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Business Magic with the Elements Experience By Amber Annette For Immediate Digital Download!

Business Magic with the Elements

Learn to harness the elemental power of Air, Earth, Water & Fire inside of your business to get you clarity, confidence, clients & more!!!

The Universe wants you to know the elements.

It wants you to win.

If you are ever unsure, take one minute to close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and just ASK!

It is that simple.

The Universe will whisper your element to you, I promise.

Your part is to honor it, follow it and share it’s magic with the world

I see you…

You are trying your hardest to stay positive and be optimistic but you’re starting to feel doubtful.

When is all of your hard work going to pay off for you?

Why does “launching” and selling seem so easy for other entrepreneurs?

Why is your motivation there one day and gone the next?

How are you supposed to serve others when you aren’t getting results for yourself?

If this sounds familiar,

I invite you to join me in…

Business Magic with the Elements

A course for spiritual and intuitive entrepreneurs looking for a new way to radically receive the results they desire in their business!

Once you get to know, be and feel the elements,


  • Change the way you think and act inside of your business
  • Know EXACTLY what aligned actions you should be taking
  • Radically receive miracles and manifestations in your life and business

Know when to:

Sell with your soulfire

Create magnetic marketing

Launch your programs and offers

And more!!!!

In this Business Magic EXPERIENCE, you’ll learn to:

  • Tap into your intuition and connect into the Universe to receive clarity and insight
  • Map out your money with magic, there is power in knowing your numbers, so you can manifest those numbers! (These templates are what I used to create $100k in 10 days!)
  • Uncover your elemental cycle using AIR, EARTH, WATER and FIRE to create the results you want in your business
  • Create an idea incubator to stay on course with your business strategy, while building your ideation bank for your next 90 day dream!

These areas will be positively and radically impacted:

Personal Life & Relationships



Health & Wellness

Spiritual & Personal Growth

So, how do you know if the

Business Magic with the Elements Experience

is right for you? 

Do you shift your focus, spin your wheels and get shiny object syndrome with your business and marketing ideas, only to have them flop?

Do you love it when you make a sale, but they are just not consistently happening?

Do you love goal planning, journals, planners, calendars and post it notes but still can’t stay committed?

Do you often find yourself frustrated that your launches and ideas never yield the returns that you most want?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

then you’re in EXACTLY the right spot.

The Business Magic with the Elements Experience

is right for you!  

Here’s what’s included…

  • 10 Video training modules ($499 value)
  • 4 guided Business Magic meditations (Fire-Air-Earth-Water) each devoted to your life and business dream ($97 value)
  • Pop up-Hot seat psychic coaching and on-the-spot intuitive business guidance
  • Element Tracker to help you uncover your cycle and patterns ($29 value)
  • Element Planning page for knowing when to launch your programs ($29 value)
  • Energetic Journaling pages to document your emotions for future success ($29 value)


As a special bonus-

you are going to receive my exclusive training-

The Idea Incubator!

This method will help you take all of your brilliance and launch it at the exact moment the elements are activated for your success!

Imagine not just dreaming about all of the things in business, but manifesting them!

It’s time to get you and your business into serious magical action!

Join us in the Business Magic with the Elements Experience NOW!


I’m Amber Annette, a life and business psychic medium

I take a soulful approach to intuitive business coaching & marketing strategy for purpose-driven entrepreneurs! Combining my 20 years of grounded and foundational business knowledge and financial planning background with my beautiful gift of being a Soul 2 Soul coach, I give businesses creative and unique ways to reach their desired level of success!

Inspired by my background in marketing, sales and business development, along with my own planning and creative rituals, the 10 Day Business Magic & Miracles Experience is all about helping you connect to your highest self so that you can create and receive all that you desire in your life and business!

Business Magic with the Elements Experience By Amber Annette, What Is It Included (Content proof: Watch here!)