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Apollonia Ponti – How to Approach with Humanity

MEN! Start Getting Real Results With Women Now.

I offer advice and professional guidance to men that want to attract a woman into their lives right NOW! If you want to change your life, you’ve come to the right place. Everything I do is results-focused. I’ll work closely with you to help you create the life you’ve always wanted!

Who is Apollonia Ponti?

Hi! I’m Apollonia. A certified coach, speaker, expert that specializes in coaching men in dating and relationships. I’m on a mission to not only get results with women but get sustainable results, feel more connected and alive than they have ever felt before. Coaching is something I’m very passionate about. I believe more than ever men need to have standards for the woman they date. I’m here to help men not only get results with women but get results in their life!

Course Content

Part 1: Preparation & Friends aka Wingman
Part 2: The Good Looking Guy
Part 3: Warm-Ups and Openings
Part 4: How To Make Strong Eye Contact & Smile
Part 5: Let Your Presence Be Known
Part 6: Why The Shit Test & How To Pass It!
Part 7: Reactive Vs. Aware
Part 8: What REALLY Attracts Women & Understanding Different Environments!
Part 9 : The Beta and Alpha Man
Part 10: Building Comfort & Sexual Framing
Cliff Notes: How To Approach w/Humanity
Facial Expression & Tonality Practice
Your Motivational Approach Audio
Pickup Negative Signals (Video)
Bootcamp Approach (Video)
The Mind of 7 Women About Approach
Attraction Course (Apply)

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