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– Time Distortion For Fun and Profit

What would you be able to accomplish if you had all the time in the world to do it? Would you enjoy some things more if you could make time go faster? What if you could install a more compelling future in your mind, so it were to automatically happen when you were ready for it?

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up group as he talks about the secrets of the Time Distortion effect, and how to leverage it for your benefit.

In Time Distortion For Fun And Profit, you will discover…

Exactly How To Work With The Filters Of Time
How To Get As Much Done In As Little Time Possible
How To Enjoy Things As Much As You Possibly Can
How To Change Your Experience Of Time For Maximum Benefit In Your Life
How To Install A Compelling Future In Your Own Mind
When you are ready to take control of your experience of time, get started today with Time Distortion For Fun And Profit.


– Spiritual Power: Intro To Energy Healing

Anyone who is ready to begin taking charge of their own personal healing or the healing of others, may find out about the power of Energy Healing and other spiritual disciplines. Once you begin to apply these techniques and systems in to your life, you will quickly realize how powerful these kinds of change work can be, and you can see all the possibilities on how it will work for you in your life.

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up as he reveals the basics of Energy Healing and how to apply it in your life.

In Spiritual Power: Intro To Energy Healing, you will discover:

  • How To Learn About Different Forms Of Energy Healing
  • The Basics Of Reiki, And What You Can Do With It
  • How To Think About Qi-Gong
  • The Basics Of Theta Healing
  • How To Get Started With Pranic Healing And Psychotherapy

If you are ready to take your healing and spiritual skills to the next level, enroll in Spiritual Power: Intro To Energy Healing today.


– Speed Attraction

What would your dating be like if you had the ability to create a tremendous amount of attraction literally on-demand?

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up as he reveals the single most powerful technique for creating intense feelings of attraction from a complete stranger.

You will learn…

The Exact “3 Magic Questions” Process That Will Take A Woman (Or Man) From Stranger To Lover
Exactly When To Apply It, And How
Get started today with Speed Attraction, and watch what happens in your dating life.


– Renegade Romance

Are you looking to SUPERCHARGE your dating and love life? What if you understood the EXACT mating dance that everyone goes through, all the way from stranger to lover?

Join David Snyder in this premium meet up as he covers the EXACT Seven Stage Mating Dance that will give you total control over your dating.

You will discover:

Exactly How Intimacy Is Built (And What To Do When You Have It)
The 7 Stages Of The “Mating Dance”
How To Know Exactly Where You Stand With A Woman (or Man)
How To Know The Next Steps To Take To Get Intimate (And Get It Right EVERYTIME)
Take action today and buy Renegade Romance.


– NLP For Profit: Copywriting Secrets

Are you in business to sell and market a product/service? Do you want to learn EXACTLY how to create POWERFUL and COMPELLING language that sells? Learn from master hypnotist David Snyder as he teaches you the exact language patterns that you can use to begin to create a tremendous amount of excitement in your prospect, and compel them to take action. You will learn about the power of emotion and how to you can use it to get people to move down the your path of influence all the way to a purchase.

You will learn,

How To Use NLP To Sell Products And Services
The Exact Skills And Language Patterns To Supercharge Your Marketing
What It Takes To Write A Compelling Sales Letter
How To Understand Your Ideal Customer
How To Target Your Customer’s Key Values (And Drive Them To A Purchase)
When you are ready to amplify the power of your marketing, join David Snyder in NLP For Profit: Copywriting Secrets


– Hypnotic Hot Buttons

Do you want to learn how to find out EXACTLY what is most important to someone in their life and know EXACTLY how to give it to them to make them feel really good?

Could you imagine how amazing your life would be if you were able to walk around making everyone feel really good all the time and being able to give them what they wanted?

If so, then join David Snyder with Hypnotic Hot Buttons.

You will learn:

How To Master Criteria And Values Elicitation
How To Figure Out What Someone Loves
How To Figure Out How To Give It To Them
How To Make People (And Yourself) Feel REALLY Good, All The Time
Enroll in Hypnotic Hot Buttons, now.


– Forever Man

You are about to discover the most powerful hypnotic techniques for creating AMAZING sex in bed. Learn the hidden secrets on how to last forever in bed and control your orgasms in order to create AMAZING sexual experiences.

In David Snyder’s powerful course, you will learn:

The Secrets Of Sexual Attributes, And How You Can Leverage Them For Amazing Sex
How To FINALLY Overcome Premature Ejaculation And Sexual Dysfunction
Powerful Herbal Formulas That You Can Use To Boost Your Sexual Power and Stamina
How To Last Longer In Bed (And Give Her The Sex She’s ALWAYS Wanted)
How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation, and Control WHEN You Finish
Gain Access To Our Powerful Hypnosis Courses That Will Train Your Mind To Last HOURS During Sex
Excersies That You Can Use To Last Longer In Bed
How To Make Your Semen Taste Better.
Get started with Forever Man and TAKE CONTROL of your orgasm.


– Forbidden Secrets of Conversational Hypnosis

Join David Snyder in this premium meetup where he reveals the most powerful language patterns that you can use to yield massive influence in your life.

Learn how to:

Master Hypnotic Languaging
Become A Master Persuader
Yield The Most Powerful Language Patterns
Get started today by joining Forbidden Secrets of Conversational Hypnosis.


– Flirting For Fun and Profit

Flirting is one of the most powerful forms of communication we possess. The ability to generate attraction in others in a fun playful non-creepy way is one of the fastest ways to move your proffessional and social life forward at light-speed.

Not only do powerful flirting skills give you unstoppable confidence and charisma in your ability to attract members of the opposite sex.

Used tactically and strategically they can move your professional life forward just as effectively.

Allowing you to get past corporate gate keepers, bouncers, security personnel etc, Effective, Scientific Flirtation can also quickly give you the edge in networking situations, leading and managing groups of people and even job interviews, mediation and negotiation.

And its a heck of a lot of fun!

Get your copy today, start flirting tonight!


– CPI Covert Persuasion Intelligence

If you are ready to master the power of conversation, and use that power to automatically get whatever you want out of life, then CPI is your next stop.

Join David Snyder as he reveals the single most powerful conversational hypnosis training system in the world today.

You will learn:

The 6 Stages Of Persuasion That You Can Use In ANY Context
How To Control Your Emotional State, ON DEMAND
The Critical Path To Influence In Every Situation
How To Instantly And Automatically Sync/Link Your Mind And Body With Another Human Being

How To Generate Irresistable Levels Of Rapport Whenever You Want
How To Use The 7 Unstoppable Language Patterns
How To Tap In To Someones Nervous System To Get Them To Be In The State To Do What You Want
How To Master Embedded Commands
How To Bind The Thoughts And Ideas Of People So They Choose Exactly What You Want
How To CRUSH Interviews For Work
How To Talk In Such A Way Where People Automatically Believe What You Say
How To Focus A Person’s Attention So They Do Exactly What You Want
How To Create Massive Absorption And Pleasure Just By Talking To Someone