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Bas Rutten – Big DVDs of Combat

Bas Rutten did it again, after creating the biggest instructional books in the world, Bas is back with the biggest instructional DVD set in the world, with even more detailed instructions on it then in his books. Everything you know that you need to know about fighting is on these DVDs, Bas doesn’t hold anything back and shows you everything he knows

This DVD set contains over 11 hours of instruction; Bas will show you a technique, and right away how to escape.

What can you find on these DVDs?

-Warm up exercises
-Special Japanese warm-up
-Conditioning training
-Power training for mixed martial arts
-Drills for power and reflexes with and without a partner, -positioning
-Striking standing in on the ground
-Ring strategy
-Thai Pad training
-Leg locks was escapes
-Arm bars close the escapes, chokes and neck cranks plus the escapes
-Takedowns was defending ghosts
-Interview with boss on camera
-Special guest appearances from, Randy couture, Quinton Jackson, Matt Hughes, Robert Follis, Marc Laimon, Gene Lebelle, Gokor Chivichian, Benny the Jet, and Murillo Bustamante.
-Funny outtakes

These DVD’s are full of information, you won’t find any other instructional that has more techniques on them. No repeats from techniques in slow motion to fill up the DVD’s, no, everything is explained, broken down to the smallest detail, and after that Bas shows how it looks in “normal speed”. If you want to see it again, you simply hit the back button.

Many of his techniques are supported by actual fights of Bas in where he used that certain technique

Even BJ Penn named this the best instructional he had ever seen

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