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Wounds Into Wisdom By Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone – Instant Download!
Wounds Into Wisdom By Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

With Author, Jungian Psychotherapist &
Founding Rabbi of Congregation Nevei Kodesh

Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

A 9-Module On-Demand Video Training
Plus 7-Module Introductory Program!

Embark on an experiential journey to heal your ancestral legacies, discover untapped vitality and spiritual resources — and quiet the turbulent outside world to connect with your sacred purpose.

Each of us holds tremendous power to change not only the trajectory of our own life — but the collective experience of our larger world, even during these times of uncertainty.

Once you understand your own trauma history and the challenging historical patterns your ancestors engendered, you begin a journey that releases enormous healing potential that can benefit you and many others.

Untying trauma knots in your personal and ancestral history sets you free — and energizes you to become more powerful and compassionate as you create a future aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Join Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone on a new 9-module journey into the healing of your ancestral legacies — and discover untapped spiritual resources as you dismantle personal and intergenerational trauma patterns, so you and your lineage can reach your fullest, most radiant expression.

Tirzah will lead you through guided meditations, embodied exercises, and small-group conversations to support the ancestral healing work you’ll do together.

This transformative new course also includes two sacred ritual practicum sessions to take you deeper into ceremonial ancestral healing work.

You’ll delve into a rich synthesis of teachings from the fields of depth psychology, neuroscience, and Kabbalistic and mystic wisdom — and benefit from Tirzah’s wisdom as a Jungian psychotherapist and spiritual elder.

As you’ll discover, each of us comes into this world with specific tasks — sacred repair work that’s deeply connected to the wounds and challenges that have befallen us and our bloodlines.

When you explore and heal these wounds, you can better accomplish your sacred work — honoring your soul’s calling, deciphering your soul’s unique code, and becoming all that you’re meant to be.

And once you’re equipped with the wisdom of your ancestors, spiritual guides, and allies, you’ll be able to see your life from an expanded perspective — complete with the hope, courage, resilience, and compassion you need to better navigate your life and bring healing to our world.

During this 9-module journey with Rabbi Tirzah, you’ll discover:

  • Insights into your ancestral history — which may be affecting you more strongly in these challenging times — and how you can access the ancestral plane to help you move forward
  • Usable practices to build your sacred space and empower your body, mind, and spirit
  • How to view family trauma patterns in their historical context — and move past the control they have over you
  • How trauma residue patterns of fear, shame, greed, hypervigilance, and spiritual resistance are passed down through families — and show up in larger societal patterns in the world (including racism, colonization, and patriarchal oppression of women)
  • 2 ritual practicum sessions to take you deeper into ceremonial and ritual work
  • Ways to delve into your genogram (intergenerational family map) to study family ruptures and pathologies — and uncover resources, positive allies, and encouragement for your life today
  • Meditations to access the ancestral plane and create relationships with your loving guides and ancestors
  • Skills to deepen your connection to wise guidance — and steer clear of negative influences
  • The potent transformational fields that Kabbalah and Tibetan mysticism bring to ancestral healing
  • Ancient mythic stories to help you align with your sacred purpose and effectuate change in the world
  • The powerful truth that you were born with a sacred purpose — and how to quiet the turbulent world so you can connect with it
  • How your ancestors’ life experiences and wisdom can help you survive — and even thrive — in chaotic times like ours

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

In this 9-module transformational intensive, Tirzah will guide you to deepen your understanding of your ancestral trauma legacies — to gain clarity, courage, compassion, and access to your authentic Self.

Personal and Collective Transformation for All Levels of Expertise

This 9-module course is for anyone seeking an experiential understanding of their trauma legacies and how to transform them.

Community leaders, teachers, therapists, spiritual practitioners, and other professionals can augment their work by bringing these intergenerational healing modalities into their clinical and organizational practices.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Tirzah. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to deepen your ancestral healing.

Module 1: Clarifying Your Soul’s Journey to Empower Your Work in the World

How can you become better aligned with your soul’s sacred purpose?

In this opening session, Tirzah will set the foundation for your journey together. She’ll open with a welcome to your new global community, an invocation, and an overview of the course.

She’ll share the many reasons why ancestral healing is so critical now — to your own wellbeing and the planet’s.

And she’ll guide you to begin thinking through powerful inquiries — including how your soul’s journey corresponds to the unfolding global events, how your family’s unhealed legacies are obscuring your path (and what you can do about it), and much more.

In this session, you’ll explore:

  • A brief reading from Tirzah’s Wounds Into Wisdom book, setting the stage for the alchemical work of transforming your dark and dense legacies into compassion, strength, and healing
  • A review of Plato’s parable of the acorn and the oak tree — and why it’s foundational to both the Kabbalah and C.G. Jung’s axiom that “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”
  • What you’ll need to know to enter the imaginal realm as a bridge to the unconscious — and how it can help you access guidance and interact with well and wise ancestors and spiritual allies
  • Powerful tools for self-regulation and self-compassion — including 4 affirmations, the Butterfly Hug, and the Hawaiian Waterfall
  • Creating your own sacred space to deepen your spiritual work, begin life mapping, and calling in your ancestral allies
  • A guided meditation, What Our Souls Know, to help you understand your choice to enter the world at this time and through your particular bloodlines with all their unique challenges and resources

Module 2: Healing Our Personal Family to Heal the Human Family

What are the residues that trauma leaves behind, and how do they get passed on to new generations — affecting entire ethnicities and collective society?

You’ll explore how to wake up to these unconscious influences and find freedom, compassion, and healing power for yourself and the world.

Tirzah will guide you to think through your trauma history as a continuance of ancestral patterns… and show you how you can stop what she calls the trauma train.

We all came into this world to help effect changes and innovations in the collective consciousness of the planet. As you’ll discover, knowledge is power — and bringing unconscious patterns into the light of awareness and compassion can liberate your life.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Hallmarks of individual and collective trauma — with an eye to your own bloodlines and the larger societal patterns at work in the world (for example, racism, colonization, patriarchal oppression of women and the feminine principle)
  • Ways to delve into your genograms (intergenerational family maps) to study their ruptures — and uncover resources, positive allies, and encouragement for your situation today
  • How to explore exactly what your family lived through — for instance, were they colonizers or colonized, upwardly mobile or just surviving?
  • Ways to outline your personal issues — mental loops, compulsive behaviors, relationship issues, and more — and view them in the context of ancestral (genetic/epigenetic) legacies
  • A practice to invoke and connect with your wise and well ancestral guides in your sacred ritual space — and tools to help you sit in their presence and open to their guidance
  • A guided meditation, We Meet Again, to open channels to members of your soul-pod and deepen rapport with your wise, well ancestral and spirit guides to hear their guidance and receive their protection

Module 3: Facing Our Family Shadows

How do your personal anxieties, fears, and life issues have roots in your family’s history?

In this module, you’ll explore Jung’s concept of the shadow — the unacceptable, repressed, or unwelcome aspects of our lives.

You’ll also deepen your exploration of the intergenerational shadow with a paradoxical approach called Chöd — the 11th century Tibetan Buddhist practice of Feeding Your Demon — applied to our ancestral legacies, pathologies, and complexes.

Tirzah will ask you to bring one particular life issue you’re working on to class with you — perhaps it’s addiction, OCD, sexual abuse/patriarchal domination, depression, etc…

Whatever the details of your struggle, Tirzah will create a caring, safe space for this practice.

She’ll then guide you to create a personification of your life issue. You’ll enter active imagination to walk the “creature” back into your lineages as you discover more about its gravitational pulls. In this powerful session, you’ll discover:

  • The true meaning of “the shadow” — and how you can uncover the shadow of your family and lineage
  • Why bringing your “demons,” the unacceptable, repressed, unwelcome aspects of your life, into the light of awareness reduces their destructive power — and releases the enormous life energy stored within them
  • A practice to locate the core issue/demon as a sensation that lives in your physical body — and how to invite a picture (an image, form, being, or creature) from the unconscious as an embodiment of this sensation and feeling
  • How to face your two bloodlines
  • The power of your family’s gravitational pull

Ritual Practicum #1: Feeding Your Demon

In this practicum, you’ll create a sacred space to deepen the healing ritual of the ancient Tibetan Chöd Practice.

Within the loving, safe space Tirzah creates for you, you’ll face your ancestral demon, invoking its personification once again and communicating with it to discover what it wants and needs from you.

Then you’ll learn how to feed it the nectar of your essence, allowing it to magically transform its shape and become your protector and ally.

Module 4: The Alchemy of Healing — Transmuting the Family Demon

Did you know that your biggest enemies hold untapped sources of support and protection?

You’ll continue with the transformational process of alchemizing your ancestral demon, gaining further access to its deep reservoir of life force — and listening for its commitments to you as it becomes your ally and assistant.

Together, you’ll work to free up blocked energy and health, receiving renewed power as you realize personal and family goals.

As you’ll discover, the demon will continue resolving itself through satiation.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Meet the demon in its newly personified form
  • Discover how the demon’s transformed energy can become a positive and protective presence in your life
  • Learn ways to gain access, protection, and help for yourself and your family from your ally, the former demon
  • Find out how your personal transformation might impact your lineage
  • Begin to ask yourself how far back your connection to your ally might go, and describe the energy around it — perhaps it’s fear, malice, ignorance, obedience, etc.
  • Clarify and reset your life goals

Module 5: The Power of Dignity & Honor

What do your ancestors know about shame and honor? And how can you step beyond their history into your full radiant dignity?

You’ll examine your own history of shame and honor — and receive sanction and blessing from your ancestors and allies.

Tirzah will guide you to stand in your own dignity to become an agent of change and blessing for the world.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Why the shame that often accompanies trauma is also an attractor for further shame and trauma, creating an ongoing cycle of trouble
  • How traits like dignity and honor are also attractors for similar, admirable traits — and how they accrue positive potent power as we give honor to others
  • How the ancient mystical term for honor, Kavod, is connected to the dark feminine — and what she may be telling you now in the form of COVID-19
  • Three large cultural themes that play on our world’s current social and environmental crises: patriarchy, colonization, and racism
  • How the demons of our times result in the large-scale robbing of honor/dignity of entire populations
  • How to work through the cultural Chöd process step-by-step as Tirzah models how to transform the cultural demons of greed and power

Ritual Practicum #2: Transforming Demons With the Cultural Chöd Process

In this practicum, you’ll once again create a sacred ritual space.

You’ll begin with several practices to strengthen your grounding to the Earth while opening up energetic portals to a larger version of yourself that’s strengthened by honor for your essential being.

Tirzah will guide you in the practice of extending Kavod (honor and dignity), first to your bloodlines, then to your compatriots, and then to troublesome characters in your life.

You’ll then begin to receive the Kabbalistic practice of becoming an Agent of Blessing, Ba’al HaBracha. This begins with learning to open your central channel, called the Middle Pillar in Kabbalah, to receive divine blessing into your own being. With an open fluid channel, you’ll allow the overflow of this energy, transmitting this power to three beings.

You’ll watch the effects of this powerful transmission, before safely coming back from expanded awareness to your here-and-now self — grounded and ready to take this practice into the world.

Module 6: Becoming an Agent of Blessing

You’ll ask yourself, How can I become an agent of change and transformation in the world?

In this pivotal session, you’ll discover how to take all you’ve been learning and stand in your family and in the world as an agent of true change and transformation.

As Tirzah will show you, you can enrich your life and rise to your own greatness by tapping into the spiritual resources and resilience of the great souls who’ve walked this Earth before you.

You’ll turn toward your ancestors to bless and release them from their socially constrained and conditioned contexts… and come to see yourself as much larger and greater than your life’s patterns — because your soul’s light is actually your destiny.

You’ll discover practices to:

  • Embody grounding and self-regulation
  • Strengthen the open central channel through chi kung (aka qigong) and tai chi movements — or you can simply visualize strengthening your central channel — and cultivate the energy body to become a channel for blessing
  • Step back into your genogram to find family blessings like resiliency, humor, ingenuity, arts, and community-building
  • Cultivate courage and moral imagination for these uncertain times we’re facing
  • Engage in a guided meditation for self-blessing to release your karmic burdens and open your internal pathways for blessing others
  • Face, befriend, and feed the naysayer within who would like to obstruct your larger mission and radiance
  • Draw on the work of Viktor Frankl to see your life’s “givens” — and explore why they don’t need to define you, after all

Module 7: Ancestors as Portals to the Divine

In this closing session, Tirzah will guide you to ask yourself, How can I keep my channels to the unseen worlds open and clear, to keep receiving divine guidance and protection as I go forth?

Ancient myths and legends provide plenty of guidance for this moment in history…

And as you bring your journey to a close, Tirzah will share how rituals and sacred space, which are so essential right now, can provide a bridge to the divine worlds.

In this final module, you’ll explore:

  • Ways to help tip the balance in favor of healthy life on Earth
  • How to work with 2 Kabbalistic stories: the cosmic myth of the shattered vessels and the teaching of the 36 hidden pious ones (Tzaddikim)
  • Why both Kabbalistic tales correspond directly to the current state of our world — and provide direction
  • A guided journey to see yourself as a fully flowered Tzaddik, who has the ability to travel back and forth in time to find and replant the kernel of good in your bloodline — the pure heart and intention that became misguided
  • How to see through and beyond the outer husks of family patterns and unmetabolized trauma to the light within your ancestral lineage

Introductory Training Is Included!

This intensive builds upon the core teachings from the Find Healing & Resilience in Ancestral Wisdom 7-module course. When you purchase the full 9-module intensive, you get access to this powerful resource as well! You can complete this material at your leisure, but it’s better to begin before the new sessions start.

In this 7-module transformational course, Tirzah skillfully guides you through a unique and original blend of depth psychology, meditative practices, somatic healing modalities, storytelling, and scientific research — to help you free yourself of the inherited trauma of your lineage so you can hear the calling of your sacred purpose and bring healing to our planet. In seven sessions, you’ll learn to call on your ancestors to help you clear anxiety, depression, and stuckness passed down through generations — for greater resilience and the freedom to live your soul’s purpose.

Each training session builds harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to start to heal your inherited trauma and live your soul’s calling.

Module 1: Journey of the Soul — Why You’re in This Life at This Time

Module 2: The Family Constellation — What Your Soul Family Came to Accomplish

Module 3: Mapping Your Legacy — Building Genograms to See Multigenerational Family Patterns

Module 4: Unpacking Trauma & Its Transmission From Generation to Generation

Module 5: Women & Intergenerational Trauma Legacies — Releasing the Shame of Historical Trauma

Module 6: The 7 Principles of Healing — Stories of Healing From Extreme Collective Trauma

Module 7: Wrapping Up a Sacred Bundle — Tools, Practices & Inspiration to Metabolize Your Legacy

PLUS, you’ll get the Find Healing & Resilience in Ancestral Wisdom Bonus Collection

Bonus #1

Intergenerational Trauma Transmission
Video Dialogue With Tirzah Firestone and Terry Real

Bonus #2

Healing Our Family Legacies & Changing the World
Audio Dialogue With Tirzah Firestone; Hosted by Lisa Bonnice

Bonus #3:

Dialogue with Mirabai Starr
Video Dialogue With Tirzah Firestone and Mirabai Starr

The original price of Find Healing & Resilience in Ancestral Wisdom on its own was $297.00, but it’s INCLUDED in your registration for the advanced course!

The Wounds Into Wisdom Bonus Collection

In addition to Tirzah’s introductory training and transformative 9-module virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions to complement the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Setting & Establishing Your Altar & Community
Orientation Ritual Package From Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

Delve into this rich series of exercises and practices designed to support you in preparing for this course and getting yourself set up for the work you’ll be doing over the coming sessions. Through this orientation ritual, you’ll gain clarity on your personal goals and intentions for the course, begin to establish your sacred coursework community, and provide valuable input on the direction of the course.

Basking in the Holy Dark
Video Dialogue With Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone and Vera de Chalambert

Mystics and prophets have long taught that to approach the Divine, we must move through Holy Darkness. In this dialogue, Tirzah and Vera (author, speaker, and spiritual mentor) discuss the forms of the Sacred Feminine through the lens of the world’s great wisdom traditions. Explore how this archetypal power is emerging now to guide us through this global night and transfigure us into who we must become to birth a more beautiful world.

Altar Crafting & Donning a Prayer Shawl
Video Training and Practice From Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

This video training will guide you through the process of creating three different kinds of altars: an outdoor altar, an ancestral altar, and a stationary altar, at which to deepen your spiritual practices through this course. If you desire further protection and spiritual reinforcement, Tirzah also shares instructions for donning a prayer shawl.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Nine 90-Minute Recorded Class Sessions With Tirzah Firestone

Experience a unique opportunity to be learn from author, rabbi, and Jungian psychotherapist Tirzah Firestone — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video teaching and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to gain clarity, courage, compassion, and access to your authentic Self.

Nine PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

Find Healing & Resilience in Ancestral Wisdom 7-Module Course and Bonuses

When you sign up for this 9-module journey, you’ll also get access to Tirzah’s first 7-module online course, taking you through her unique and original blend of depth psychology; meditative practices; embodied, somatic healing modalities; storytelling; and scientific research — to help you free yourself of the inherited trauma of your lineage so you can hear the calling of your sacred purpose and bring healing to our planet.

The Wounds Into Wisdom Bonus Collection

  • Setting & Establishing Your Altar & Community
    Orientation Ritual Package From Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone
  • Basking in the Holy Dark
    Video Dialogue With Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone and Vera de Chalambert
  • Altar Crafting & Donning a Prayer Shawl
    Video Training and Practice From Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Wounds Into Wisdom Virtual Training

We feel honored that Tirzah Firestone has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a unique opportunity to learn from an author, rabbi, and Jungian psychotherapist whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and transform ourselves and our world.

If you’re serious about dismantling personal and intergenerational trauma patterns, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

Wounds Into Wisdom By Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)