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Vidsummit 2022 Recordings – Instant Download!

Vidsummit 2022 Recordings

VidSummit is where the world’s top video influencers, marketers, and brands reveal everything they know
about turning videos into sales.


VidSummit is for Video Creators and Influencers, Marketers, Agencies and Brands involved in the Content Creation Process. Get access to the world’s leading experts on audience growth all in one place.
VidSummit is NOT a place where influencers connect with their fans. Instead, VidSummit is where you become an industry insider. Without the fans at the event, influencers share the truth of what they do – the truth they would never share online. In other words, VidSummit is the only event where dozens of the top 1% of influencers show you how to get fans fast, build a brand, and make millions from your content.

The Most Anticipated Event for Video Creators & Marketers…

Get access to the world’s leading experts on audience growth,
brand building and influence gain … all in one room!


We invite the best speakers in digital marketing and
audience growth to share their secrets

VidSummit 2022 – Schedule

Tuesday September 27th
3-9 pm

Event Registration & Check-in

7-10 pm

Kick-Off Party & Networking

Wednesday September 28th

8:00 am

Women in Tech Podcast

The Women in Tech Podcast, hosted by Espree Devora, was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and on Harper’s Bazaar as a top 10 podcast to listen to, as well as landing on the homepage of both Apple and Spotify. She knows the power of audio after producing and publishing over 1,000 podcast episodes and speaking at everything from SXSW to USC, and Red Bull to CBS.

Women In Tech features inspiring women across the world from Engineers, Female Founders, Creators, Investors, UX and UI Designers all sharing their story how they got to where they are today. The purpose of the show is for every listener to walk away feeling like “If She Can Do It, So Can I.”

Marina Mogilko is the creator of YouTube channels Linguamarina and Silicon Valley Girl, with 9M+ YouTube subscribers across her 3 channels. She’s the co-founder of Linguatrip, an American online English learning platform, and she’s the first creator to raise a venture round.

8:00 am

Your Audience Deserves YOU – So Get Real

Growing a captive, engaged, and loyal audience requires you to put yourself out there ready to be judged and validated. Will you fake it until you make it? Hell no! The hard truth is you will not be liked by everyone, but that’s a good thing.

Melanie will break down how to get real with yourself and your audience so you can build more enriched and authentic relationships online. Get fired up to embrace yourself exactly as you are, and go all in to put the full YOU in your brand.

9 am

Welcome To VidSummit 2022 – Derral Eves, MrBeast, & Shonduras

9:10 am

Ryan’s 30-day video series, “Penny Challenge,” gave his channel tons of traction, an influx of viewers, and a multi-million dollar donation to Feeding America.

He traveled from L.A. to North Carolina in 30 days to deliver a penny to MrBeast, with viewers donating to his Feeding America fundraiser along the way. Ryan smashed his fundraising goal, but also raised his subscriber and revenue count as well.

10:10 am

How To HIJACK the YouTube Algorithm

HopeScope went from two-time college dropout to full-time YouTube treasure hunter and entertainer. She is passionate about spreading positivity and igniting self confidence within her 3+ million social media followers.

10:10 am

How To Train An Editor To Match Your Style

Bazerk will talk about the power of having an editor and why you need to let go of editing everything by yourself. The time you spend could be freed up to allow more time for you to do the part of video making that matters: video ideas and pre production. You need more time for these two things because they are what decide if your video goes viral or not.

Stop being scared of losing editing quality that you think only YOU can do. I will show you how to choose and train an editor so that they will edit exactly the way you would do it. I’ll also show you what tools will help you do so most effectively.

10:10 am

PANEL: Make MORE Money … ON and OFF Your Channel

STOP relying solely on the platform (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc) for revenue.

There are many ways to monetize your channel ON the platform… and build a strong business OFF the platform! And live streaming (together with other forms of content) can exponentially increase your revenue.

This rockstar panel (Harris Heller, Coach Glitter, Stephanie Liu & Luria Petrucci) will discuss a variety of methods – some you may not have even heard of yet – and help you decide how you can implement them.

10:50 am

The Secret Editing Formula That You Should Know About

Most creators know how to edit but not many know WHY they should edit. In this lecture, master video editor Hayden Hillier-Smith will reveal a sophisticated but simple “editing formula” that can enhance your storytelling, elevate your videos, and draw emotional responses out of your audience. By the end of this talk, you will no longer think of editing as busywork, but rather as an art form.

10:50 am

Go Long with YouTube Shorts

Sambucha will highlight growth opportunities from using YouTube Shorts and how to best formulate a strategy that can take your channel’s visibility to the next level. He’ll take a dual approach to explaining the intricacies of a video, giving tips on both the micro- (cadence, editing, word choice, etc.) and macro-details (content choice, audience engagement, how to evolve your content, etc.) that everybody should be thinking about when posting a video.

Attendees will walk away from this presentation excited about sharing Short-Form content and confident about implementing new techniques into their video strategy.

10:50 am

Lessons From the Crypto/NFT Implosion

Crypto was supposed to revolutionize the creator economy. But instead, it left a trail of broken promises, rug pulls, and lawsuits. What can creators learn from the implosion of the crypto industry? What worked and what didn’t? Can crypto be saved?

11:35 am

Keynote – Unlock Your Audience to Drive Massive Views & Money

In this session, Derral will show you how to unlock the algorithm so your content is exposed to more viewers – the RIGHT viewers. He’ll show you what data triggers to watch so you can understand and leverage your audience. Then you can finally see massive, sustainable growth in your revenue and in your business.

12:00 pm

Keynote – “MrBeast” Jimmy Donaldson

MrBeast is a YouTuber and businessman who is known as one of the most generous creators on YouTube. Jimmy Donaldson, or “MrBeast” as most know him, has made international headlines for his wildly popular donation videos and crazy philanthropy projects.

MrBeast loves data and uses it to get over 50-60 million views per video release. When he started MrBeast Gaming, it was the fastest channel to reach 10 million and 20 million subscribers.

12:40 pm


1:40 pm

Building Craveable Brands: MrBeast Burger, Feastables, and MrBeast Bar

Beau Oyler is the Design Entrepreneur. As Chief Design Officer of Enlisted Design and Pattern, he works at the intersection of business, data, and design to create next-level product experiences for the world’s most sought-after brands like Allbirds, MrBeast, Stance, and Amazon.

2:00 pm

YouTuber Trivia for $$$ & Prizes

2:30 pm

Keynote – The Stages Of Being A Creator

Wengie shares her story about the various stages she has been through in the 12 years of being in the industry and what she is up to now.

3:10 pm

Grow More By Posting Less (Not Clickbait)

YouTube is no longer a platform that only rewards volume and consistently posting. Paddy will share data on channels that have managed to 10x views by posting FEWER videos.

In busting the volume myth, he will shine a light on the different upload frequencies that can work on YouTube. From evergreen videos to taking breaks, this talk will focus on how to become a sustainable creator and scale your channel with less.

3:10 pm

Becoming The Most Super Chatted Live Streamer On YouTube

“Frustrated with fluctuating Ad Sense revenue on YouTube? Live streaming can far outweigh google AdSense. Tapping into live streaming can double a creator’s income faster than any other strategy.

Emily will show you how SuperChats helped her become a full-time content creator within a month of transitioning her live streams to YouTube. She’ll tell you how to prep and strategize, what tools to use, and the best way to get started with live streaming.

You should be tapping into live streaming to build a full-time creator income so you can have the life and channel you want.

3:10 pm

How to Make $100,000/month from a Small Channel

You don’t need millions of views to make a living on YouTube. In this in-depth masterclass, Thomas Frank shows his entire process and strategy that earns over $100,000/mo from a niche channel with only 70,000 subscribers.

3:50 pm

Capturing (and Retaining) Your Audience’s Attention via TubeBuddy

How can creators in 2022 harness the power of new and existing technology to not only grow, but to also retain your audience’s attention?

Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of TubeBuddy and BEN, will break down TubeBuddy, a simple set of tools for creators and brands to leverage data and technology to grow their audiences to unprecedented heights.

Learn about the bleeding edge of artificial intelligence and advancements in technology on TubeBuddy that are helping creators take their content and audiences to the next level.

3:50 pm

Monetization Masterclass – Increase Your YouTube Income

Increase your earning potential on YouTube by properly diversifying your income, setting up monthly recurring revenue strategies, and monetizing your audience.

Roberto will cover the strategies and tactics that full-time creators use to drastically increase their income and build reliable revenue streams.

3:50 pm

Monetization Beyond Adsense: How to build a brand empire and create multiple streams of income for your business

Janelle is a marketing, product launching, and brand building pro. If you’ve been wanting to move beyond AdSense to create multiple streams of income for your business, Janelle will give you case studies and tell you exactly how to do it yourself, too.

4:30 pm

Create An Unbreakable Foundation For Your Success On YouTube

YouTube is hard and it can be harder if you don’t build a solid foundation for your YouTube channel.

Nick strives to help other content creators thrive through sharing the information, tools and resources to make the journey of growth faster and easier. He’ll show you commonly overlooked best practices that can help you get more views as well as features within

YouTube that can help you gain a better understanding of your channel.

This is best suited for channels from 0-100,000 subscribers but even more established channels can use this core information that can add up to more views, watch time and revenue.

4:30 pm

Mind Hacking: How To Rewire Your Brain For Success

Georgia Dow is a licensed psychotherapist and she’s helped thousands of creators and businesspeople learn more about themselves, and about how to use their own unique talents and skills to take their content and careers to the next level. She’ll teach you how to

identify your anxieties, challenges, and weaknesses and turn them into strengths, goals, and opportunities.

Stop holding yourself back — it’s time to mind hack yourself to success!

4:30 pm

Cracking High CTR: How To Make Better Thumbnails

Daily Recap of Presentations

5:30 pm

Keynote – Airrack

8:00 pm

$20,000 Uno Tournament Brought to you By Divvy

Thursday September 29th

8:15 am

PANEL: How to Become a FULL-TIME Creator with Multiple Revenue Streams

Full-Time Creators are building Multiple Revenue Streams from their content. This includes affiliate marketing, brand deals, sponsorships, memberships, online courses, coaching, paid communities, consulting, high ticket services, digital products, merch, licensing content, and so many others.

In this session, you’ll meet full-time creators and industry experts who will pull back the curtains on their business models, share their different revenue streams, how they’re growing their revenue every single month, and insights into the future of business building for Creators in today’s economy.

You’ll meet Zack Honarvar, Millie Adrian (aka “Modern Millie”), Kevin Crawford (aka “TwoSockz”), Amanda Perelli, and Brandon Washington. This panel will be hosted by Jamie Myers.

8:15 am
Why You Are Your Audience

When you share what you are passionate about to a wide audience AND you are skilled, people will notice. Why? Because you have authority. I share my love of Anime with my audience through the food I make. I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can’t act.

I can cook and I can cosplay. I have authority not only in the food world, but the anime world as well. I watch Anime, I keep up with the seasonal shows, I know the memes, I know what’s coming out, I know what anime of the year is. But I can also make awesome pancakes.

Share what you love and people will follow.

9 am

Derral Eves, MrBeast & Shonduras

9:10 am
Keynote – Zach King

10 am
Danielle Merrihew

How To Blow Up Your Channel Outside The U.S.

Shonduras will show how creators can work with partners to launch their own channels in multiple languages. He’ll provide case studies to show how you can launch merch, apps, and more for your audience

10 am


How To Go From 1,000 Views A Month To 38 Million

Futcrunch is a gaming creator who went from Instagram to TikTok to Twitch to YouTube, and he has established large followings on every platform.

He’ll show you how subtle thumbnail changes took him from 1,000 views a month to 20 Million, and how you can apply the same techniques to your own channel.

10 am

Real YouTube Growth DOESN’T Come From a Shoutout

We all dream of the one-in-a-million moment where we are cast into the limelight overnight. This happened to Zealous via a shoutout from MrBeast himself.

It was one of the most mind-blowing moments of his entire life, and he was JUST BARELY prepared to handle it. Zealous will teach you the lessons he learned so you can avoid making the mistakes and ultimately grow your audience to new heights, regardless of a shoutout or not.

10:40 am

Matthew Beem

Matthew Beem is one of those creators who just “get it.” He went from zero to almost 2 million subscribers on a fast track because he did everything right. He understands that the foundations for building and growing a successful YouTube channel are audience development, analytics, and making good content.

Come listen to Matthew talk about how he paid attention to the basics and worked hard to nail them so he could grow a channel fast.

10:40 am

D.J. Coffman

Top 5 Merch Mistakes Creators Make (and how to fix them)

D.J. from Spreadshop has 20+ years of experience in the merchandise game. He will share data and insights on what really works so you can walk away with a real strategy. Come hear about a creator with under 1,000 subscribers who outsold a creator with 7 million!

Guest host Roberto Blake will hold a lightning round to help as many creators as he can with their own merch strategy.

10:40 am

Tim Schmoyer

No One Cares About Your YouTube SEO

Several years ago, YouTube stopped caring about SEO and started caring about how to satisfy the viewer. They cared about what makes them click, what makes them watch until the end, and what makes them come back to the platform.

Search Engine Optimization is dead – long live Content Engine Optimization!

11:20 am

Keynote – with Matt Wetzel

12:00 pm

Keynote – Dhar Mann

12:40 pm


2:00 pm

YouTuber Games for $$$ & Prizes

2:30 pm

Innovate or Die

In social media everyone is always looking for the best way to gain the biggest following, but they often forget the thing that really matters. Kwebbelkop will show you that their success is not found in one specific idea, but rather in the process of finding these ideas.

The moment you stop innovating, your channel will die. If you innovate, your channel will succeed.

2:30 pm

Senior Director, Product Management at YouTube

Rene Ritchie

YouTube Creator Liaison

YouTube Shorts Monetization & Creator Music — Explained

David Rosenstein, Director of Product Management at YouTube, and Rene Ritchie, YouTube Creator Liaison, answer some of the biggest creator questions about what’s happening next at YouTube.

2:30 pm

Your Creator Business Is Growing … Now What?

The creator economy is currently a $100 billion+ industry and there are 50 million creators, with two million earning enough income from their passions to make a career. This new economy is full of creators like you growing their businesses, but how do you scale and take your business to the next level?

Join industry experts from the investment and partnerships team at Creative Juice to learn how to properly scale your business, receive funding and invest in yourself. Plus, learn how Juice Funds has helped creators like Olympic boxer Tony Jeffries grow his audience by 30% to surpass the 1M subscriber threshold.

Get money in your pocket to start investing in your future. Creative Juice is banking, funding and business tools for creators. (AND we will be announcing a new funding product for the first time at VidSummit.)

3:10 pm

Insider Insights: What I Learned Working Inside YouTube & Instagram for 8 Years

What’s it like to work at Instagram and YouTube? What’s the best way to grow an audience in 2022? And how can you use Artificial Intelligence to improve your content as a YouTuber? In this keynote, Jon Youshaei answers those questions and shares specific tools, techniques, and templates he learned after 8 years working at Instagram and YouTube and now serving as Head Creator Advisor for TubeBuddy and Creator-In-Residence for Origin Protocol.

3:10 pm

When Is It Time To Give Up?

There is ONE thing every successful creator has in common. It’s not an opportunity. It’s not talent. It’s not money or equipment…

They’ve never given up. We will go into depth of practical things you can do to be successful and ACTUALLY reach the dreams you’ve set.

3:10 pm

Panel: The Creator Economy — YouTube and Creator-Built Businesses

YouTube is a hub, but not the entire ecosystem. Many creators are using YouTube as a starting point to build empires, not just channels. Hear from creators who have crafted and launched successful businesses from the success of their videos.

3:50 pm
Why It Took Us 10 Years To Hit 1M Subs

Colin and Samir uploaded their first YouTube video in 2011 and over the past ten years they’ve gone through the ups and downs of a career on YouTube. In this talk Colin and Samir chronicle their experiences over the last ten years of building a community on YouTube and the lessons they’ve learned about where the creator economy is heading.

3:50 pm

Harnessing the Power of Data and Analytics to Create Better Content

In order to rise to the top you need to know the WHY in how your videos are performing. The “gut instinct” we often feel is actually our brains ingesting and analyzing data – what if that gut feeling was scalable and we were actually able to understand what is actually making our content successful?

Becoming an analytic creator is not always a natural thing. Platforms like Tubebuddy provide simplicity in harnessing data and analytics, giving you more time to do what you love, to create!

In this panel moderated by Cameron Partridge, SVP of Influencer at TubeBuddy and BEN, we’ll discuss navigating the worlds of analytics and data as a creator, how A/B testing is a critical component to the content creation process, and hear from creators who embraced who have successfully leveraged the power of data and analytics as a key contributor to their growth and success.

3:50 pm

Deepen Your Vertical and Breakthrough!

Todays creator market is over saturated and it seems like just about everyone is doing the same thing. It’s important now more than ever to find depth in your vertical. Find a way to be fundamentally different, stand out from other creators by defining yourself while creating a brand and leave a lasting impression that will live on. Stephen Sharer will show you ways to be more than just a “one-hit wonder”

4:30 pm

Accelerate YouTube Growth by Influencing Viewer Behavior

Learn a proven strategy using a combination of YouTube features to change the viewer experience and improve Discovery & Recommendation.

This interactive presentation will show how viewer behavior can be consistently and intentionally influenced in a way that accelerates the very traffic signals YouTube uses to put your content in front of the target audience.

4:30 pm

Growing on YouTube in 2022: A Game Plan for Success for Creators & Companies

The opportunity for growth on YouTube in 2022 whether you’re a creator or a brand has never been greater. We’ll discover the opportunity that still exists within the market today, some key monetisation levers that you can lever on YouTube, methods for brands and creators to work closely together, and a glimpse at some of the key ways that YouTube plans to help you excel on the the platform and deliver enhanced revenue growth to take you to the next level.

4:30 pm

How Sponsorships Work
Dave Wiskus manages over 160 creators, publishing around 400 sponsored videos per month. He also designed the campaign for one of the largest (and still-running) influencer campaigns in YouTube history.

Dave will break down how sponsor relationships work, how to increase your rates, how to convince sponsors to share data with you, and how to build for sustainability.

Daily Recap of Presentations

5:15 pm
Keynote – Eyal Baumel

Content Globalization and Localization – Content Globalization and trend watching – how to expand your audience without creating extra content, and how to leverage changing trends, algorithms, and policies.

Eyal Baumel is the president of Yoola, an entertainment company and YouTube network that works with creators and brands to develop, distribute, localize, promote, and monetize content and products.

The Yoola network generates over 10 billion monthly views, has more than 2 billion subscribers, and manages 300 YouTube creators/channels that have more than 1 million subscribers each.

As part of his work at Yoola, Baumel was the manager of Like Nastya, with more than 250 million subscribers and over 150 billion views. Baumel is also an investment scout for NFX, a $450M early-stage venture firm based in San Francisco.

6:00 pm
Closing Remarks: MrBeast, Derral and Shonduras