Ari Herstand – Registration, Royalties, & Release 2022

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Registration, Royalties, & Release

Making sure you are protected, paid and have a successful release

with Ari Herstand.

A Berklee College of Music report found that anywhere from 20% to 50% of music payments do not make it to their rightful owners.

Kobalt calculated that there are over 900,000 royalty streams per song.

As of last year, there was $420 million in unclaimed mechanical royalties for songwriters. There are currently over 50,000 musicians publicly listed in a database owed money for which the organizations cannot find them to pay (and is just holding onto this money).How do you make sure you register your work properly and obtain all of the royalties that are rightfully owed to you?

Release strategy is constantly evolving. Spotify has given out the playbook on how to release music if you want to be successful on its platform. What was recommended even just 5 years ago is ineffective today. But no one is sharing this information in a comprehensive way. Until now.

This course will give you the tools to make sure you are properly registered everywhere. It covers how to collect royalties in your own country and worldwide. It also makes sure you are protected and know how to best navigate contract negotiations with any party in the music industry. This course will set you up for your most successful release yet.

With over 40 pages of additional guides and templates including:

★ Work for Hire Agreements

★ Producer Agreements

★ Session Musician Agreements

★ Songwriter Split Sheets

★ Release Checklists

★ Glossary of Terms

★ Folder of Assets Needed for Release

Join Ari Herstand as he steps you through how to properly register and release all of your music in his easy-to-understand teaching style.
He will be on hand to answer any and all questions. 
Every student is invited into a private, members-only Community Group to ask any questions that may come up and get to know your fellow students.

Ari’s former students have discovered 10s of thousands of dollars that they didn’t even know existed, because he helped get them properly registered and paid.

The question isn’t “can I afford to take this course?” 
The question is “can I afford not to take this course?”

Don’t attempt another release all on your own. Let’s do it together.