Course Overview

This Bundle 3: Short Selling Strategies – 3 Trading Strategies course by Quantified Strategies includes three short strategies. The concept and reasoning apply to a wide range of assets, not only the three listed here. Entries are either on the close or on the next open (and the same for exits).

A short strategy is when you sell something short in expectation of the price of the relevant asset falling. As previously stated, you borrow shares from someone else and then sell them on the market. If the price falls, you may repurchase at a lesser cost and pocket the difference. If you’re in the derivatives market, you may simply sell and obtain a “deficit.”

All of our bundles include Amibroker code, Tradestation code, and a strategy described in plain English. None of the methods were previously published on the website, and they all operate with a range of ETFs and futures contracts (and not necessarily on the backtested instruments below).

Course outline

  • Short strategy 1
  • Short strategy 2
  • Short strategy 3
  • All 3 short strategies combined

What will you learn?

  • Improve the skills relating to finding inefficiencies based on statistics and numbers.
  • Learn how to form a short-strategy-process for yourself, including: Create a hypothesis, create rules, and then backtest the theory with trading software.
  • Learn how to obtain better prices in trading

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to:

  • People that are interested in trading and want to learn a new skill.
  • Traders who are experienced in trading for a long time and want to take some risks with new styles of trading.