Daniel Fava – The Create My Therapist Website Toolbox 2.0

Do your hands get clammy and does your heart begin to race when potential clients ask to see your website?

You know, the one that looks like it’s from 1999 and is a horrendous representation of your modern, progressive practice.

Embarrassed you give them the web address and promise yourself for the 1500th time you’re going to figure out how to update it.

But they didn’t teach you online marketing and web design in grad school…

You know that when you sit down in your office, face-to-face with your clients, you’re an empathy master. You can hold the space for any story you hear no matter how shocking, horrifying or hilarious. And, at the end of the day, you can confidently say you’ve helped people.

But when it comes to sitting down at your desk, face-to-face with your computer screen it’s a whole different story. Your keys clack and your mouse clicks, but you have to admit that you have no idea what you’re doing.

So you’ve scrape together a website with the simplest tools you can find, or worse yet, put it off again until the next potential client asks for your web address.

Now you’re frustrated because your website, or lack thereof, fails to represent you and the practice you love and is not bringing you clients.

You know this needs to change, but you have no idea how to build the website you want yourself and hiring it out is not an option at this stage of your business…


The step by step training that:

  • Holds your hand through the setup of a WordPress website and all the settings that make you run and hide so you can create a website fear-free
  • Provides you with a clear roadmap with EVERY step needed to create a client-attracting website so you know exactly what you need to do and when to do it, helping you avoid the long, frustrating hours spent in a Google rabbit-hole
  • Literally gives you an over-the-shoulder view of my webpage-building process so you can rest-assured that the pages you create will convert visitors into clients even while you sleep
  • Saves your hard-earned cash by teaching you how to confidently make web pages and blog posts yourself instead of hiring costly website designers and developers
  • Saves you valuable time by including only the essential steps needed to launch your practice online, so you can focus your time more on the activities in your business that you love
  • Gives you access to a web designer with over 15 years of experience, ready to answer your questions and keep you from getting stuck
  • Will leave you with a pro-quality website that you’re proud of – one you can finally share without a hint of embarrasment

The Core CMTW Toolbox Training Program:

6 Video Modules

Each module contains step-by-step video tutorials that will teach you the strategy behind an effective website, screen recordings that show you exactly how to put the lesson into action and resources to get to the finish line even faster.

I’ve taken care of organizing all your training so you can get right to building your website without getting bogged down with info or getting distracted along the way. Everything you need is conveniently located in one place. Just log into the course and start working.

8 PDF Resources

You’ll get 8 downloadable checklists, worksheets and guides that will help you create content, define your ideal client and build web pages. These downloads will keep you moving forward as you blast past any website-building stress and save you tons of time as you create your website.

What you’ll learn

MODULE 1: What To Do Before You Begin Your Website

Most therapists don’t know where to start when building their own websites. Well, we’ll start with the work you have to do BEFORE anything else. You’ll learn what needs to be done first, in order to save time later on.

  • How to clarify who your ideal client is so that you can keep yourself from staring at a blank screen, unsure of what to write
  • How to craft a homepage title that grabs your target audience’s attention and keeps them from bouncing off your website so that you can increase your chances of converting them into paying clients
  • All the assets you’ll need to gather (and how to do it) before working on your website so that you’ll have ALL you need to start building and make the project go faster

MODULE 2: Setting Up Your Hosting Account & Purchasing a Domain

You’ll create a solid foundation for your private practice website picking a hosting provider and setting up your account. I’ll demystify WordPress – the framework of your site – by showing you what it is and how to install it on your new hosting account.

  • How to choose the right domain name for your website and establish your practice as a brand
  • The difference between and and which one to avoid
  • How to set up your hosting account and install WordPress in less than 20 minutes so you can finally start building a website that represents you and the practice you love

MODULE 3: How To Actually Use WordPress

Confused by the WordPress dashboard? This is your guided tour of WordPress. I’ll break down every section of the WordPress interface understand what it all does and how to use it.

  • Learn the settings you need to know so that you can avoid wasting time on the stuff that doesn’t apply to a thriving therapy practice
  • Learn exactly how to upload images, create blog posts, create pages and edit your entire website so you’ll be confident throughout the creation process

MODULE 4: Getting Started With Your WordPress Theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme is a challenge for most therapy practices. With the CMTW Toolbox, you won’t get lost in a sea of themes that will waste your time and leave you with no support. That’s because we’ll focus on just ONE WordPress theme, Divi, and I’ll show you exactly how to get started.

  • Learn what types of WordPress themes you MUST avoid so that you don’t waste your time and end up pulling out your hair
  • Why Divi is the ONLY theme I use with all my web design clients (hint: their page builder is the best)
  • How to install your theme and customize your website to fit your brand and the right mood you’ll want in order to attract your ideal clients and fill your caseload
  • I’ll give you design tips on choosing the right fonts and a color palette so you can confidently share your website with potential clients

MODULE 5: Building Web Pages, Creating Content & Attracting Clients

Attracting more clients is ALL about content. You’ll learn how to literally create the most important web pages you’ll need on your new website. Not only will I give you my strategy for each page, I’ll show you how to actually lay out each page like a pro designer.

  • What 5 major mistakes I see therapists make on their homepages and how to avoid them
  • A formula you can follow to write your About page content (one of the MOST important pages on your site) so that you can attract your ideal client
  • The types of pages that are SEO gold and how they can attract more clients to your website, show off your expertise and get found on Google over and over again

MODULE 6: Marketing Your New Website

Building a website is one thing, but getting your clients to actually visit it is whole other ball game. This module is all about what to do AFTER you launch your new website in order to grow your traffic (and your client load).

  • You’ll learn about the benefits of blogging and how to consistently publish articles that bring in more traffic, more leads and more scheduled clients
  • The secrets to ensuring that visitors actually read your blog posts and are motivated to know more about you
  • My best advice for using social media that will remove the voice in your head that says “you’ve got to do it all!” and frees up your energy to focus on the one(s) that get you results
  • Tips for using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to grow your traffic and how you can automate the posting process and save heaps of time
  • How to simply use Google Analytics and the essential metrics to track so that you can use your website strategically, so you know what’s working and not have to waste time on what’s not

Your Instructor

Daniel Fava

Founder of Create My Therapist Website and Private Practice Elevation. My team and I help therapists and private practice owners increase their visibility and attract more clients through elevated website design and SEO services.

When my wife was first starting her private practice back in 2011, I jumped into action and built her website using WordPress. We saw first-hand how important it was to have the right kind of content on her website in order to get her ideal clients to show up to it month after month.

So it became my mission to help other practitioners do the same with their own websites, providing simple tools and training to market a practice online and fill up their calendar with clients they love.

At Private Practice Elevation, we imagine a world where every private practice owner can reach the clients they love, expand their impact and build the business and life of their dreams. When our clients succeed, they can help even more people who need mental health services.

Because of that, I belive our work can literally help save lives.

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