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Turn Your Email List Into $1mil By Codie Sanchez – Instant Download!

Turn Your Email List Into $1mil By Codie Sanchez

Turn Your Email List Into $1mil
Learn How To Build Wealth, Create Influence, and Impact Others Through A Newsletter & Email List.

What’s Included?
Everything we wish we knew when we originally launched Contrarian Thinking. Our goal is to give you an entire playbook that will get YOU to your 100’s of thousands of subscribers and millions in revenue. PLUS – we will update it based on your feedback and questions.

  • 8 Step by Step Modules
  • 34 Detailed Chapters
  • 15+ Videos & Hours of Tailored Content
  • Interviews from Newsletter Creators of 20k to 100k+
  • Business Models, Financial Models, Tech Stack, Scripts, Templates & Guides
  • Our Internal Memos, Notes on What Worked and Didn’t & Analytics Pages

Just do the damn thing.
This is where you take the leap and build it. I can almost promise you, we can show you how to bring ’em with you.

Email Is KING for PROFIT
If you don’t already have an email list or newsletter, or if you want to 10x yours here’s where to start.

Templates & Guides
You’ll get editable templates and guides from exactly how to hire your team, to how to plan your financial projections and revenue models.

Exclusive Interviews
Our special presentations come from guests who have grown their email list and personal brand, and they breakdown how you can too.

Explosive Growth
You’ll get step by step instructions on how to grow your email list using social platforms, collaborations, and more.

You Might Be Thinking…
I’m not sure if I can do this? Is it worth it to focus on newsletter growth? Why don’t I just go start and do this myself? I’m not a good enough writer.

You Might Be Thinking…
I’m not sure if I can do this? Is it worth it to focus on newsletter growth? Why don’t I just go start and do this myself? I’m not a good enough writer.

Excuses! None of those should stop you.

Anyone with this playbook and dedication can turn their business, their brain and a newsletter into a profitable thriving business.

I never planned on creating this course!

But as I went down the path of growing Contrarian Thinking, many people started taking notice and asked how I was growing and creating satellite businesses. So this is my excuse to be lazy and not keep answering that every 2 seconds :).

The truth is most people wing it on building a list and despair when they don’t grow.

Others try to use ads, buy followers, just do social media, ignore their email list or waste away in Substack obscurity. There’s a better way.

Don’t create, steal.
Like all of my other businesses, I first went to the competition. The Hustle, Morning Brew, Pomp, Sahil Bloom. I followed their blueprints. Then started testing my crazy ideas to figured out what actually works… and sh*t that definitely DOES NOT.

I’m kind of blown away
The team (which was lil ole me for 12 months) kinda crushed it. In 18 months we grew from 10,000 followers across all platforms to over 500,000+ and newsletter list of tens of tens of thousands. The impact we’ve created as been even cooler.

Grow Your Business, Wealth, and Influence
Learn from some of the top minds in the creator space on how to expand your reach and create additional revenue streams with newsletters.

Course curriculum
Buckle Up MFers

Welcome Future Social Media & Email Tycoons

What to Expect? & WTF To Listen to Me?

The 306 Billion $ Opportunity

Why Email?

Learn From the Biggest

The Why Is Bigger Than You Think…


Your First Step

The WHAT and WHY

How to Pick Your Niche?

Still lost on where to start…

The WHO and HOW (+ some newsletter resources)

Before You Start, Read

When It’s Too Hard to Write…

Your Tech Stack

Your Landing Page & Blog

Setting Up Your Newsletter & landing Page

Other Tech Tools That Are Awesome

Increasing Your Open Rate & Welcome Sequence

Da Business Plan

Really Intimidating Business Plan

Goals: Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Traction: EOS 1.0 – Goal Framework

Team & How to Find ‘Em

Special Video Presentation: Steph Smith on Growing With The Right Team & KPIs

Growth Plan

If You Build It, They Won’t Just Come

Your 1st 1,000 Subscriber in 1 Week

Your 1st 10,000 Subscribers: The Step By Step

Leverage Others Audiences

Platform Hack TikTok

Platform Hack Twitter

Platform Hack Instagram

Collaborations An Echo Chamber

Psychology of Newsletters: Get In Their Heads

Buy Then Build: Growing Via Acquisitions

Special Video Presentation: Alex Garcia On Growth Through Loops

Special Presentation: Dan Held, How to Grow Your Own Audience Through Multichannel Presence

In Summary

Make That Paper $

Premium Newsletter

Pre-Launch, Always

You’re Probably Not Charging Enough

Paid Ads, Using $ to Grow

Special Video Presentation: Jack Butcher and a $5mil Online Business

Make Sure You Have A Funnel

Special Video Presentation: Chris Lema On Membership & Subscription Models

Resource 1: Newsletter Profit Model

Resource 2: Expanded Financial Projections

Resource 3: E-Downloads

Summary of Money Plan

Now Start The Next Biz

Trolls, Haters & What Will Happen


Video Bonus – Nathan Barry & Codie Sanchez $1Million Newsletter

Growing A Newsletter For Corporate Marketers – Amplifying Your Email Marketing Efforts with Your Company Newsletter

Go Forth & Do!

Growth Channels
We show you how we’ve used not one single dollar in ad spend, but organic social media to grow on steroids. From 0 to 100’s of thousands.

Turn Your Email List Into $1mil By Codie Sanchez, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 1-What to Expect- & WTF To Listen to Me-
  • 1 The 306 Billion $ Opportunity
  • 2 Your First Step
  • 3 Your Tech Stack
  • 4 Da Business Plan
  • 5 Growth Plan
  • 6 Make That Paper $
  • 7 Now Start The Next Biz
  • #3657 – ‘Turn Your Email List Into $1mil – Contrarian Thinking – 7 Figure Newsletter’ –
  • #3658 – ‘Turn Your Email List Into $1mil – Contrarian Thinking – 7 Figure Newsletter’ –