Vocal Power Speaking with Authority, Clarity, and Conviction by Roger Love

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“Presence, charisma, and star quality lead directly to
your state of mind and the way you inhabit your body.

In Roger Love’s Vocal Power: Speaking with Authority, Clarity, and Conviction, renowned “influence and vocal power expert” Roger Love, will transform both the way that others perceive you and the way that you perceive yourself. With the vast array of insights, techniques, and exercises he provides in this one-of-a-kind program, you will find your voice and overall demeanor transformed with little effort and a great deal of fun!

“Over the years I have worked with more vocal coaches – and tried more vocal techniques – than I care to remember. It wasn’t until I met Roger Love that I gained 100 percent certainty that my voice would perform the way I expect and need it to. With Roger Love, you too have the opportunity to learn from a truly amazing vocal master.”

– Anthony Robbins

In this innovative program, Roger will share techniques he has taught to entertainment, media, and business celebrities alike, actors like Martin Landau, Alicia Silverstone, Esai Morales, Milla Jovovich, Victoria Principal, Christopher Lambert, Sally Kellerman, and Piper Laurie, along with personalities such as best-selling authors John Gray, Suze Orman, and Anthony Robbins, and talk-show hosts like Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Michael Reagan, Bill Handel, and Phil Hendrie.

By listening to this program and practicing Roger’s simple techniques, you will learn:

* How to focus your voice, mind, and body to create the kind of star presence that will magnetize support for your ideas and keep your teams motivated.
* How to master the power of breathing to create a level of communication that possesses authority, clarity, and conviction.
* How to use the tools that will assist you in gaining confidence so that, even as you change the content of your work to pursue your passions, you’ll retain the core ability to mobilize people around your vision – wherever it takes you.
* How to successfully re-direct any negative inner dialogue into positive thoughts.
* How to care for and feed your voice, separating folklore from fact.
* How to finally overcome your fear of speaking in public.
* How to maintain excellent posture, gesture correctly, and make a much more memorable connection with your audience.

Vocal Power will change you from the inside out. Improving your voice enhances the way you feel and the way other people feel about you. As you learn to use your voice, breath, and movement to precisely communicate the clarity, certainty, and emotion that your heart feels, the resulting energy is charisma – confidence personified!”