David Weis – Stock Market Update Nightly Report 2014-2019

David Weis, possessing 40 years of experience in the futures markets, served as a trader and market analyst. His career commenced as a broker and analyst for Conti Commodities. Subsequently, he pursued the Wyckoff Course at the Stock Market Institute, emerging as one of its foremost practitioners.

Ascending through the ranks, Weis later assumed the role of Director of Technical Research for Conti Commodities, where he authored the weekly technical market letter. He also took charge of editing the Elliott Wave Commodity Letter, originally published by Robert Prechter. After a span of four years, Weis initiated his own Technical Forces letter. Presently, he produces a nightly Stock Market Update grounded in the interpretation of price/volume behavior.

Weis’s most recent publication, “Trades About To Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method” (Wiley & Sons), saw the light of day in April 2013. This well-received work stands as a significant contribution to the realm of technical analysis, as it modifies Richard Wyckoff’s tape reading techniques from a century ago to suit the dynamics of today’s volatile markets. Weis also shares authorship of “Charting the Stock Market: The Wyckoff Method” and has authored a workbook titled “Trading with the Elliott Wave Principle: A Practical Guide.”