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Blissful Weight Loss Program with Kerry Tepedino | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Are you ready to…

  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight, and nourish every level of your being
  • Create vibrant health, and a sense of being in the flow of life
  • Make loving choices about the foods you eat – rather than in reaction to feelings of deprivation
  • Savor each moment because you’re no long preoccupied with concerns about your weight and health.
  • Enjoy deeper relationships because you feel SO good about yourself?

If you want to create this life for yourself in 2014 – you can!

If you are like most people, you want a body that you truly love and appreciate, which results in feeling better and looking your best.

And yet, the vast majority of people have a more mixed, or even negative, relationship with their bodies – its size, shape and proportions. This unhealthy relationship is actually a significant part of the problem, as your beliefs and mindset drive your choices (and even your hormones).

When we have a negative relationship with our bodies, we tend to create that which we don’t want – our weight goes up, our energy goes down, and our vibrancy diminishes.

So the path to truly radiant health and a slimmer body you adore has to address the deeper levels of your mind, body and soul in a holistic way.

You’re probably familiar with the yo-yo effects of weight loss, nutrition gimmicks and fad diets. The simple truth is that most don’t work – and people eventually put the weight back on.

And even worse, many feel badly about themselves when they fall short of the rigid diet restrictions and goals – which then provokes more emotional eating and unhealthy habits.

So the real solution is a holistic one that builds a healthier you on all levels. This includes shifting your mindset for success, your relationship with your body, your nutritional choices – and even how you exercise (and yes, it can all be blissful).

If you’ve been overwhelmed by all of the choices, daunted by the nutrition data, aren’t sure which expert you can trust, or you feel as though you just haven’t found the right eating program for your body and lifestyle – you’re in the right place.

Much of the information is contradictory, or based on the idea that losing weight has to be a struggle. And very few approaches show you how to keep off the weight, without deprivation.

Real, lasting transformation around your weight and nutrition is about changing your mindset at the deepest levels, and then building a lifestyle that is naturally healthy.

That’s why Kerry Tepedino has designed a system that is spiritually grounded, emotionally savvy and founded on practical research. She can help you get to the heart of your beliefs and emotions around your body and weight, so that you can make the shifts you want to make, and experience sustainable results.

And once you have these foundational shifts in place, you can then implement cutting-edge health practices around superfoods, nutrition and exercise that help keep you radiantly healthy, rather than caught in cycles of deprivation, overindulgence and self-judgement.

Here’s what you can learn and accomplish over these seven weeks, mentored by Kerry:

Module 1: Shifting To A Success Mindset (January 9)

w1.jpg?02030902The first step to long-term natural weight loss success is changing your mindset. In Module One, Kerry supports you to feel empowered and confident about your health and shift your beliefs and behaviors around food and your weight. Specifically, you will:

  • Shatter the “diet mentality” that keeps so many people victim to weight issues, body image disorder, and an unhealthy relationship to food and eating
  • Develop a winning mindset that sees the glass as “half-full” versus “half-empty”
  • Move away from a fear-based perspective on food choices and weight gain, and instead begin asking, “What foods will make me feel vibrant, energetic, and satisfied?”
  • Understand why our psychology around image and weight is so important
  • Master a success mindset so you not only bring your body back to it’s natural weight, but you magnetize more abundance and love into your life as well

Module 2: Intuitive Eating for a Healthy Body (January 16)

w2.jpg?02030902To achieve lasting results, it’s essential that we learn how to decipher physical hunger from emotional hunger. We can then “make peace” with food again so we can make healthy and more intuitive nutrition choices. Kerry will guide you to:

  • Discern whether you’re physically or emotionally hungry for love, attention or relaxation
  • Let go of the deprivation set-up that keeps you from enjoying food
  • Give your body what it needs, without the fear of gaining weight
  • Recognize and respect “fullness,” tuning in to what your body is really asking for
  • Feel sated, so you can stop obsessing over food when you’re not eating

Module 3: Whole Food Nutrition for Sustainable Weight Loss (January 23)

w3.jpg?02030902It’s now time to learn Kerry’s whole foods-based approach to nutrition, strategies for eating for natural weight loss, delicious recipes, charts and meal suggestions. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The natural, medicinal powers available through whole foods
  • The joys of preparing food from scratch
  • The benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet
  • How to determine which foods your body needs to support your vibrant health
  • The power of superfoods – where to find them, and how to include them daily
  • The importance hydration plays in sustained weight loss and good health

Module 4: Cleansing Your Body For A Slimmer You (January 30)

w4.jpg?02030902Cleansing may not be your idea of a great time, but releasing excess toxins that may be contributing to excess weight, fatigue, and other health issues can actually be an enjoyable part of the weight loss process–when you understand the transformative power of juicing and detoxing. In this module you’ll:

  • Learn why you need to cleanse, how to do it and how often
  • Discover safe ways to come off a cleanse or detox so you can sustain the changes you’re making
  • Try delicious juicing recipes and detoxing meal plans
  • Give yourself support so you can maintain a cleaner state using dry brushing, saunas, exercise, massage, herbs, and more
  • Support your body for deep healing in a way that is delicious, peaceful, and gets results

Module 5: Assisting your Body in Self-Healing with Supplements (February 6)

w5.jpg?02030902In this powerful, fifth module with Kerry, you’ll discover the major benefits of holistic health and learn to assist your body in the ways that work best for you. Supplements can be helpful on your healing and weight-loss journey, but they are NOT required for results. You’ll learn how to:

  • Have a protocol blueprint available to you for the rest of your life, so you will always be able to determine what’s happening with your body and how to support it in healing
  • Assess your health in detail, looking at digestion, elimination, low blood sugar, insulin resistance, thyroid imbalances, adrenal imbalances and other common issues
  • Make educated decisions about where your body may need support for self-healing
  • Discern if the corresponding supplement and lifestyle protocol are right for your body
  • Learn to create holistic, healing strategies for you and your family for some of the most common health issues that people experience today

Module 6: Exercising in a State of Flow (February 13)

w6.jpg?02030902Exercise can have a powerful effect how we feel about our bodies and our lives. But you don’t have to work out daily to receive the benefits. In this module, Kerry debunks the myth of hard daily exercise for weight loss, and shows you how to bring ease and fulfillment to exercising and still lose weight. You’ll discover:

  • You can exercise without struggle and instead look forward to it
  • How you can feel “in the flow” of what’s good for your body
  • Three different types of exercise, including yoga, and their positively affects on your cardiovascular system, hormones, digestion, elimination, sleep, and more
  • Understand how to exercise and what works for you specifically, so you can create a fun exercise plan that feels like play, and gets you results
  • Master exercising on a busy schedule, in cold climates, and on the road traveling, so you can always stay on track
  • Learn tips on how to feel more in control of your moods with exercise, lifting depression and relieving anxiety

Module 7: Going Beyond Bliss: Sustaining the Transformation (February 20)

w7.jpg?02030902In the final module, you’ll really take back your power, and start to feel in control of your body and your health. No longer at the effect of past weight and health struggles, you’ll experience real transformation in your body, mind and spirit. In this last, very powerful session, you will:

  • Cement the work you’ve done over the previous weeks, and continue your journey to freedom and vibrant health
  • Feel a deep sense of truth is now guiding you as you relate to your hunger in a whole new way
  • Learn to maintain your awareness of physical signs of hunger, which are dependable
  • Feel empowered, confident, and grounded with your health in a way that you never have before
  • Discover how to stay on track once you’ve completed this journey with Kerry