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I own almost every course that you can find on-line. I buy them just to know what my ‘competition’ is selling (they’re not teaching, they’re basically just selling). Most of the ‘gurus’ are copying each other. I never found what I teach ANYWHERE else. It’s just because I teach MY OWN methods, not something that I’ve read or watched.

As you probably know I’m in this business for almost 3 years. It wasn’t always like that. I’ve lost so much $ when I was starting and trying different approaches. I want you to avoid that and I highly believe that investing couple of hundreds of $ is nothing compared to the knowledge you’re about to learn from this course, which I treat like my own child (lol).


  • Build a high-converting store with me
  • Pick the best theme and customize it
  • Develop the perfect store name
  • Create a stunning logo for your store
  • Use my personal, high-converting product description
  • Use my personal, professional FAQ page
  • Use the best badges that I use (included)
  • Go over Shopify settings with me
  • Choose the best apps that will help you profit
  • Know why you should start with a GENERAL store
  • Watch me building a store


  • Use my personal research method (I’ve invented it)
  • Don’t use research strategies that don’t work!
  • Don’t copy what others’re doing
  • Why you should NOT pick best-sellers
  • How to use 100% of AliExpress’s potential
  • Product image – why is it SO IMPORTANT
  • Use the ‘secret’ mobile app for researching
  • Make $20-$80 in profit per 1 sale
  • Why you should always charge for shipping
  • What product prices convert best?
  • Watch me researching products


  • Why you SHOULDN’T use your pixel for testing
  • Don’t mess your pixel or you’ll go broke (IMPORTANT)
  • Why you shouldn’t use PPE for testing
  • Why you shouldn’t use WC for testing
  • Why your adset needs more than $5 (!)
  • Why you need at least 2 adsets per product
  • Know how to find perfect audiences for testing
  • Know how to determine a winner after 12h-24h
  • Use my powerful TESTING ROADMAP
  • Watch me setting up testing campaigns


  • How to re-create your general store and make it niche
  • Why you HAVE TO re-create your store
  • Know when to re-create your store
  • Increase your AOV (average order value)
  • Increase your profits by branding
  • Setup your upsells
  • Watch me going over branding


  • Why most of the common ways fail when it comes to scaling
  • When should you scale
  • How should you scale
  • How Facebook really wants you to scale
  • Why you SHOULDN’T duplicate your adsets the way that others do
  • Know how to read your data
  • Know how to use your LLAs
  • Know which age groups you should target when scaling
  • Know which placements you should target when scaling
  • Going worldwide!
  • Don’t screw your pixel when scaling
  • SKYROCKET your profits
  • Know that big money = bigger problems. But you DO WANT these kinds of problems.

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Dominik Lisowski – BFTBS Course