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Breath and Body LITE – Tokyo (downloadable) By Valerie Vasiliev – Instant Download!

Breath and Body LITE - Tokyo (downloadable) By Valerie Vasiliev

Breath and Body LITE (downloadable)

by Valerie Vasiliev

呼吸と身体 入門編 – ヴァレリー・ヴァシリエフ

Engage in dynamic and practical exercises to strengthen the body.

Available with Spanish translation. Translated by Brazo Barrena

Systema breath and body work is incomparably more than laying on your back to breathe.

It integrates many practical drills:
– self massage and stretch while running and walking
– push ups, sit ups and squats with breath cycle alterations
– ways to capture good posture, safeguard your back, generate energy and grasp relaxation

In Systema, all exercises are dynamic and applied; designed to moderate any physical effort and to excel in everything one does.

Valerie Vasiliev

  • BSc in psychology and physiotherapy from the University of Toronto
  • 25 years of working as a physical therapist
  • Over 10 years of breath training at Systema HQ Toronto
  • The wife of a Systema founder, Vladimir Vasiliev, and his assistant in the production of all Systema instructional materials and training events

Valerie has added the unique therapeutic dimension to understanding the breath & body interaction.

LITE workout for strong health.

Class 1 – Osaka
Class 2 – Tokyo






  • トロント大学心理学物理療法科学士号
  • 理学療法士として25年間勤務
  • 10年以上トロント本部呼吸クラスに参加
  • システマの創始者の一人、ヴラディミア・ヴァシリエフの妻であり、アシスタントとしてシステマの教材やトレーニングのイベントをプロデュース


強い健康のための入門編 ワークアウト

クラス 1 – 大阪
クラス 2 – 東京

Breath and Body LITE – Tokyo (downloadable) By Valerie Vasiliev, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Breath and Body Lite – Tokyo HD