Building Group Subtle Fields with David Nicol | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Expand your ability to access higher realms, and venture beyond your solo meditation or prayer practice to work with group energy fields.

Explore exciting frontiers of spiritual transformation with other pioneers at the leading edge of meditation and collective intention.


Have you felt called to move beyond your personal transformative practice into realms of group experiences and expanded collective impact?

Does your heart ache to make a difference in the many challenges humanity faces?

Moving from “me” to “we” consciousness is at the heart of an historic evolutionary shift taking place on our planet today.

Whether the playing field is business, sports, the arts or nonprofits, the development of coherent, collaborative and impactful groups is proving vital for achieving breakthrough outcomes.

More significantly, the shift to conscious group formation is necessary for us to access the collective wisdom needed to respond effectively to the unprecedented scale and complexity of the challenges we face as a species.

This shift is showing up in the realms of personal and spiritual growth in the form of new technologies designed specifically to awaken the potentials of group consciousness.

Higher levels of creativity, intuitive intelligence, love, purpose, courage and will can all be accessed through developing and nurturing the subtle field that underlies any group.

In all these ways and more, the group field can serve as a profound source of support for personal evolution.

It can also be applied for the benefit of society.

When you join this groundbreaking training, you’ll discover:

  • Cutting-edge research about how intention, energy and group fields actually work — drawing from the latest science about such phenomena as morphogenetic fields and psi research
  • Advanced practices and lore around subtle activism, as well as information on the skills needed to become more effective
  • Creative techniques you can engage in with a group to activate a collective subtle body — including creating a “higher mind,” “higher heart” and “higher will” — and positively impact challenging global situations
  • How working with group fields can supercharge your spiritual practice with purpose, and create a healthy flow between a focus on self and community
  • Ways to develop subtle perception, allowing you to navigate higher levels of consciousness
  • Practical skills for building group synergy that can be applied to any conscious organization
  • New levels of hope and purpose that can illuminate the next steps on your paths of personal and professional development
  • Specific practices for self-protection, safety, clearing and grounding — which are especially important for dealing with larger traumas in the collective psyche
  • How to develop real discernment and distinguish healthy skepticism from fear-based doubt
  • How to move beyond the polarity of doubt and belief to transrational knowing
  • The ethics of engaging in subtle dimensions on behalf of the collective
  • The 3 keys to building collective intelligence in groups

If you’re intrigued about moving beyond your individual spiritual practice to positively influence the larger issues of our time — and exploring the frontiers of consciousness — this is the course for you.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

During this 7-part training, you’ll participate in co-creating a potent field of group synergy that will support deep levels of healing, both in ourselves and in our world. You’ll come away with three keys to building collective wisdom in any group.

You’ll be introduced to the powerful field of subtle activism, a new approach that applies the power of group consciousness for social and planetary transformation. You’ll explore the science and theories underlying subtle activism and the critical role this emerging force can play at a pivotal moment in the evolution of consciousness on our planet.

In each session, you’ll take part in a guided meditation to help build the subtle body of our group field. You’ll also engage with an innovative practice known as Gaiafield Group Synergy, which uses the group field for deep personal and collective healing.

Between sessions, you’ll be invited to continue to help build our group field through a simple daily resonance-building practice, supported by text and/or email reminders with links to audio/visual meditative supports. Each session will build upon the last so that you’ll become more and more deeply embedded in a resonant group field of dynamic presence.

Module 1: Building Group Fields Why and How?


While engaging in an individual spiritual practice can produce tremendous benefits, our inner work is radically amplified when we practice together as part of a highly coherent group field. Perhaps even more significantly, when we pool our consciousness together we discover higher forms of collective wisdom regarding the major challenges facing society today. The group field can be developed and refined in such a way that it becomes a new entity in its own right — and an extraordinarily potent vehicle for both personal and collective transformation. As Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh famously said, “The next Buddha may be the sangha.”

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The evolutionary significance of moving beyond individual practice to collective practice
  • A new process to develop the subtle body of a group
  • How to use the group field to support your personal healing journey
  • How to use the group field to support healing in society — in other words, how to engage in “subtle activism”

You’ll also participate in a guided meditation to build our group heart, and in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to access the power of love to support your highest intention for what you want to see emerge from the course — for yourself personally and for our world.

Module 2: Keys to Developing Collective Wisdom


We’ll explore three overarching questions: How in practice do we develop the collective spiritual intelligence of a group? What essential elements must be present for group wisdom to arise? How do we build coherent group consciousness while maintaining our individual uniqueness and autonomy?

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 keys to building collective intelligence in groups
  • Why diversity is necessary to maximize the collective intelligence of the group
  • How the group field can support you to be your unique self

You’ll also participate in a guided meditation to co-create our “group mind,” and in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to harness our group compassion for healing a personal issue.

Module 3: Subtle Activism, Part 1 The Science of Nonlocality


Subtle activism involves the use of consciousness-based practices like meditation and prayer for collective transformation. An example is the WiseUSA project, which has brought thousands of people together in meditation and prayer to call forth wisdom and compassion from the U.S. electorate in the 2008 and 2012 elections and again this year. Subtle activism is a bridge between inner and outer transformation. It is the art of harnessing the power of love to transform the world.

Practicing together as a group amplifies our spiritual capacities to heal the whole. It also allows us greater access to the collective unconscious where deep patterns of collective thought reside. Our collective focused intention can thus initiate an organic process of social change at very fundamental levels of reality.

During this session, you’ll explore:

  • Fascinating historical instances in which focused group intention led to social and political change
  • Empirical evidence for the social impact of large meditation groups on entire cities and nations
  • The relationship between subtle activism and direct action

You’ll also take part in a guided meditation to help build our group will, and in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to apply our collective joy for personal and collective upliftment.

Module 4: Subtle Activism, Part II Principles for Engaging With Collective Fields


Subtle activism extends our spiritual practice into the collective realm. Opening to these broader social fields can raise new questions about how to engage in these activites ethically and safely. How should we best approach our subtle activism practice? What is the right orientation to take? How can our engagement on collective levels be integrated seamlessly into the rest of our spiritual lives?

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The ethics of engaging with subtle dimensions for collective upliftment
  • How to participate safely in the practice of subtle activism
  • The principle of non-attachment to outcome
  • The principle of humility: owning the dark places inside ourselves
  • The importance of engaging from wholeness

You’ll also participate in a guided meditation to connect our group heart, mind and will centers, and — on this International Day of Peace — in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to apply our group field for personal and planetary peace.

Module 5: Field Theories of Consciousness


How do group fields work? How do our spiritual activities affect each other across vast distances in space and time? And how could our group work possibly influence modern societies, with their enormous size and complexity? The notions of group fields and subtle activism run counter to our regular perception of the world as a collection of seemingly separate material objects and to the materialistic assumptions of orthodox science. But science itself has come to recognize not only the profound interrelatedness of all things at more basic levels of reality, but also the complex connection between consciousness and the world. We’ll consider various leading-edge theories that have been developed to explain the nonlocal nature of consciousness.

During this session, you’ll discover:

  • The significance of biochemist Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphogenetic fields and Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious
  • The fascinating psychedelic research of Christopher Bache, including his theory of how individuals in non-ordinary states can bring healing to the human mind
  • The theory behind the Maharishi Effect research
  • Dion Fortune’s esoteric theory of magical activism

You’ll also participate in a guided meditation to help purify our group will center, and in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to harness our group will for personal and collective transformation.

Module 6: Group Mind & the Evolution of Consciousness


We’ve reached an extraordinary threshold in the human and planetary story. Alongside the threat of the global ecological crisis and the potential collapse of current socio-economic systems, there are seeds all around us of an emerging planetary wisdom civilization. What can we do to nurture this nascent planetary awareness? How might working with group fields and practicing subtle activism help catalyze this process of planetization?

In this session, you’ll explore:

  • The Noosphere: Teilhard de Chardin’s extraordinary vision
  • The Integral Earth Community: David Berry’s notion of our transition to the Ecozoic Era
  • The Reenchantment of the Cosmos: could humanity be poised to re-awaken to the spiritual intelligence of the universe?
  • How the practice of global meditation can serve as a collective initiation into planetary consciousness
  • Why chaos theory suggests that a profound collective shift could happen far more quickly than we think

You’ll also participate in a guided meditation to purify our group heart, and in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to activate our group strength.

Module 7: Growing the Movement


As The Club of Budapest President Ervin Laszlo recently said, “Subtle activism is an idea whose time has come.” Although the term subtle activism is still new, a movement is emerging worldwide to harness the power of our collective consciousness in service of a global shift. The movement is very young, fresh and open to creative ways of engaging with it. Are you feeling the call? If so, how might you take the next steps on your path as a subtle activist?

In our final session, you’ll discover:

  • How to create your own subtle activism circle
  • How to get involved in the WiseUSA campaign to uplift the hearts and minds of the American people in the 2016 election cycle
  • How you can participate on a regular basis in ongoing forms of subtle activism practice

You’ll also take part in a guided meditation to purify our group mind, and in a Gaiafield Group Synergy practice to unleash the power of celebration to to recognize our group spiritual achievement.