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5 Bucks A Day Success System By Dennis Becker – Instant Download!

5 Bucks A Day Success System By Dennis Becker

From: Dennis Becker

Dear Friend:

Does any of this describe you?

Have you spent more than you earned online?
Are you stuck bouncing from shiny product to shiny product because “they” make it seem so easy… and it just… isn’t?
Do you wonder if those “gurus” who show you their bank account statements are really being honest?
If so, this is written for YOU. That’s because we’re positive – stone cold positive – that we can help you. In fact…

We’ve Created A System That Makes It
INEVITABLE For You To Succeed.

And forgive us if that sounds bold, but we only say it because of experience.

We’ve both mentored, coached, and created products to try and help people like you.

And over and over we kept seeing some people bring in tons and tons of money… while others got nowhere.

We came to some realizations about what works… and what doesn’t. We were able to crystallize things into a few major elements, and now we’re finally ready to release them to the public.

It took us 5 months of brainstorming, but we’ve finally figured out a way to hand-deliver you the techniques that bring us in a consistent $1-$2k per day (or more).

And if you’re not there yet, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. In fact, here’s Dennis to tell his story:

“It Took Me YEARS To Figure Out
How To REALLY Earn Money Online.”

Several agonizing, grueling years that I’ll never get back.

I was spinning my wheels for a long time, trying to figure out how I could finally make money online.

What I discovered has changed my life (and hundreds of others’ lives) around. But I want to be upfront here. Part of my success is what most people don’t want to hear:

There’s no magic button.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. There isn’t.

I’m not saying you need to work nonstop, because you don’t. There are definitely some “tricks” you can do to ensure that things happen quickly and tools that’ll make your life easier… but there’s just no push-button method that’s going to hurl out hundred dollar bills from your computer. If you’re not prepared for that reality yet, then you’re probably not going to like what I have to say.

That’s totally fine by me – if you want to go and buy a few more “shiny object” products, go ahead. I’ll be here when you come back. 🙂

The good news is there’s a method that’s as close to a magic bullet as you can realistically get… and I positively SWEAR you can use it to completely change your life around.

And… it’s not a “thing”, it’s certainly not a “bright shiny object”, it’s far, far better and easier to do.

I don’t care who you are… I know that if it worked for me, it will work for you.

Here’s a little back story:

Just A Few Years Ago
I Owed Over $100K In Debt
And Was In A VERY Dark Place.

Back in 2005, I was absolutely miserable. I can guarantee I was even more frustrated than you were about this whole internet marketing business.

I had maxed out almost all my credit cards, didn’t want to tell my wife and make her upset, and was WAY over $100k in debt (not including the mortgage on my house or the maxed out home equity line).

I’m not kidding when I say suicidal thoughts were crossing my mind.

Up until 2005-ish, I’d dabbled in internet marketing for years. I kept trying various things but I hadn’t figured it out yet. My main income had been coming from retail sales in my brick and mortar storefront (and eBay). Business wasn’t all that good though and I desperately wanted and desperately needed to succeed online… like so many others claimed to have done before me.

I thought I was in a prime position. I had more experience AND more education than most. I figured I’d be fine.

Yeah… right.

Like so many of the other wannabe internet marketers I did everything “they” said. I bought the e-books, visited the forums, subscribed to the ezines, and tried dozens of the schemes and techniques the gurus promised would lead me to riches. I wasn’t looking for a get rich quick method… I was willing to work hard and do whatever it took.

(Does This Sound Familiar?)

Along the way I tried:

  • acquiring resell rights to e-Books and software products, and selling them online and on eBay
  • joining affiliate programs and buying pay per click ads to send traffic to the merchants
  • building a mailing list by giving away free e-Books, then trying to sell to the people on the list
  • building web sites, and doing the proper SEO things to get traffic to them
  • buying and using the software products that would mass generate thousands of web pages in minutes
  • setting up blogs, and pinging the directories
  • writing articles and distributing them to dozens of article directories
  • writing and submitting press releases
  • hiring writers on eLance to write articles for me, then building web sites around those articles
  • purchasing private label rights (PLR) for thousands of other articles
  • finding public domain works and using them for other sites
  • buying high price DVD/CD courses to learn how to drive trafic to my sites
  • joining paid membership sites that provided niche products and niche product ideas
  • joining another paid membership site where it was promised that I would learn how to finally put it all together, under the tutelage of a “niche master” who would spill his secrets
  • … and much, much, more.

Between the cost of the paid membership sites, eBooks, and courses I was buying, I was spending $200 to $500 a month. Sometimes more. And getting absolutely NOWHERE.

Then There Was A Blow
Worse Than Anything…

My most frustrating project of all – the one that absolutely crushed me mentally and almost did me in was a product on Clickbank I created.

With credit card advances, I’d outsourced over a hundred articles to be written. I added some of my own, and then took several weeks and dozens (maybe hundreds) of hours editing them.

I excitedly put it on Clickbank, thinking THIS was going to be the one.

I remember being so excited as I paid my $50 listing fee, just thinking of all the people who were going to buy it.

And then….


Absolutely NOTHING.

All those hours for a big fat goose egg. Not even ONE sale.

Talk about devastating.

But you know what?

Somehow, some way, I was able to get back a positive state of mind. And from there… things were almost magical.

I Was Able To Turn Things Around…
And I’m Going To Give YOU The
“Keys To The Kingdom” Too.

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you can somehow relate to my earlier struggles and frustration. They lasted more than 3 long years and ended in November 2005. That was the month that I made a realization and had an “ah-ha moment” that turned it around for me.

Today might be the day that turns it around for you.

See, early in the year 2005, I determined it’d be the year I would finally succeed. My wife kept asking me when we’d be able to pay down our debts (thank God she had no idea how bad they really were). I told her, “I’m working on it”… but the problem was I’d been saying that for years.

5 Bucks A Day Success System By Dennis Becker

This Was The Printer I Put The Post-It On…

In 2005 I finally decided that was going to be the year for me.I was so convinced about this that I wrote $200 (for $200 in income a day) on a small yellow post it note and stuck it on my printer (see proof to the left). It sat on my table beside my monitor and I saw it every moment I was on my computer (which, back in those days, was constantly)..$200 was a HUGE stretch at the time. Most people would’ve called me unrealistic. But I felt that I desperately needed to finally fulfill my promise to my wife.
I was hoping the constant image on that post it note would burn into my very core.

By November, almost a year after my goal, I realized I’d made little progress. This was shortly after my last big hope, my e-Book, failed. I was frustrated, devastated, crushed. Something had to change.

And finally – FINALLY – the lightbulb hit.

Introducing: 5 Bucks A Day

Component #1 To The 5 Bucks A Day Success System

5 Bucks A Day Success System By Dennis Becker

The journey of how I went from $30 a day to $200 a day, to $500, to $700, and beyond… consistently.

5 Bucks a Day is the story of how I finally realized not only my “200” goal, but more… and how YOU can replicate my success.

This is best described as a strategy. The strategy will cost you nothing. Once you understand it (the same day you read 5 Bucks a Day for the first time), your life might change the same way mine changed when I envisioned this strategy for the first time.

First… what ISN’T the 5 Bucks Strategy? It’s simple. 5 Bucks A Day is NOT:

  • NOT something you’re going to need to buy
  • NOT “black hat”, “gray hat”, or “white hat”.
  • NOT going to get you banned from the search engines
  • NOT software or hardware
  • NOT something that’ll require you to upgrade your computer or operating system
  • NOT expensive… in terms of time OR money.

This Strategy Will Work No Matter What
Your Business Model Is!

See, I don’t teach you how to “make money quick” or anything like that. You can use it no matter WHAT your business model:

  • It works with affiliate marketing…
  • It works with merchandise sales…
  • It works with AdSense sites…
  • It works with PPC…
  • It works with writing and distributing articles or press releases…
  • It works with flipping sites…
  • It works with ANYTHING you do online, or offline.

To be honest, it’s common sense. But we’re humans, we like to overcomplicate things. The strategy is something so simple that you’ll be frustrated that you didn’t think of it yourself.

But the important part now is that it WORKS… and it WILL help you.

Here’s Proof!

“Dead Serious When I Say You Don’t Need Any Additional Skills To Start Making Money…. NOW.”

Dennis Becker’s 5 Bucks a Day strategy is brilliant in its simplicity. This is something that ANYBODY can (and should) put into practice IMMEDIATELY.

I am dead serious when I say that you don’t need any additional skills to start making money with this method NOW.

Whatever you already know how to do, no matter how insignificant you think that knowledge is, is enough to start TODAY. This information can be effectively put to use with absolutely any skill set, and no matter what your experience level, this information put into action can create incredible financial returns.

John Rogers

“By Far One Of The Most Valuable Products I Have Ever Bought.”

This is by far one of the most valuable products I have ever bought.

I have never bought a book where the author has given such care and so much MORE to his buyers. You’re quite an example, Dennis.

In all my 9 years on here nothing has been better than this.

Claire Marie Koch

“Honestly, I’m Printing This Off And Going To Read It ONCE A WEEK.”
“I’m in the same boat you were – this method of thinking is REALLY going to help me break through to the next level.

The problem is that so many people “learn” the wrong way to do things from the start (me included), and build on that bad foundation (which I did).

Honestly, I’m printing this off and going to read it ONCE A WEEK to make certain I change my methods and ways of thinking about my business. Thank you for this!!

My advice – if you are thinking about purchasing this: Do it, print it, and sit down and read it. Put it under your pillow at night and absorb it through ESP. Don’t let it sit on your hard drive for all eternity!”

Dave Gammage


As you can see, this works. And it works well.

I Earned $38,000 Profit In 2 Months With This Strategy.

Coming off of that Clickbank failure, that was BIG.

Granted, that was an unusual, lucky, and maybe not so duplicatable one… but the fact is, I had the mental strategy in place. I learned how to be at the right place at the right time. The whole project that earned me all that money only took TWO HOURS.

Can you do the same thing? I can’t guarantee anything specific (see disclaimer below). But I can – and will – put into your hands the strategy that worked for me. And I’ll tell you I’m very confident if you have the same passion for success I had, you’ll see amazing results.

With that said, you’ll have to read the report for yourself. There’s very little fluff in 5 Bucks a Day so you’ll be able to read it in a single sitting. It’s short enough to encourage you to read it multiple times.

“But Wait… There’s More!” 😉

5 Bucks A Day alone is an incredibly powerful course that can really revolutionize your life. There’s information that can supercharge your internet marketing efforts and make you a lot of money.

That being said, the majority of people download a lot of reports… fall into “information overload”… and get overwhelmed.

People just like you and I get so paralyzed by all the information that they end up doing NOTHING… or very little… or the “wrong” things… because they just don’t know any better.

And even though 5 Bucks A Day will tell you EXACTLY how to break things down into small, bite-sized chunks… we wanted to really make it absolutely INEVITABLE that you succeed with it.

We want you to feel REVITALIZED, RECHARGED, and have a plan in place to MAKE MONEY.

After all, that’s why you were even interested in 5 Bucks A Day, right? To eventually make money?

That’s why Rachel (my partner) and I have decided to do everything we could to make it inevitable you’re going to succeed.

Introducing: Action Enforcer – The Software We Personally Use To QUADRUPLE Our Productivity
Component #2 To The 5 Bucks A Day Success System

If you ever wished you could have more hours get magically added to your day, you will LOVE this.

This software (compatible for Mac AND PC) is absolutely AWESOME in making sure you get a TON done in a short amount of time.

It is seriously my #1 favorite tool online (and that’s saying a LOT.)

You can use it to:

  • Never again be paralyzed by taking action on big tasks — Action Enforcer makes it EASY for you to get things done
  • Get laser-like focus into what you need to get done every day
  • Build unstoppable momentum as completing each task propels you to get even more done, faster and more efficiently than ever
  • Never again feel guilty about finding you’ve spent too much time on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or wherever else
  • Smash all nagging tasks with a sledgehammer

And here’s what Rachel says about it:

This is something we’ve sold as a stand-alone for a long time. We’ve sold thousands of copies. In fact…

Here’s What Real People Say About Action Enforcer:

“Again, An Amazingly Productive Day!”

“I have to say it – this is just GREAT!

I started using Action Enforcer last Wednesday. I must admit to initially being a little bit skeptical.

To my amazement… it created just the right amount of urgency and helped me stay on task.

Wednesday ended up being a very effective day, leaving me with a good feeling.

…Friday I was back to employing Action Enforcer from the start… again, an amazingly productive day.

I finished more projects that day that I’d initially expected.

So, it really works, even for someone like me that thought it might not make such a big difference.

Highly recommended!”

– Oscar Toft

“Action Enforcer Is Different… Way More Effective Than Anything I’ve Used.”

“I love this thing!

I’ve used different timers and time management software in the past, but Action Enforcer is really and truly different – and way more effective.

With AE, it was actually fun to try and beat the timer while working on my tasks.

AE is very intuitive to use – I just watched the short intro video and was planning my day in just minutes.

What a great tool – a huge help to manage your most precious of resources – your time!”

– Dan Morton

This thing ROCKS. It really does.

But again… we want to do everything we possibly can to make sure this is your year, and that you succeed. So we’ve added something ELSE.

Besides the tool, we’re going to show you how to concentrate on the RIGHT things.

Introducing: ‘Rachel’s Productivity System’ –
How To Instantly Turn Every Piece Of Information Into Profit… Or ELSE!
Component #3 To The 5 Bucks A Day Success System

Rachel created a course for you that will take your 5BAD knowledge… your Action Enforcer software… and supercharge it.

She has a proven system in place that shows you the exact information you need to go over, how often you need to go through it, and how to make MONEY from it.

This is what she says about it:

“Believe me… I’m not a completely money-driven person… but let’s face it. You could be outside right now. You could be hanging out with your kids or doing whatever else is fun for you. If you’re here, it means you want to make money. I want you to HELP you make that money and then go live life.

That’s why I’m going to teach you what information to go through and what you need to totally and vehemently IGNORE.”

When you’re done with her course…

You’ll Learn How To Get Done In A Few Hours
What USED To Take You A Week… GUARANTEED.

  • Rachel created videos (with transcripts for those of you who prefer reading) that go over:
  • How to make it near-failproof that you meet your goals,,,
  • Learn from Rachel’s mistakes and discover exactly how she made LESS money after reading ebooks and listening to courses… and what YOU can do about it…
  • The exact tools and resources you can use to make sure you get an extreme amount of things done in a super-short time period
  • How “batches” will double – if not triple or quadruple – your productivity…
  • Handed right to you: The precise “Master Plan” Rachel uses — and that you can easily duplicate — to always know, without a shadow of a doubt, what you should — and shouldn’t — be working on at all times
  • …and a heck of a lot more!

Here’s What People Say About Rachel’s Productivity System:

“Simple Systematic Approach I Find So Useful.. Excellent Step-By-Step Productivity Tips!.”

Straightforward, excellent step-by-step productivity tips!

This is the simple systematic approach I find so useful.

Using Rachel’s good habits and routine as a framework, we’ll start and finish short-term projects we can tweak, develop further, or abandon.

Hey, isn’t that the idea behind the $5 a Day brainstorm that started this wonderful community?

– Mary Greene

“Great… With Super Advice!”
“Great videos with super advice. (Editors note: We also include transcripts).

Thanks so much for doing this!”

– LC

And while everything listed above should be more than enough to help you succeed… we’ve added yet another element to this system.

Introducing: ‘5 Bucks A Day Success Webinars’ –
How To Turn Your 5 Bucks A Day Systems
Into Recurring Income Streams

Guest Starring Jason Fladlien, Robert Plank, And Michael Gunn
Components #4 And #5 To The 5 Bucks A Day Success System

When I originally started 5 Bucks A Day, I ran a webinar explaining everything I teach you in the book… laid out, and with actual examples you can refer to.

The book is very good on it’s own – but this will ENSURE that you understand how to do everything.

I ran this webinar with Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank. They grilled me so that you could learn:

  • The Top 2 controlling influences taking over YOUR life… and how you can change them around
  • 4 ESSENTIAL keys you must be aware of if you want to succeed…
  • The 6 mottos that — if you can burn them to your brain — will change EVERYTHING around for you.

Soon after, I ran a webinar with Michael Gunn. Being that it was one of my first webinars, I completely forgot to hit “record”!. I ended up doing a do-over version and ended up getting way more information out onto the second. Lucky you!

In this webinar you’ll learn my top 10 favorite strategies for RECURRING income… and how you can get them to work for you.

Pretty cool, huh?

And as you can see, Rachel and I added a TON into this system. Like we mentioned before –

This System WILL Help You Succeed Online.

When you consider everything we included here – all the tools, action steps, and hand-holding… you soon realize we’re literally handing you the “keys to the kingdom”.

I know that sounds hype-y, but it’s true.

Again – here’s everything you get in the 5 Bucks A Day Success System:

  1. 5 Bucks A Day – This book has already sound THOUSANDS of copies. It’s an evergreen book that will NEVER be outdated. (How many ‘shiny objects’ can you say that for?)
  2. Action Enforcer – This software will absolutely turn around your productivity. I’m living proof. So’s Rachel, and hundreds of other users. The testimonials above are just a fraction of the ones that pour in constantly.
  3. Rachel’s Productivity System – This course will take everything that you’ve learned in 5BAD and show you to use that — in conjunction with Action Enforcer — to make you a productivity MACHINE.
  4. 5 Bucks A Day Webinar With Jason Fladlien And Robert Plank – Going through this will help you really cement in what I teach in the book. The more modalities you can learn something in (reading, watching, listening)… the more it sinks in.
  5. Recurring Income Streams Webinar With Michael Gunn – While earning money online is fantastic, what’s even more fantastic is earning RECURRING money. I’ll show you exactly how you can do that in this course.

As you can see, this is a TON of power-packed information that can really turn your life around. And you might be wondering what the price on something this major is?


Dennis Becker

5 Bucks A Day Success System By Dennis Becker, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)