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Conversion Copywriting Course By Joanna Wiebe – Instant Download!

Conversion Copywriting Course By Joanna Wiebe

Crush Copywriting with the Online Course Guaranteed to Be the Best Money You’ve Spent on Marketing Training


You’ll Soak Up & Practice the Process, Tactics & Techniques I Use to Get Measured Conversion Lifts

The Conversion Copywriting Course by Copy Hackers is the 10-week online program that will take you thru the 3-Phase Process we use to write high-converting, test-proof copy. Based on a case study with a 51% paid lift.

Trust our reputation. We only create the most useful, actionable and informed copywriting training for startups, marketers, designers and consultants. You’ve got 30 days to see if the course wows you. If it doesn’t, we’ll refund every penny.

A No-Fluff Course That’s Worth Every Penny (or Rupee)

Arun Jain
Mumbai Area, India

Joanna, I bought your new course thinking that I would have to ask for a refund as most copywriting courses are hyped and provide no real value at all. And since I am from India, every $1 I spend equals Rupees 55 here.

But I must say I am impressed and you have laid the course out nicely. I would not have to tweak anything like you have to do with Dan Kennedy courses or other big Gurus. I can use your techniques as is.”


Conversion Copywriting Course By Joanna Wiebe

Joanna has been called one of the world’s greatest copywriters – alongside the likes of Perry Marshall and Frank Kern – by Mindvalley CEO and influencer Vishen Lakhiani

Brian Clark (CEO of Copyblogger Media) personally invited her to teach Conversion Copywriting at the upcoming Authority Intensive. And Neil Patel & Hiten Shah (cofounders of KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg) hire her for CRO copywriting goodness.

If You’ve Read the Books, This Course IS The Next Step

Fill in the gaps in your copywriting education – so you’re never intimidated by the Blank White Page again.

The Conversion Copywriting Course expands on everything you learned in the first 4 Copy Hackers ebooks… and The Startup Guide to Differentiation… and The Great Value Proposition Test. You’ll find in-depth training on message discovery and clear, to-the-point training on the more advanced stuff you’re ready for.

How One Designer Doubled the Value for His Clients

Robert Williams, Founder of Workshop & Graphic Designer

Adding world-class copywriting to my freelance services with this course has taken me from just another freelance web designer, to a website optimization consultant. I’ve literally been able to double the value I deliver to clients by adopting a tested system for extracting great copy. It’s like a shortcut for becoming a master copywriter. The copy I can now deliver is equally as valuable as my design, and knowing that has boosted my confidence when pitching leads, closing deals, and describing my process to prospective clients

Last week, a client told me that the value he received from my copywriting alone (using tactics in this course) was worth the entire price of the project. If you’re a freelancer that wants to over-deliver, this is the best way I can think of doing it. Who would YOU rather hire: a designer that uses lorem ipsum for the most critical part of your website? or a designer that has a proven system for getting high-converting copy that is tested and polished every time. It’s put me above basically every other designer on the web.”

All 10 videos, 3 bonus videos and Office Hours recordings are yours for good. Just sign in online, and watch (and rewatch) until you’ve got it down pat.

WEEK 1, Phase I

Hunt Down Raw Messages

See exactly how to use Amazon’s plentiful reviews – and how to audit your competitors’ sites – to find YOUR messages, even if you have no customers.

WEEK 2, Phase I

Raw Messages, Part II

If your website’s up-and-running and you’ve got customers, you’ll learn what to do to pull your next big message outta them!

WEEK 3, Phase I

Organize All That Data!

This week, we’re still finding your message… but we’re taking the raw data you’ve collected and slotting it into a report you can use and reuse to make sense o’ yer messages.

WEEK 4, Phase I

Features vs Benefits

As we close off Phase I: Find Your Message, you’ll pin down your messages, figure out your layers of benefits… and more!

WEEK 5, Phase II

Top Copy FAQs… Answered

Everything you’ve wanted to know – from images vs copy to tapping into motivations – is answered in this info-packed week!

WEEK 6, Phase II

Powerful Messages

Promises, differentiators and your value prop – these are some of the highest-impact phrases you can put on a page!

WEEK 7, Phase II

Reverse Engineering

You’ve got everything you need to rewrite a page – so watch and see why I did what I did for the 51% lift case study.

WEEK 8, Phase II

Editing & Creative Direction

Your messages have been shaped into a first-draft home page… so let’s amp it up with some serious polishing via editing.

WEEK 9, Phase III

A/B Testing Essentials

Lance will cover the foundations of A/B testing. Great if you’re brand new to testing or to fill in some gaps in how you’ve been testing.

WEEK 10, Phase III

Wrapping Up

You’ve found messages, organized them, wireframed a page, edited & polished it… and split-test it. Now, see when to stop a test and what to do next!


Add Conversion Copywriting Certification to Your Resume
And I’ll Start Referring Clients to You
To whom do you think I refer new client requests? I get 20 to 30 requests a month, and I take on about 1% of those clients. So where do I send the others?

For the past year, I’ve referred clients to a list of 10 copywriters. Many of these writers have told me my passive referrals are responsible for HALF their client base. Which means I’ve doubled their clientele simply by sending referrals their way.

But now I’d like to be certain I’m referring CRO copywriting work to CRO copywriters. Which is why I’m offering certification. Take the course, read the books, pass the test – which includes written assignments – and get certified… and I will start sending you client referrals.


  • Full, forever access to the Conversion Copywriting Course, including core and bonus videos
  • All 7 of the Copy Hackers ebooks
  • A bonus video on my secrets to successful freelancing
  • 2 attempts at the certification test – get 90% to pass (earliest date to take: after the 10-week course period)
  • A post-test review of your test responses with me (approx 1 hr)
  • BEST OF ALL: When you pass certification, I’ll begin recommending you to prospective clients


  • You’re taking clients or planning to leave your in-house job to freelance by the end of 2014
  • You’ve got at least 2 years of copywriting under your belt
  • You’re well beyond AIDA and intro-level copy tips
  • You want more clients
  • You want to be able to charge at least twice what you currently do by the time you’re certified
  • You really like copywriting – it isn’t just a step toward a marketing role for you
  • You primarily write websites, landing pages and emails – and your clients are looking for more signups / optins and sales

Conversion Copywriting Course By Joanna Wiebe, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

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