Course overview

Understanding when NOT to trade is a fantastic talent that most traders ignore! How helpful would the expertise that would have stopped you from trading on all of your terrible days where you suffered large losses have been to you?

So, using the 13 Market Moves Formula course, you may now be effective by trading just on days with a high possibility of success. You will be able to avoid days when the odds are stacked against you, giving you more time to spend enjoying life with your family and doing other things you like!

Course outline

As part of the 13 Market Moves Formula course, you will receive the following lessons:

  • COURSE #1: 233 Trading Secrets – 10+ Hours of Video Content
  • COURSE #2: Charts Divergence & Patterns Recognition – This Charts & Patterns Recognition Course Will Help You See Things Before They Actually Happen!
  • COURSE #3: 13 Market Moves Formula – Learn to Trade ONLY when the probabilities are in your favor and avoid trading when the odds are against you!
  • COURSE #4: Trade Like A Rockstar – Generating Trading Ideas utilizing: core winning watchlist, daily watchlist, weekly watchlist and Understanding Key Behavioral Patterns
  • COURSE #5: Crypto Star – Take your crypto trading skills to the moon!

What will you learn?

During the 13 Market Moves Formula course, you will learn:

  • 233 Trading Secrets
  • Charts Divergence & Patterns Recognition
  • 13 Market Moves Formula
  • ​Trade Like A Rockstar
  • ​Crypto Star

Who is this course for?

The 13 Market Moves Formula course focuses on:

  • Those who are interested in crypto trading.
  • Those who want to get a high possibility of success.
  • Those who want to improve their crypto trading skills.