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Contrarian Cashflow By Codie Sanchez


If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.. this ain’t it.

If you’re looking for how-to-day trade, sorry we’re not your people.

If you’re a freeloader, not a free thinker, you won’t like this.

You have to be prepared to do the work and pay it forward. But if this sounds intriguing to… create generational wealth, with a road map you can use to quit the hamster wheel, we may be for you. We’re creating sovereign humans.

As you read & learn about us below, remember this…

We’re here to create a revolution, not a quick flip…


This Is How to Become Financially Free & Replace Your Income w/ Investments in 1 Year…
Maybe you’re like most people… Most people are sleep-walking through life.

If war is hours of boredom paired with moments of terror, modern life has become days of boredom paired with moments of escape.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your life is not your own. You do a job you need to, to make money you have to, to hang with meh people, to have an oatmeal kind of life.

A funny thing happens, you start looking at the clock hoping for work to be done. You start saying things like Thank God it’s Friday. You start gaining a few pounds at the office, or keeping on your PJs working remotely. Drinking a few more glasses of wine than you like, and not quite sure why. You used to love what you did. You used to have a master plan but somewhere along the way you’ve lost part of it.

You want to explore and challenge, but your income streams don’t match your dreams…

You see other people stacking their incomes, you watch a few others skate right by you. You know you are capable but you just don’t have the right playbook. Everyone else seems to know the rules and you’ve got to write them yourself.

I’ve been right where you are…
I’m not sure if you can relate but for about ehhh 12+ years I did jobs I didn’t really like, to please people I liked less, all chasing money and society’s expectations.

Six years ago, I hated what I did, I worked 65-70+ hours a week, was a slave to my paycheck and in a nightmare relationship.

Basically, I felt like I wasn’t even in charge of my day-to-day, not to mention my life. Despite years of schooling, investment banking titles, lots of hard work, and a pretty sparkly life from the outside, I was unhappy, and on the hamster wheel.

I can remember vividly the feeling of being lost, working on someone else’s schedule, tired of having my time tied to money.

Then one day I kind of woke up. Probably right around when that divorce of mine happened. I was sitting at another company meeting, wearing an itchy ugly suit dress and generally ticked off about being at this firm.

I had plenty of cash flow but not much to show for it…

I had mediocre relationships and friendships…

No real game plans and fewer results than I wanted…

I’d jump from one opportunity to the next or stay too long…

I was surrounded by people just like me but they didn’t have the answers…

I was stuck…

Because my REAL PROBLEM was Doing it THEIR WAY.
So I decided to do it MY WAY …

Hi, I’m Codie Sanchez. I’m a reformed Wall Streeter, former private equity investor, long ago a journalist, to now the owner of 30+ small businesses, and founder of multiple 7 and 8 figure companies.

But let’s not get it twisted. I started as a public school kid. I didn’t come from money, my dad’s family were struggling immigrants and my mom was a 30-year special education teacher.

There is nothing special about me…

I just happen to have spent the last 13 years inside the halls of Wall Street, Private Equity, Venture Capital as a former investigative journalist soaking up all I could learn to figure out what makes truly free humans. Then bringing it here.

My answer:

Civilizing the mind
Making savage the body
Building the bank account
The goal is to become unf*ckwithable and successful in anything you choose to do.

The truth is, it’s all something you can learn.

It has nothing to do with your genes.

Nothing to do with parents.

Nothing to do with your IQ.

It has everything to do with your ability to ask questions and grind smartly.

These are skills and resources we bring to you.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about becoming financially free, becoming a cashflow investor, and created a playbook, a community, and a place for us to grow into untouchable humans.

A community and curriculum that creates cash flowing, free-thinking millionaires.

It’s how I went from this…

Contrarian Cashflow By Codie Sanchez

To this…

Contrarian Cashflow By Codie Sanchez

My net worth grew substantially but the more interesting part was how my life grew. 100x.

Today, my story kinda still surprises me. I’m far from my peak and still just figuring it out, but it did do a few things for me. I hit that magical (albeit ever-changing) financial freedom number, I own interest in 25+ small businesses, I love every second of what I do, best health of my life, and am with a man I pinch myself I get to call mine. Even when I wanna murder him (love you babe).

If this daughter of immigrants, public school kid can do it, wtf can’t you?

You can. You just need the tools and the mindset.-

It is a way to change your life. Period. We think it’s the path to freedom, to leveling your body, your mind, and your bank account. That’s a big promise, it requires your action but we deliver on our end. Will you?

It’s about one thing… learning and turning those learnings into earnings.

Unfortunately, no one is coming to save any of us. No one is going to care about your financial freedom as much as you do. But if you follow our process with your own flair… in 1 year the mirror will show a different reflection entirely.

I picked up a pen and wrote this down when I created Contrarian Cashflow saying in 90 days imagine:

You’ve closed your first deal
You used a loan (OPM) & only $10k of your money to generate $7-30k in monthly income
You’ve COMPLETELY replaced your expenses
You have bought back your time and now GET to decide what to work on
You have an operator that does the heavy lifting
You have a biz plan to turn that $7k into $50k monthly
The wild part, is I hit it, you can too.

None of this is really about me, or us, it’s about all of you.

They’ve build carwash empires…

They’ve started RV parks and rental businesses…

They’ve kicked off six figure newsletters…

They’ve negotiated equity…

They’ve 2-10x’d their income…

They’ve become dealmakers…

They’ve seen through the matrix of money..

They’ve become better mothers & fathers …

… and once you’ve been red-pilled you don’t go back.

Life changes faster than we think if we allow it.

It’s ok to be the first version of me.

It’s ok to be lost, confused, scared, broke, fat, depressed.

All those things are part of the human experience.

But you want to know what is not ok?

Staying there. Your future you is sitting on the other side of fear & complacency, waiting for you to show up. These people know that too.

Close your eyes for a moment… picture life with your a peaceful mind, a savage body and a big bank account.
What would that look like? Is that worth your commitment?
We’re no expert here, no guru, no one trick pony promising secrets. We’re an accumulation of all the ideas we can find from the smartest experts in their spaces.

The result?

A change the sticks… you can’t go back to rose colored glasses and mediocre lives after you’ve jumped into technicolor with us.

If you make the commitment we will too…

THE THING IS.. It’s not cheap.
“But Codie… why would you need to charge if you’ve already “made it”?”

I’ll tell you why …

Because you need skin in the game.

Because you need to be incentivized to take action.

Because if you’re going to come into our crew, you have to be an action taker.

…and because I don’t want anyone in here who is just browsing their way through life.

I say it’s not cheap because … it ain’t free.

But mostly because it’ll cost you time … and focus. This stuff isn’t easy but it is simple.


Maybe you’re thinking…
I’ll do it when XXXX. I’ll start when xxxx.

Insert whatever excuse has kept you from already achieving what you want.

To me that tells me one thing, if you want to be a doer, you gotta do it now.

This is not an inspirational rah rah fest.

I got no manifesting mantras for you.

It’s three things:

Tools: Proven tactics and playbooks
Frameworks: Mindset changes to peer through the matric
Community: Others on their climb to help you
But only you can start, and only you can take action.

I see people asking me one off questions on social media all the time. One foot in one foot out.

That’s what’s wrong WITH EVERYTHING.

You can’t do this stuff halfway.

You were made for this moment. No matter where you are at.

Your choice is whether the moment will make you or you will make it. Whether ou y are helpless in it or on riding atop it. The predator or the prey.

You do not get much choice on the moves of the world typically. The only choice is do you accept the challenge?

Will you let the screams of inadequacy fall you? Or will you smile in the face of it?

For you, the few, the ones who are here and see with eyes wide open, I think you are here today for a reason. Perhaps that is a silly notion from one grain of sand to another, or perhaps it is the only sane thought to a universe begging for reason amidst the chaos.

There are so many ways to say:

If not you, who?
If not now, when?
It only really means you wanted something but did not get it. Will that be what’s written on your tombstone?

So, stop talking about wants, and start planning for actions.


If not you, who? IF not now, when?



Ehh I’m not ready yet … because:
❓ I’ll start when XXX.

What’s X? Why then? How many times in your life have you delayed things because the stars didn’t align perfectly? That is the secret to letting a life of mediocrity creep up on you. Think about what all those minutes, hours, days, years of waiting accumulate to. They turn into decades of “maybe one day.” They turn into parents who hope their kids fulfill their dreams for them. They turn into wives who get in shape only after the divorce. They turn into teens who become adults just waiting on a paycheck. If I can tell you ONE THING it is never waiting. Start now, with whatever it is.

❓What if I don’t have the time or money?

Let me tell you a secret. You’ll never have enough of either. Find a way. Split it with a friend. Gofundme a way to do it. Get a second job. Stay up later, get up earlier. Can you imagine what you will accomplish if you stop letting excuses get in the way on this one little thing? Doors open after you commit to something. So do it.

❓ What if I’m not smart enough, can I fail?

You know when we were kids we all got told a big lie. That only the fairest in the land, or the most dashing prince won the day. Everyone else was a supporting player. So why would you go try and strive harder? Becuase if you fail the princes and princesses don’t fail, so you’ve just proven yourself to be a support role. No more. So instead so many of us played small. Then we can always say well I never really tried. Or if that was my job I’d be rich, or fit, or smart, or whatever. Your biggest obstacle is fear. It’s the mind-killer, don’t listen to it.

❓ 12 Passive Income Streams? That’s A LOT**.**

Ha. Yes, that’s the point. Strong of mind and body and bank account isn’t done with a snap. You have a little mini MBA to run through in deal making and finance. It’ll take some time. It’ll take some work. But man, try to stop you when you put all the pieces together. You will look back at your old self and you won’t recognize them.

❓ I’m doing XYZ other thing, this isn’t a top priority.

Ugh buddy, couldn’t be more wrong. Becoming untouchable (unf*ckwithable if you’re a dirty-mouthed sailor like me) is more important today than ever. You wanna know a secret that’s so fun?? Unlike celebrities or employees, diversified builders and investors… you can’t cancel us. Someone doesn’t like what I say on the internet? Don’t care. Why? We diversified sovereign humans… we just keep on cash flowing.

If you try to cancel Louis CK you could, but if you try to cancel me… I’ll keep taking quarters in:

– my laundromats.
– $ in my ecomm bizs.
– dollars in my service bizs.
– stripe in CPG cos.
– Paypal in marketing cos.
That’s why you build a moat. Diversify. No one can “fire” you from your ownership. No one can “cancel” you from your distribution checks.

So, protect your house. In this crazy world, nothing is guaranteed. Except for what’s in your legally binding contract. Wink.

❓ I am in debt, I don’t have cashflow at all, I don’t have time… can I still do this?

To the voices in your head, to the doubters, the haters, your old boss, your 11th-grade math teacher (Ya I remember you), that sh*tty ex of yours… to anyone who thinks wealth is out of reach or who has heard the mantra they shout at us from the rooftops…

“You Can’t Do It THAT Way. ”

This is for you. And also it’s against all those trolls, even the ones in your head. Yes you can do this.

❓ I’m already wealthy, and sovereign.

Awesome … that means you’re already financially free. Hate to tell you, but in this group there are 8 figure humans, 9 figure humans and billionaires. Why? Because they know today more than ever it’s important to be a student forever. You’re going to love Cashflow. It’ll push you more than you think, and it’ll allow you to help more people than you think. Be better, because you already can.


Work hard, play hard. Wait your turn. You’re not ready. Really, you? Just climb the ladder. That won’t work. Work until your 65 then retire. Cut out the Starbucks. Debt is bad. Rome wasn’t built in a day. All terrible advice.

If I were to get a tattoo, a one-line slogan about my life… I might get one that says.. “Do It Your Way.” Because hell, that was the only direction I’ve pretty much followed. Now we learn how.

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Contrarian Cashflow By Codie Sanchez


Contrarian Cashflow By Codie Sanchez

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