HELLO! From The Founder & CEO.

Tipu Agha is my name, and a trader I have been since 2010.

Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, and E-mini Futures have all been successfully traded by me.

​Implementing various risk management strategies through extensive experience, a highly effective scalping approach with a Razor Sharp Edge has been created.

​At AM PROFIT, sifting through the fluff is what we do, teaching you the art of day trading with a success rate ranging from 70% to 100% on most days. Observe Trading Results!

​Finally, institutional level trading education is within your reach, unlike anywhere else.

Trade for as little as 1 to 2 hours daily and achieve your daily and weekly profit targets consistently, unlike what you’ve experienced before.

BIG VISION Profitable Day Traders. Trading becomes significantly easier when done correctly.

Hone your skills by focusing on any one market and mastering it. Money can be made right off the bat with small startup commissions and spread costs.

​Trade the London globex, the pre-market, or the New York session. No more waiting for hours for the right trade setup. With the knowledge gained, trading is possible at any time, achieving your target within 1 to 2 hours.

​Now, funding with prop firms is possible with as little as $100, resulting in thousands of dollars in payouts!

Trade like a professional by using depth of market (DOM), a skill taught in the course.

​Let us guide you on how to achieve consistency as a scalper and build your trading confidence in just 7 days.

ART OF SCALPING Essential To Your Success. How to make money scalping, finally.

Trading platform setup (Instructional Video).

Understanding market phases, price action dynamics.

Trading psychology, breaking bad habits.

Gauging market direction using multiple timeframes.

Learn my A+ setup for a 90% win rate.

How to use DOM for tick scalping like a professional.

How to scale in and out of positions.

Using market depth for entries, stops, and targets.

Volume profile and advanced scalping techniques.

Trading the London, Pre-Market & New York session.

Defining lot size and risk management parameters.

Trading with a plan and implementing discipline.

Choosing a prop firm challenge that is right for you.

Achieving consistency and building self-confidence.

Trading in the zone with the rule of three.

Trading in low and high volatile market environment.

Institutional stop loss hunting (Live Recorded Videos).

Detailed live trading videos with in-depth analysis.

FOCUS Progress From Day 1. 🏁

Trading is a serious business with potential for huge capital growth but reserved only for those who are serious and willing to get the right education.

​Great education will help you install new trading skills and fix your mindset to achieve desired results.

If your goal is to get funded with a prop firm or if you’d like to use your own capital, this program is designed to help you feel confident trading with real money.

​Watch yourself progress from day 1 as you learn “Pro Scalping Techniques” designed by Tipu. You’re going to learn to sprint with this fast track trading course.

​Finally, a program designed by the Founder & CEO. with over a decade of market trading experience.

Learn from someone who understands the market inside out, gain new knowledge and use the tools that the professionals don’t like to share with retail traders.