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Advanced Consulting Class By Frank Kern – Instant Download!
Advanced Consulting Class By Frank Kern

Frank Kern – Advanced Consulting Class

When I started taking notes on the Frank Kern Advanced Consulting course I never thought that I say that it is better in some aspects than Dan Kennedy’s Advanced Coaching and Consulting course.

I say, in “some aspects” because the fundamentals of the mindset behind being a world class consultant that Dan teaches in his course are unparalleled.

But what Frank Kern does in hiscourse for breaking down precisely how to market and then pitch a consulting relationship are unmatched. Even by Dan’s course.

Frank has consulted with Dan so I imagine some of what he does is based on what Dan does but Dan didn’t unpack the marketing of, and more specifically the pitching of consulting services the way Frank did in this course.

As I said in the salesletter I wrote for the notes I took on this course…

“What I want to give you today is arguably the smoothest system for landing ultra-desirable consulting clients that you will ever come across.


Here’s an overview of how he broke down the content of his course . . .

Week One of this has to do with overview of how to get out of your own way and addresses the bullshit beliefs you have swirling around in your head about why you can’t get clients, how to structure your time, how to price your offerings, and all the building blocks for having a productive consulting business.

Week Two has to do with figuring what market would be best for you to target.

Week Three has to do with you figuring out how to generate leads for your business.

Week Four covers how to convert the leads you generate into paying clients.

Week Five goes into detail about what you need to do in order to get awesome results for these clients so that they’re excited about giving you more money.

Week Six unpacks other sources of income that can be generated in your consulting business.

Today, what I want to share with you covers one of the most essential elements relative to having a successful consulting practice – what to charge and why this one decision can make or break your spirit and your business…

Setting The Parameters For Your Quality of Life

If you’re going to have a consulting business that pleases you, you want to determine how many times a month you’re gonna be talking to clients and how long you’re gonna talk to them for in each conversation.

1. How much access to you are you willing to give to your clients? How many times a week are willing to meet with them and for how long will you meet with them?

2. Now consider what days of the week you’re willing to work and what hours of the day you’re willing to work.

Kern is willing to work Monday-Friday, and he is willing to meet with clients and do work with them from the hours of 9 A.M. – 12 P.M.

You want to make this decision now.

Kids i.e. your clients, need to know when play time is and when work time is but more importantly than this, these decisions affect how much you’re going to charge and what segment of your market you are going to do business with.

At the time this product was released, Kern set his consulting up where he talks to clients twice a month (every other week) and he bills them $9,700 per month.

His belief is that asking for time than that from them would get to feel like a part-time job to the client. This works for him and in some instances, say a heavy duty project with lots of moving parts and work he’s doing for them, he might talk to them more.

He spends 30 minutes on the phone with them for each session. He’s found this to be plenty of time for them to check in, get advice for tweaks or any other adjustments in activity they need to make.

Kern is willing to work 5 days a week and 3 hours a day – M-F, 9 A.M. – 12 P.M.

When you figure out what your working hours will be, you will have an idea of how many consulting clients you can handle.

So if you multiply the days per week by the hours per day Kern is willing to work you have 15 hours a week that are available for consulting and work product for clients.

If each session is 30 minutes, he schedules two calls per 90 minute block of time.

One of the reasons for this is if a client is right middle of something important at the 30 minute mark, he doesn’t want to cut them right off at 30 minutes. He also wants a breather to collect his thoughts and piss between one call and the next.

This means he divides the 15 hours by 45 minutes because he’s willing to allow 45 minutes per client if it is really needed.

So the equation in Frank’s case is 15 x 60 = 900 minutes and then divides that by 45 and this equals 20 conversations.

Now he knows he can have 20 conversations per week.

In his business he’s talking to his clients every other week so this means he talk to half his clients on week 1, half the other clients on week 2. This means that with this structure he could handle 40 clients if he wanted to.

You need to do your own math based on what you want your quality of life to be. You doing this math and living by it is you setting your own rules.

The Math That Determines How Much To Charge

This is where you decide the bare minimum amount of money you need to make which gives you a baseline to work from and from here can you decide how much more income on top of this would please you.

Here’s the basic list of expenses you need to cover every month . . .




+Business Overhead Expenses (autoresponder, internet bill, phone bill, lead pages, advertising, office rent, office bills, etc.)

+Personal Life Expenses (car insurance, power, water, garbage bills, cable, etc.)


+Food (this includes for your home and going out to eat)

+School (could be pricy for private, less so for public schools)


+Staff (Home – nanny, house cleaner, landscaping, etc.)

You add all the sums you’ve come up with for each of these categories.

Now a good, general guess would be to add 50% more to this number to cover taxes on this amount that you’ve made for the month.

Now all of the sums on the list added together PLUS 50% of that added on will equal the amount of money you need to make every month.

A very smart thing Kern suggests doing is adding on a hunk of money into this list that is purely dedicated to paying you – money to store away for investments.

A tried and true formula for success in this department is taking 10% of every dollar you earn and paying yourself first.

Now go back to that number of clients you determined you’d be able to handle and still love the quality of your life.

Kern’s was 40 clients and the number he pulled out of his ass with a bunch of figures for each of the above monthly expenses was $121,000 dollars per month.

So you divide $121,000 by 40 clients and you get a total of $3,025.00 you would charge per month to each client.

This is the math you do to decide how much to charge per client. Stay the hell away from charging “industry norms” if you want to make real money as a consultant.

This math is customized to your situation. Your needs, wants, and desires. Not what other people limit themselves to.


Is the result that you can generate for your client worth the amount you’d be charging them every month?

Ideally, you want it to be worth MORE than what you’re charging them, ten times more than that.

More often than not, you should not have trouble finding a buyer for something that is worth MORE than what you’re asking for it. You know you’ve nailed this when you can truthfully say that you are selling money at a discount.

If the answer to the above highlighted question is, ‘No’, you need to refine your results getting process or… you need to find another area of expertise to focus on that is more valuable.

This magic number should be the goal you’re shooting to make every month so that you can live life in a way that suits you.

So that’s today’s lesson.

Stay tuned as I’ll be back to give you more notes on the other Frank Kern Advanced Consulting processes for attracting consulting leads and converting them.

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