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The Female Orgasm Intensive is an online Tantric Video Training Program offering you the most enjoyable and effective tools for:

  • Using pleasure as medicine to heal trauma and restore sensation.
  • Awakening over 11 different kinds of orgasmic pleasure
  • Breaking through blocks & limitations to experience greater bliss & joy In all areas of your life
  • Using ancient tantric practices to heal and transform body, mind, spirit & sex

Creating more fulfilling intimate relationships- with your self and everyone around you!

Overcoming sexual shame and guilt to feel more liberated and self expressed

The Female Orgasm Intensive is the most comprehensive Tantric Video Training Program available online.

The Female Orgasm Intensive consists of 6 Modules of Tantric video instruction.

Each Module contains approximately one hour of detailed instruction in the art of using pleasure as medicine to awaken more pleasure in every area of your life

You gain access to Module 1 of the program immediately upon purchase. Modules 2-3 are released over the next 2 weeks.

You will have a week long Integration break” between Modules 3 and 4, and another week long integration break between Modules 5 and 6.

These integration breaks are to help you absorb each portion of the Tantric video training before moving on to the next section.

The entire program will take about 8 weeks to complete and you have access to this exquisite video content and premium learning vault for an entire year from the date of purchase.

Discover the Sacred Science of Pleasure.

Recent science has shown that a woman’s sexual pleasure and orgasm is directly linked to her feelings of self-confidence, creativity, passion and purpose in life.

Quite literally the more empowered women feel in their sexual pleasure, the happier, healthier, more motivated and inspired they are to live their dreams and contribute meaningfully to life.

And yet, as many as 70% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm and at least 43% of women report having some form of sexual dysfunction.

There are a number of factors which prevent female bodies from experiencing their full potential for pleasure. These ‘blocks to bliss’ may be physical, mental or emotional, and are usually a combination of all.

If You Struggle With:

  • Lack of sensation, numbness or pain during sex
  • Achieving orgasms, especially with a partner
  • Feeling connected and staying present during sex
  • Feeling relaxed and expressive in bed loving and accepting your physical body
  • Feeling shame and guilt which block you from fully experiencing pleasure

You are not alone!
Statistics show that:

  • 70% of women (or more!) have difficulty achieving orgasm during sex
  • 43% of women report having some type of sexual dysfunction
  • 1 in 3 women has experienced some form of sexual assault
  • 65% of women report a lack of sensation or vaginal pain during intercourse

The Female Orgasm Intensive Can Help!

The Female Orgasm Intensive is a complete Tantric Video Training Program for sexual healing, previously only available via one-on-one coaching. The Tantric methods you will lean program have been used successfully by hundreds of women around the world to help them achieve the pleasure, orgasm and connection they have been yearning for most of their lives

This program focuses on sexual pleasure, but the goal is to enrich and enhance your experience of pleasure in every area of your life. The pleasure you allow yourself to experience bedroom directly correlates to the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to experience outside of the bedroom and vice versa!

Why Focus On Pleasure?

Pleasure is medicine!

There are 4 primary forms of pleasure we are able to access as human beings.

  • Physical/Sensual Pleasure
  • Emotional Pleasure
  • Spiritual Pleasure
  • Sexual Pleasure

When we experience any of the four forms of pleasure the body releases a chemical cocktail of mood enhancing, anti aging, immune boosting, and over all awesome hormones am neurotransmitters.

All four forms of pleasure are mood, life, and health enriching, but sexual pleasure is significantly more so. It’s one of the quickest ways of building these regenerative chemistries in the blood stream!

  • More Inner Peace & Fewer Conflicting Thoughts
  • Improved Self Esteem & Self Confidence
  • Increased Libido, Desire & Passion


  • More Energy, Vitality & Creative Inspiration
  • More Pleasure – Sensual, Emotional, Physical & Sexual!
  • More Intimacy & Connection in all of your relationships!


  • Profound Emotional, Sexual & Spiritual Healing
  • Greater Access to Inner Joy, Profound Presence & Heartfelt Compassion
  • Deeper, Fuller, Juicier, Soul Nourishing Orgasms & Sensual Pleasure!

Here’s what you will learn in each module of the Female Orgasm Intensive.

  • Female Orgasm Intensive Tantric Video Training What is Tantra really about?
  • How does Tantra make sex better?
  • What is the relationship between orgasm and enlightenment?
  • What is your sexual potential and what gets in the way?
  • How can you heal and release your blocks to bliss?
  • What is the best way to awaken your sexual FIRE?
  • How to cultivate presence
  • How meditation makes sex (and life) better!

The Tibetan Five Element healing practices

The Tibetan Fire Element Meditation practice to activate, balance, heal and enrich your entire sexual and reproductive system

  • Female Orgasm Intensive Tantric Video Training
  • Female Orgasm Intensive Tantric Video Training
  • Healing and expanding pleasure with Tantric Breathing

Enriching your sensual experience and creating sacred space

Orgasmic Awareness Practice for accessing your full orgasmic potential

Increasing libido and lubrication with Yoni Yoga

Healing, strengthening and balancing your sexual system with Yoni Eggs and Yoni Balls

  • Female Orgasm Intensive Tantric Video
  • Training Female Orgasm Intensive Tantric Video
  • Training Becoming your own sexual healer with Tantric Masturbation

Awakening the over 11 different orgasm for female bodies

Understanding the four kinds of female ejaculate

Healing trauma and accessing pleasure

Reclaiming your body and eradicating sexual shame

Expanding your sensual awareness with the 4 forms of pleasure

Secrets keys for self advocacy

Cultivating pleasure consciousness with the Pleasure Journal

What is your disconnection from pleasure costing you?

Your inherent and natural state is one of bliss, joy and connection to all of life.

Knowing and experiencing this is your birthright. Healing and awakening your sexuality is an integral part of this.

What if you had the keys to unlocking your full sexual potential, thereby connecting with the deepest, most sacred and intimate part of your Self? You are entitled to experience profound love, deep connection, pleasure, orgasms, joy, passion and freedom from all forms of suffering.

Tantra is the key to unlocking all of this and more.