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Bruce Whipple – How To Use AI To Supercharge Your Business Acquisition!

What You Get:

This 4-hour, 14 module class focuses primarily on OpenAI’s currently free-to-use ChatGPT tool, and covers the following topics:

  • What Is Artificial Intelligence?
  • How Does AI Work?
  • What Is ChatGPT?
  • How To Get Started (Step-by-Step)
  • How To Navigate ChatGPT (and what almost everyone is doing wrong)
  • What You Can AND CAN’T Do With AI
  • Using AI For Market Research (Step-by-Step)
  • Business Name and Tag Line Creation With AI (Step-By-Step)
  • How To Use AI To Write Your Biography and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile (Step-By-Step)
  • Using AI To Help Build Your Executive Summary
  • How To Create Parts of Your Website With AI
  • Creating Your ‘Seller Persona’ With AI (Step-By-Step)
  • Writing Emails, Letters and Phone Scripts With AI
  • Using AI For Negotiation Support and Objection Handling
  • …and more!

When this class is over, you’ll have all of the information you need to comfortably and confidently navigate AI tools, integrate them seamlessly into your Business Acquisition. You’ll save time, save money AND progress faster than ever before! 


Bonus #1 – The ChatGPT ‘Super Prompt!’

As powerful as ChatGPT is, we can make it better. The ‘Super Prompt’ will allow you to get better results in less time, with less effort.

Bonus #2 – The Step-By-Step Guide To Using AI For Logo Creation!

We’re going to walk you through the process of using several AI tools to conceptualize and create your business’ logo from start to finish! This Bonus alone will save you more money than the cost of the entire class!