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Troy Francis – Renegade Dating Blueprint

– Want to improve your dating success?

– Love to meet multiple high-quality girls for relationships or short-term flings?

– Tired of getting turned down for dates or relegated to the ‘friendzone’?

– Jealous of those guys who seem to have all the luck, and swoop up the best-looking girls right in front of your face?

– Recovering from a bad breakup or divorce where you lost the woman who was the love of your life?

– Unsure what to say or how to act in social encounters with women – especially those you find super-attractive?

– Want to finally understand the real dynamics and psychology behind male-female relationships

About Troy

Troy Francis is a writer and coach who helps high-value men achieve success in their dating lives.

Having worked in the field for many years, he is known globally for his penetrating and nuanced understanding of the dating marketplace and the true nature of attraction between women and men.

As a coach he is quickly able to identify your sticking points and provide you with the tools to fix them and to see an immediate uptick in your results whatever goals you have in sex, dating and relationships.

Over the years, Troy has acquired a formidable reputation in the industry, having collaborated with some of its most prominent names including Roosh V (Troy was Chief Game Writer for Return of Kings), Tom Torero, James Tusk, Rollo Tomassi (The Rational Male), Rich Cooper (Entrepreneurs in Cars), Modern Life Dating, Rian Stone and many more.

Although based in London, Troy spends much of the year travelling around the world to other cities including Moscow, St Petersburg, Warsaw, Kiev, Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest and many more, observing and researching the dating scene worldwide while teaching men how to gain self-mastery and interact successfully and authentically with women.

Troy works with a very small number of private clients a year, typically older, professional men, entrepreneurs and those of a high net-worth, who are already successful in other aspects of their lives but who need help in the specific areas of dating, sex and mindset.

He has so far published eleven books, and hundreds of articles, predominantly about dating, relationships and living as a man in the 21st century.

For the first time ever you can get all of them in a single bundle.

Here’s what you get in the bundle:

– How To Be An Assh*le – a tongue-in-cheek look at Machiavellians and dark triad traits and the amazing ways these can improve your dating. 

– Renegade Dating Domination Vol 1 – a collection of articles that will rapidly improve your dating life and understanding of the current dating scene. 

– 50 Shades of Game – a series of THREE books that let you into the secrets of the swinging parties, naughty nightclubs and erotic dance venues. 

– Still In The Game – a book packed with actionable advice on dating for the mature man who’s tired of messing around and just wants results with great women. 

– The 7 Laws of Seduction – my ‘text book’ of the fundamentals of dating. This alone is worth the price of the bundle. It’s an easy, step-by-step guide to help you meet the girls of your dreams. 

– Text Game Mastery – a primer on precisely how to most effectively message the girls you meet on your phone and over social media apps. 

– Approach Her Like Chad – how to embody the spirit of the ‘chad’ / natural guy who approaches beautiful women without a care in the world 

– CUCKED – a 128-page book on the player lifestyle versus monogamy 

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