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Wolf Millionaire of Instagram By Anthony Carbone – Instant Download!

Wolf Millionaire of Instagram By Anthony Carbone

How to make Six-Figures using Instagram
I’m going to work with a small group of motivated people who want to make extraordinary money from Instagram. I Have Over 15,000,000 Instagram followers and I Make a Fortune Using Instagram.
When You’re Done, You’ll Walk Away With a Plan For

Can Followers Make You Wealthy? YES, YES, and YES
What if you don’t have a product to sell, own a company, or you aren’t even an entrepreneur, can you still make six-figures from Instagram?
The short answer… YES, YES, and YES. Keep reading to find out how.

…Learn a System for Acquiring the Most Targeted Traffic Utilizing Instagram
In the world of Instagram. Followers are the best source of internet traffic.

What is the key to making money in any business? You need traffic!

What is another word for traffic? Potential Customers.

If you have traffic…Then the rest is a lot easier

No Traffic = No Money
How do you generate internet traffic?

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • YouTube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Content Discovery Platforms (such as Outbrain and Taboola), and even…
  • Dedicated Email Ads

All of those traffic sources are great to start or grow a business… BUT… unless you are a marketing whiz, you won’t have the time to master them all. Plus, they are really expensive to use! Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to risk, it’s not worth it.

The bottom line is…In the past, the only way to get good quality traffic was to spend tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing to generate traffic.

That was until I cracked the code on Instagram.

What started out as a hobby, posting cool pictures of cars… has turned into a cash generating machine making more money than I ever expected… all from using Instagram.

I don’t have a day-job anymore (THANK GOD), my job is now traveling the world, making high 6-figures, all thanks to following my passions and leveraging Instagram.

Why is it so easy to generate good free traffic from Instagram versus the other social networks or search engines?

Easy, Instagram is new and growing.

It was the same way when Facebook was in it’s young growth phase.

To make money using Instagram, it takes some time and effort. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a few bucks without having to do much – then exit this page now. I don’t want to teach you.

BUT… If you are willing to work hard, apply what I teach you, and follow all my instructions – then I want to teach you.


That is why I create a system: my InstaWealth Growth System

If you have a business, product, service, or idea – my system will teach you how to use Instagram for mega growth within 48 hours of starting my system.

If you don’t have a business, product, service, or idea – DON’T WORRY! I will teach you how to easily monetize an Instagram account, without any of those things. Also, included in my system, I will teach you the hottest verticals that you can grow a business in.

Most programs only give you bits and pieces of their strategy. In my system, I give you EVERYTHING that has made me and my best students millions of dollars using Instagram.

The keys to cracking the millionaire code for Instagram using my system are as follows:

  • Finding The Right Business Opportunities on Instagram could be very tough. In fact, most entrepreneurs give up at this stage. I will show you where and how to find the right business opportunities, if you don’t have anything in mind. This alone will save you hours of disappointment.
  • Create a Powerful Bio – don’t think a simple bio can make you money? Think again, I will show you how to write a bio that actually turns traffic into customers.
  • Find & Create Engaging Photos & Videos – Ever heard the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Leverage photos and videos to create viral growth. Done right, one image could put tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket.
  • Explosive Organic Growth – The only way to grow your followers and traffic without spending a dime on marketing is to grow organically – and organic growth using Instagram very easy.
  • Post The Best Practices – Even though Instagram, the app, is very simple to use – there are things you should do everyday and things you should avoid at all costs. Done right, you bank, done wrong, you’re banned from Instagram.
  • Instagram Posting Automation – Do the work once and reap the benefits over and over again. Automating your growth on Instagram is essential for you to scale your traffic and business.
  • Write Effective Captions – Learn the few simple ‘trigger’ words that make people become a lead and customer.
  • How to Hashtag & Tag Others – Use hashtags to open the flood gates of followers to your accounts as well as see the latest trends to capitalize on.
  • Analyze Instagram Accounts – If you find the most optimized accounts and understand analytics, you can mimic them for instant results. If you don’t understand the underlining growth of your Instagram accounts, how will you be able to replicate the growth? Understanding analytics shows you exactly how to replicate success.
  • Account Security – Secure your accounts and keep them secure! Fraud is everywhere, including social media accounts.
  • Advertising Strategies – If you don’t have a company, product, service or idea you can still make money using Instagram. The key is using your account to promote others and make six-figures doing so.
  • Monetize Your Account & Services – There are over 100 ways you can monetize your Instagram account. Obviously you don’t have time to use all 100, however, you should have multiple stream of income derived from Instagram.
  • The Network Effect – The more followers you have, the more likes you get, the more likes you get, the more your message can spread, the better the message, the more money you make.
  • Buy & Sell Accounts – One of the best ways to make an extra $10,000 a month from Instagram is to buy under utilized accounts. Buy them for cheap – then use my system to monetize the newly acquired account.
  • Buy and Sell Shout Outs/Ads – The quickest way to get instant real followers is to get other popular accounts referring to your account. Knowing how to get the right ‘shout outs’ can put an extra $8,000 in your pocket, per shout-out!

In short, if you put into practice the keys to cracking the Instagram millionaire code you will be able to not only gain massive followers and traffic…you will be able to turn your traffic and followers into HUGE PROFITS.

If you want crack the millionaire code on Instagram, then I have one question for you…

Can You Dedicate 30 Minutes a Day to Making Money Using Instagram?
Fact is…

Everyone wants to make an extra $10k a month, but most people aren’t willing to do anything about it.

So how do I separate those who are serious about making money using Instagram versus those who aren’t? The answer is quite simple…How did you answer the question above?

If you answered no, please exit this page now. I don’t want to work with people who aren’t serious about improving their financial situation.


I built this system based on what has made me and my students millions of dollars using Instagram.

I built this system based on what has made me and my students millions of dollars using Instagram.

In short, my system has EVERY strategy and secret I know that has made me more money than I ever thought I could’ve on Instagram.


If I show you how to drastically increase your income in a short period of time are you willing to dedicate 30 minutes a day and invest in yourself?
This Is My Complete System – All My Strategies and Secrets Containing over 80 step-by-step video trainings. This is like getting a Ph.D. in Instagram moneymaking—you’ll be armed with everything you need to hit six-figures in beyond…faster than you ever dreamed possible.

It contains 22 hours of training where you’ll learn:

  • The 1 best “foundation” for a 6-figure revenue stream (you MUST have this or you’ll be leaving so much money on the table, it’s impossible to hit 10k or more each month)
  • Your “money magnets” and how the figure out where the best income opportunities are for you on Instagram…
  • 5 key elements every great Instagram post includes (most people, even big Instagrammers only use 2-3 of these!)
  • Secrets for speeding up the “monetization cycle” so you get paid faster…
  • Automation all-day: why if you’re posting manually every day you’re doing it wrong (and working way too hard!)
  • Finding hidden “pockets” of massive growth that could double or triple your income in a single week!
  • How to “know your numbers” and work them, even if you suck at math and can barely use a calculator…
  • More monetization methods than anyone on earth knows about!
  • InstaWealth Special Ops – how to attack and win using this powerful, covert strategy!
  • Why “building your brand” and making money can happen at the same time, IF you use this process…

PLUS: Millionaire Case Study

  • Do’s and don’ts about posting, from pictures to text and beyond…
  • The best and worst hashtagging practices and strategies to for creating viral growth
  • How to turn your feed into a subliminal sales message that makes people say “yes” or take any action you want them to!
  • Think your niche is too boring or not “visual” enough for Instagram? Think again! Learn how to make ANY passion or market a powerhouse of profit using my techniques…
  • And so much more!

System Details & Description

Finding Opportunities

  • How to search for unique account ideas
  • Leverage your passion, hobbies & knowledge
  • Finding a niche that is untapped, ready for explosive growth
  • Learn the ONLY difference between success & failure

Creating a Powerful Bio

  • Search Engine Optimizing your Bio (SEO)
  • Selecting effective profile photos
  • Creating attractive Bio to attract followers
  • Properly using your Bio URL link

Finding & Creating Engaging Photos & Videos

  • Learn the art & science behind successful photos
  • How to create, watermark and add quotes to photos
  • Where to find high quality unique photos
  • Where to find unique killer content
  • How to easily collect and use the best photos
  • How to properly credit photographers to be rewarded with likes
  • Tips to dominate your niche

Explosive Organic Growth

  • Using influencer photos while giving credits to spur growth
  • Commenting & Liking the right peoples photos
  • Buying shout outs and likes to generate explosive growth
  • Right and wrong hashtags affecting your brand and growth

Account Security

  • How to create hacker-proof accounts
  • How to watermark for branding and safeguard your photos
  • Private Vs. Public accounts

Posting Best Practices

  • Android Vs. iOS differences
  • Selecting and posting your first 9 photos
  • Killer Captions, Usefull Hashtags, Tagging Others
  • When to Post, Consistency, Time Zone strategies
  • Liking other peoples photos

Instagram Posting Automation

  • Learn how to be more efficient & consistent
  • Learn how to schedule your Instagram posts
  • Learn which apps are the safest to use

Writing Effective Captions

  • Learn the best format for captions
  • Create engaging captions to spur comments & growth
  • How to create effective call to actions
  • Best use of emoji’s in captions
  • Using the most effective hashtags

Hashtag & Tagging Others

  • Learn a simple technique to increase engagement by 30%
  • Identify useless spam hashtags not helping you grow
  • The best hashtags you aren’t currently using
  • How to hit the Top Hashtag post feature

Analyzing Instagram Accounts

  • Understand your follower demographics
  • Find top influencers in your niche
  • Analyze & find the best accounts to work with
  • Finding what works for other major accounts

Advertising Strategies

  • When to start advertising
  • How to start advertising
  • Type of advertising
  • Who to start advertising with
  • Creating effective product placement

Monetizing Your Account & Services

  • When To Monetize
  • What To Monetize
  • How To Monetize
  • Finding Advertisers
  • Never lose a deal over price

The Network Effect

  • Building and running multiple accounts with ease
  • Learn how to become a suggested/featured account
  • How to get your photos to the Explore/Discovery Page
  • Learn my secrets 0-14 Million followers in less than 2 years

Buying & Selling Accounts

  • How to analyze the true value of an account for sale
  • How to safely purchase an account
  • Pros & Con’s of Buying/Selling accounts
  • Learn the legalities of Buying/Selling

Buying Shout Outs/Ads

  • Learn how to brute force your organic growth
  • How to negotiate the best price
  • How to communicate with bigger pages
  • How to analyze the value of an account

Top Ways to Stay Motivated

  • Develop a healthy obsession for your success
  • Learn daily disciplines to be successful
  • Take full control of your income
  • Learn to look at the big picture with long term goals.
  • Top tips to stay engaged while having fun

Wolf Millionaire of Instagram By Anthony Carbone, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  1. Chapter 1 Getting Comfortable With Instagram
  2. Chapter 2 Finding Opportunity
  3. Chapter 3 Creating Content
  4. Chapter 4 Posting To Instagram
  5. Chapter 5 Automation
  6. Chapter 6 Growth
  7. Chapter 7 Analytics
  8. Chapter 8 Monetization
  9. Chapter 9 Wolf Millionaire Special Ops
  10. Chapter 10 Protecting your Brand & Copyrighl
  11. Chapter 11 Case Studies
  12. Chapter 12 Supplemental
  13. Welcome
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  15. Tim Wolf Recording 2 mp4
  16. Tim Wolf Recording 3 mp4
  17. Tim Wolf Recording 4 mp4
  18. Tim Wolf Recording 5 mp4
  19. Tim Wolf Recording 6 mp4
  20. Welcome -Get Started.pdf