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Authority Marketing – 15 Steps to Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Crafting a LinkedIn profile that transcends the ordinary and attracts attention from industry giants requires a strategic approach. The 15-Step Framework outlined below unveils the secrets behind profiles that have garnered instant responses from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Zalando SE.

Initially, the misconception that LinkedIn profiles function merely as online resumes prevailed. However, a pivotal conversation with a profile-writing expert, Dina, revealed the transformative potential of a well-crafted LinkedIn presence. The realization that profiles serve as targeted landing pages for ideal audiences, focusing on their needs rather than personal achievements, was groundbreaking.

The catalyst for understanding this shift was a project involving Mario, a Security Manager aspiring for a senior position in a European corporation. Despite lacking conventional qualifications, extensive research and iterative drafts resulted in a compelling profile spanning 45 pages. The profile not only stood out but also attracted attention from major corporations, turning Mario’s job search into a competitive pursuit among multibillion-dollar companies.

This success led to the inception of the 15-Step Framework, a comprehensive guide for transforming LinkedIn profiles into 24/7 sales representatives. Recognizing that a ‘good’ profile isn’t sufficient and may cost opportunities, the framework emphasizes treating one’s LinkedIn profile as a personal brand’s landing page, deviating from traditional resume formats.

The framework encompasses crucial principles, effective headline formulas, background photo insights, compelling about section techniques, and strategies to identify and address the reader’s pains and benefits. Building authority, compelling action, customer-centric approaches, storytelling, and copywriting principles are seamlessly integrated into the step-by-step guide. Applicable across industries and expertise levels, the 15 Steps position individuals as the first choice for their target market.

To augment the guide’s value, five bonuses are included at no extra cost. These bonuses feature profiles of diverse professionals, including a Security Manager, a Professional Networker, a Sales Rep transitioning into Project Management, and a Startup Founder navigating brand awareness in a competitive landscape. Each bonus provides insights into specific techniques applied, offering a valuable reference for crafting personalized profiles.

Additionally, a LinkedIn Profile Optimization Guide, previously exclusive to high-ticket clients, is provided as a separate bonus. This bonus includes essential hacks, such as turning off “People also viewed” in profile settings, to fully optimize profiles.

Priced at $97, the guide, along with its bonuses, is positioned as an invaluable resource. Testimonials from satisfied users attest to the guide’s transformative impact, with users expressing closed leads, increased sales, and tangible results within weeks or months of implementation. Backed by a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, the guide promises a risk-free investment in elevating one’s LinkedIn presence and unlocking new opportunities.

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