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For long i have been searching for a good book on bodybuilding which could solve my doubts. A book which is filled with only the required information and not much of crap which could bore me down to tears. I have been revolving around the World Wide Web for that. It was Few days ago when i started watching And from there i found out what i want. Yes i found out Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training by Doberman Dan

So what is the book about?

The book in short is about Bodybuilding. Not just bodybuilding but targeted bodybuilding where the author teaches you each and every single factor which could lead to OPTIMAL muscle growth. Each and every aspect of training, muscle growth, nutrition, rest, recovery is explained in such a simple manner that even a kid could understand about bodybuilding.

The author after explaining all the basics explains two main areas which made me speechless. The author explains about

  • How Many Days Per Week?
  • How To Group Body Parts
  • When To Increase Resistance
  • Shocking A Muscle
  • And many more including exercise descriptions and images of powerlifters demonstrating the same.

We all know that nutrition is the key of all fitness goals. Here the author explains and gives sample diet routines for each and every goal that a bodybuilder can have such as,

  • body type diet
  • Meal plan guidelines
  • Supplementation guidelines and some tricks of the trade to make the best out of your supplements
  • Recipes for nutritional meals
  • Fat loss secrets
  • and a lot more….

And one more thing which really gave me a very good feeling was the photos inside the book. All the photos in the book were of those of natural bodybuilders and powerlifters.
Many book sellers just put in unrealistic claims and photos to sell their products, but there were no such false claims or BS in the ads. The ads were plain and simple, if you want to know about the muscle gain secrets – buy them.

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