)
Start31. BlockingQueues (1:50)
Start32. LinkedBlockingQueue and LinkedBlockingDeque (14:12)
Start33. ArrayBlockingQueue (6:26)
Start34. Highly specialized queues: DelayQueue, SynchronousQueue, LinkedTransferQueue (16:00)
Start35. PriorityQueue and PriorityBlockingQueue (18:04)
Section 7 – Collection Facades
Start36. java.util.Collections (17:35)
Start37. java.util.Arrays (11:02)
Section 8 – Thanks for Watching
Start38. Conclusion And Where To Next? (1:24)