AnkhFX Academy Course

Course Overview: Ever wondered about Ankhfx Academy? It represents a state-of-the-art program designed to instruct you in Ankhfx trading methods and techniques through intensive trading sessions spanning six months. Throughout this duration, your training will adhere strictly to a professional standard, systematically rebuilding your trading skills from A to Z.

Prepare to discard all preconceived notions about the markets and UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL by observing a master who comprehends the manipulation inherent in all financial markets.

Master the art of trading gold under the guidance of our expert. Spend an hour dissecting charts the way a genuine trader does. Utilize price action to decipher price movements and grasp the intricacies of reading the markets, from a macro perspective down to the minutiae of candlestick levels.

As part of our distinctive “Drip Content” system, every 10 days, you will receive fresh course material. This allows you to gradually amass knowledge and expertise. By the end of six months, you’ll have comprehensive access to our repository of trading wisdom. Check the “Curriculum” tab to easily discern the availability of each lesson, indicated by the “after x days” label.

So, are you ready to align yourself with the elite 1%? Enlist in Ankhfx Academy and commence an extraordinary journey toward trading excellence! Together, let’s conquer the markets and elevate your trading success.

Learning Objectives:

In Ankhfx Academy, our objective is to fuse technical and macroeconomics with behavioral economics. This fusion builds a solid understanding of how the gold market functions, knowledge applicable to scalping, day trading, and swing trading gold. The continuously evolving economy faces numerous challenges to maintain stability, directly linking it to gold in many aspects. Gold trading is often viewed by experts and investors as a secure solution against market fluctuations, currency depreciation, or economic events. However, direct investment in gold presents challenges, such as low liquidity and high storage costs. As an alternative, investors often turn to trading instruments like Gold exchange-traded funds to gain exposure to gold.

In today’s markets, profiting from trading commodities like gold is possible without physically owning the metal. Gold trading using CFDs involves opening a temporary order to buy or sell a specific amount of gold. Profit or loss is determined by the change in the price of gold during the contract duration. Additionally, we aim to use this platform to demonstrate the direct relationship between technical and fundamental approaches, emphasizing their collaboration within a bonded system. Ultimately, we seek to establish that price is the central core of the gold market, making tools such as supply and demand, candles, and psychological levels indispensable and crucial. The skills acquired can be applied to any financial instrument, not limited to gold.