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Before Thumbs comes contouring

We teach couples how to massage the way professionals do.

Starting with the most important technique. Contouring! Massage Practitioners perfect this. You will too.

Contouring will help you:

Relax Your Partner & Connect

Find Intimacy Faster

Your Massage Will Flow Better

Hands Become More Confident…

Just Like A Professional Massage

This first series takes only 20 minutes to learn – it’s so good, we recommend doing it over and over. It’s elegant, easy-to-do and complete bliss!

Unlike Professional Practitioners,
you’re allowed to be intimate with your partner. We take full advantage of this.

after contouring,
its knots!

Melt Series 2 – In this series we teach you how to find knots & release them. “right here… your partner begins to dribble.” This course alone is worth the $99, it’s incredible!

Melt teaches real massage techniques alongside silly names. Because “sternocleidomastoid” is hard enough to say, let alone remember.

The “Money Shot” is memorable – and when your partner makes noises like “hmm & ahh” – it becomes unforgettable. Other names include:

Mushy-Mushy Yum Yum’s

Money Shot | Train Tracks

Hair Dresser | Golf Balls | Making Soup

Cat Walking | No Brainer | Bloody Hurts

This series is more technical to learn, and a little more advanced than the first. At the end, we combine everything from Series 1 & 2 and create the most incredible 15-minute massage.

Most couples are satisfied with this routine and their level confidence – but Melt’s MasterClass has more…
Deep Tissue

Melt Series 3: The Meanie and the Sweetie

This is the secret to how professional practitioners massage for hours without hurting their hands.

The “Meanie and Sweetie” tricks your brain into thinking it’s a continual deep tissue massage.

No one can massage deep 100% of the time. Also, the body doesn’t like it. A therapeutic release requires moments of deep tissue followed by extended periods of relaxation strokes.

This course teaches you the deep tissue techniques – thumbs, heel of palm and fingertips.

Melt’s MasterClass ends ends with a phenominal 30-minute massage, combining every single technique from Series 1, 2 & 3.

Your massage will flow with depth & pressure offering a therapeutic deep-tissue release alongside long warming massage strokes that envelop your partner making them feel safe, nurtured, loved and relaxed.
surprising your partner?

Are you surprising your partner for an Anniversary? Birthday, Christmas Gift, Date Night or just to add a little more excitement to your relationship? Or is this a “go team!” thing?

Hi there, I’m Denis.

I’ll be your massage coach.

I’ve been teaching couples massage for 15 years, and I’m totally in love with my job.

Next to me is Emma – the gorgeous model that I demonstrate on. She loves massages too!!

My goal is to get you having as much fun as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I dedicate most of my time on developing the right communication to help you learn massage in the best possible way.

Melt as my artwork. It’s 100% original, developed specifically for couples. In fact, it was orginially developed to be used solely for my own relationship – to help connect and bond my partner and me. It allowed for us to explore each others body in a way thats both relaxing, comfortable and intimate.

Come join me inside Melt – your relationship will get so much out of this. It’s so good for you.

step 1:
Get massage oil

Get immediately download Denis Merkas – Melt massages for couples

Cold Pressed | Unscented | 16oz – 473ml

Over 700 reviews on Amazon – our oil is the best!

Oil makes your hands massage the way professionals do.
Use quality oil – your body absorbs it.

step 2:
sign up

34 lessons | 3 Massage Routines

5 min | 15 min | 30 min

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

So many tutorials you’ll continue learning new things for years to come.

Basic enough you’ll pick up the essentials immediately.

And detailed enough to help you fine tune your technique as your hands become confident.

step 3:
get rubbing

For Better Health, Sleep, Energy & Stress Relief

& Date Night at Home



Valentine’s Day

For Sex / Foreplay

There are so many smart reasons why the two of you should get your hands on each other.

About Melt’s MasterClass

Melt’s MasterClass is a carefully planned, strategically executed lesson structure.

Developed over 8 years in live workshops. Thousands of couples were taught, getting it right before filming Melt’s MasterClass.

No practitioner has studied this many couples over such a long period of time, developing and testing the best combination of massage techniques for couples to enjoy at home. The result is a perfect series of massage techniques.
We use intimacy to our advantage

intimacy separates your massages from everyone elses – it’s the one thing no one else in this world can give your partner. This alone is this reason we believe every relationship deserves a little massage in it… don’t you?

Special care was taken to film Melt – a classy representation of a couple massaging at home – no nudity or awkwardness. A slight hint of intimacy – suggestions to plant a thought, allow you to explore and see where your massage takes you.
Make it your expression

We created Melt to allow you to express yourself, tailoring your massage in your own way…

You can chose to explore a sensual massage, using our techniques as a guide and as you become confident allow your hands to wander and explore with your contouring techniques.

Or follow our routines to the letter – no need to think, just copy Denis’ hands, follow his rhythm and give your partner a deeply releasing and therapeutic massage that will have your partner making noises such as hmm and ahh!

Melt has been designed to include a vast amount of “professional” massage techniques to provide a therapeutic release for better sleep, reducing inflammation and stress and better health.

We highly recommend using Melt as a tool to serve your relationship, build connection, allow for more communication and of course… relaxation.