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The X Fighting System By Russell Stutely – Instant Download!


“The Amazing Story Of The Mysterious And Magical Fighting System They Simply Call ‘X’ – A ‘How To Fight’ System So Powerful It’s Turning Ordinary Men Into Fighting Machines Almost Overnight!”

Open Letter From Ian G – The Publisher

Dear Reader,

I’ve heard some unusual stories in my time, but I reckon this just about takes the biscuit…

It involves a legendary self-protection ‘guru’…a remote Mediterranean island…an ex World-Champion boxer – and possibly the most powerful fighting system we’ve ever laid our eyes on…

And this letter ‘reveals all’ – and tell you how to take
advantage of what we found for yourself…

You have probably already heard of Russell Stutely, he’s a real-world self-defense and martial arts legend here in the UK. He’s now been on the front-page of Martial Arts Illustrated ( Europe’s premier martial arts magazine) on two separate occasions! (I’ve included the covers below – check them out for yourself!).

He has endorsements from everyone who’s anyone in the reality self-defense World (I’ll share some with you just a bit later). And his original ‘Multiplied Force Fighting System’ DVD series not only won an award (at the prestigious SENI show) but rapidly became a best-seller across 19 different countries around the World.

And here’s the interesting thing…

Now, as the largest publisher of self-defense DVDs in the UK, you can imagine my excitement when I heard – on the ‘grapevine’ – that Russell has been working on something entirely NEW…and much more powerful…than anything he’d done before. Word was, he’d developed something that could turn virtually ANYONE – no matter what their level of experience, fitness, or physical ability – into someone who could whip down a street opponent with just a few hours of simple training (no fancy moves, or complex maneuvers required).

I’m talking about the kind of fighting ‘system’ that can turn ordinary Joes into very powerful and feared self-protection whizzes WITHOUT the years of training associated with so many ‘martial arts’. In short, this NEW stuff he’d been working on…in collaboration with an ex-Champion boxer of all people…was something that was on another ‘level’ entirely.

Well this letter to today is all about letting you ‘in’ on Russell latest and most secret material. And let me tell you right up-front that it’s the kind of material that is going to turn YOU into a well-armed self-protections guru almost overnight. It is, I believe, the ultimate ‘lazy man’s’ way to get very good at self-defense, very quickly indeed – and we’ll prove that to you throughout this letter today.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First up, I need to tell you how this all came about – and how this mysterious and magical system they’re simply calling ‘X’ came about…

It all started around 18 months ago…

It all started around 18 months ago, when we heard that Russell had essentially fled the country – after what we thought would be his last-ever DVD Series (called Pressure Points BLACK, devoted to using the best and most powerful pressure points for street situations).

Anyway…all we knew was that Russell had basically left the UK for countries unknown – possibly fearing reprisals after the last DVDs he’d created and released.

Quite frankly, we had minimal contact with Russell for a long period of time…UNTIL – well, that was until we heard from a ‘mole’ of ours in the self-protection World that Russell was somewhere in the Mediterranean…possibly on a remote island somewhere – and that (here’s the important bit) he had been working on something HUGE.

We didn’t know exactly what…

All we did know was that it was something that was simply going to ROCK the World of self-defense to its very inner-most core. Something that was going to say ‘KA-BUNK!’ to anyone who believes you can’t learn super-powerful self-defense skills almost overnight. (You can – as Russell will show you how).

I have to say that we were more than a little intrigued.

But were still at a loss to know where to find Russell – much less get him to hand over even more of his newest material which he’d been working on for the best part of TWO LONG YEARS.

Now, we’re not the kind of guys to be deterred by ‘minor obstacles’.

So…knowing that the only way to ‘uncover’ this new, secret and powerful system that Russell (and someone else – as we found out later) had been working on, was to simply try and track him down for ourselves.

Next stop…the airport – and a flight to the Mediterranean!

And we didn’t stop at just using the air either.

Because our next stop was the BOAT to get to the remote island of GOZO (near Malta) where we believed Russell and his ‘crew’ were ‘hiding out’.

Now, here’s the good news (kind of)…

The good news: we finally found Russell and his crew at their location in the heart of Gozo, away from the prying eyes of the authorities. This elite fighting ‘camp’ was ideally situated where few people were likely to find them…where they’d be safely tucked away from select jurisdictions and other powerful ‘interests’.

But – we were almost disappointed. You see, as we arrived a decidedly large gentleman threw his hands out at us…and tried to block us from entering to see what was going on!

Bluntly, it took plenty of cash – and we had to call on our previous, excellent relationship with Russell – to get a foot in the door.

You missed it…but if you’re interested in acquiring some of the most powerful fighting skills on the planet right now, you need to know exactly what happened at this closed-door secret event – where some of the World’s most and elite and feared fighters had chosen to convene.

You see, for the first time ever, Russell revealed the real secrets of turning yourself from raw rookie to street-fighter with just a few hours of training with his ‘secrets’ – and he revealed it to some of the World’s most ‘elite’ fighters.

Did you notice?

I don’t know about you, but you may have noticed the BIG PROBLEM out there today when trying to learn how to REALLY protect yourself on the streets…

It’s quite simple: there is frankly a chronic lack of real-world, really effective street self-defense information. And it’s only getting worse.

With the rise of the Internet, and many ‘wannabe’ martial artists…the problem of where to acquire and learn REAL secrets of self-defence has now never been greater. Our job is harder today than ever before.

I mean, how does the ‘average Joe’ obtain the most powerful ‘how to fight’ skills available today? And I’m NOT talking about ‘martial arts’ here. Don’t get me wrong….they have their place. To an extent. But they take years to learn, and even then most martial arts and self-defence ‘systems’ aren’t as EFFECTIVE as you’ve probably been led to believe by various vested interests.

Forget that local Karate class…forget the years of learning how to try to kick someone underneath his nose. Doesn’t work on the street. Even the piles of the DVDs (not ours) we see ourselves often aren’t worth the media they’re printed on. And there’s more so than ever in today’s Internet age where anyone can call themselves a ‘guru’ (whereas people like Russell have the real credentials to back himself up).

And that’s the problem…so FEW of the people ‘teaching’ any kind of self-protection today simply don’t have the skill, and real-world experience, to teach you how to REALLY protect yourself on the street. To keep yourself safe. And your loved ones. And to command respect wherever you go.

That’s why Russell Stutely’s materials are so powerful. The skills that these guys have….whether from an ex-World Champ (Herol Graham – more about Herol later), or Russell Stutely himself…well, these skills are most certainly the REAL DEAL.

And it’s why we couldn’t wait to see what they’d come up with this time around – at this underground ‘gathering’ in the middle of nowhere!

Over the course of a few hours or so…Russell revealed to us – in concert with Herol Graham, the legendary boxer – just how his new ‘X’Fighting System works, to give you the power and control to defeat whatever a street baddy throws at you.

But let me back up a little here – and give you a bit more background on WHO else was at this closed-door, remote island event!

Now, a little more background before we go any further here.

You see, I just mentioned the name Herol Graham. You may have heard of Herol. Turns out, he was also at this closed-door event, too – and he was integral to creating and helping Russell with his newest ‘how to fight’ discovery – something they simply call ‘X’.

For many years Herol was a top-flight boxer who won an astonishing 59 out of his 62 professional fights. He appeared at Caesar’s Palace…here’s the guy who one veteran boxing trainer – a guy called Russ Anber (a trainer of four Olympians and an analyst for CBC and TSN’s boxing coverage) – called ‘In many people’s view the most talented British boxer’. Herol is the guy who was the number one contender to Marvin Hagler’s middleweight crown…the guy The Times Online called…

‘In many people’s view the most talented British boxer…’

I told you that this was an ‘elite’ fighters gathering!

Fact is, Herol is a legend in the fight game, on par even with the guru Russell Stutely. Well, it turns out that at this closed-door workshop where Russell was revealing ‘X’, Herol was there too. And for good reason. You see, it turned out that they had been working on ‘X’ TOGETHER.

In effect, you had Europe’s Number One Pressure Point Master working together with one of the World’s most talented boxers. It was an incredible combination. And the kicker: ‘X’ was a collaborative effort. Yes, they had devised and worked on it together…to create the ultimate ‘how to fight’ system from two of the World’s leading self-protection and fighting experts!

Imagine – a system which combines the street-tested pressure points of Europe’s most feared guru, with the World-class boxing secrets of Marvin Haggler’s Number One Contender…fusing, melding and synergizing them into an over-the-top powerful integrated hand-to-hand street-based system.

That’s what this is all about. And it’s why I’m writing to you today…

This is an entirely NEW technology that Russell has been working on for the last two years since the release of his breakthrough Multiplied Force Fighting System.

It is NEW. And it’s extremely powerful.

In case you didn’t know…

Now, in case you didn’t know, Russell’s previous ‘Multiplied Force Fighting System’ – released several years ago now – started the revolution. It was literally an award-winning self-protection system. In fact, check out the picture of Russell receiving an award at the prestigious SENI show – Europe’s largest self-defence and martial arts show, for ‘Instructional DVD Of The Year’ (Russell’s methods aren’t just super-powerful…but he’s also recognized as a great TEACHER as well!)

In fact, just as Russell’s ‘Multiplied Force’ did several years ago (which literally was award-winning)…this new ‘X’ ‘how to fight’ technology which Russell has developed (along with Herol Graham, the legendary and World-class boxer) is the BIG new secret stuff that you simply need to feast your eyeballs on.

The stuff that has the power to simply rock the self-protection World to its absolute core.

It takes any of Russell’s previous work and effectively throws it out of the window ­– building the most powerful street-fighting system you’ve ever seen.

Best part: it can all be learned in a few hours of watching from home! It’s based on something Russell calls Pressure ZONES – something that’s much more powerful than even his BLACK pressure points!

So, how does it all work then?

OK, here’s the gist of it…

In short, as good as pressure points are, Russell realised something. And that’s this: although pressure points are excellent, they are only as good as their user – and since they often need to be precise, they CAN (for some, not all) be difficult to ‘get off’. Especially in a street situation when the crap is hitting the proverbial fan.

That’s why this new Pressure ZONE material is so powerful. It can be used by ANYONE. And by that I mean that even a well-trained chimp could get this material with just a few hours practice.

The results really are immediate – and easy to get!

Instead of hitting precise points (like people try to do with pressure points) – you need only hit certain ‘zones’ on the body. All of which makes it much easier to learn, understand – and then implement on a street ‘baddy’.

All of which means, with ‘X’…

  • You do NOT have to be physically in top shape to make it work for you – starting right now!
  • You do NOT have to be young and fit to be able to action what Russell and Herol will teach you!
  • You do NOT have to have previous martial arts experience (in fact, it’s often an advantage if you don’t have any) – Russell and Herol will show you everything you need to know…within a few hours!
  • You do NOT need plenty of time to practice. Simply watch and ‘soak up’ what Russell and Herol are going to teach you with ‘X’!

In fact, when you sit down and run through this material for yourself, you’ll almost immediately become convinced that…

This NEW technology – ‘X’ – is the ultimate LAZY MAN’S way to become an overnight whizz when it comes to using SUPER-POWERED fighting for the street!

And no…to be quite frank about it, I wouldn’t want to say much more about what’s involved with ‘X’ in an open and public letter like this which anyone can read online. Remember what it took in the first place to actually get anywhere near this new system (a lot – plenty of cash, a lot of travel and a ton of connections). And I’ll tell you how to collar the full details for yourself in full in just a moment in any case.

But first, let me tell you some more of what Russell and Herol covered over the course of the film footage that we took in the heart of GOZO in the Mediterranean

  • Why X requires NO ACCURACY whatsoever to use…and why it now makes traditional ‘pressure point’ training obsolete!
  • THE most powerful and ‘dangerous’ SECRET that Russell has devised for you…and why you must NEVER use it (or use it only if you’re life really is in extreme danger)!
  • How to put a man to sleep using just ONE of these new ‘pressure zones’ that Russell will show you! (Russell demo’d this ‘live’ on ex-boxing champ Herol Graham).
  • The ‘Pressure Zone’ ex-Champ Herol Graham was never able to use in the ring because it was ‘too dangerous’!
  • How there are just SEVEN of these new ‘Pressure Zones’ that you need to learn…and that’s it! This is why anyone can pick up this new fighting technology within hours of viewing this new material!
  • ‘Live’ demonstrations with Herol Graham and Russell Stutely on how the new ‘X’ technology works in free-flowing action!
  • The BIG SECRET of HOW to hit for the street using ‘X’…most martial artists hit the wrong way. Use Herol and Russell’s way and you’ll increase your power manifold with no extra effort!

And plenty more…including Russell’s NEW Zonal Invasion principle – developed with World-class boxer Herol ‘The Bomber’ Graham. It’s basically a simple secret that the layman can use to finish the fight fast using the new ‘pressure zones’ which are part and parcel of ‘X’ (you’ll see exactly what I mean when you see the DVDs for yourself!).

The more I study this stuff, in fact, the more I’m convinced that this NEW technology from Russell makes traditional hard-to-learn pressure point material obsolete…and takes it to a new, easier-to-learn and much more powerful level!

But it wasn’t all good news…

But it wasn’t all good news. See, I don’t think Russell was intending this new material – his very latest breakthrough ‘stuff’ – to go beyond the walls of his hidden training camp in the heart of Gozo (where we found him and his elite ‘crew’). He wanted it to stay with the World’s elite…with the likes of Herol ‘The Bomber’ Graham…with the likes of the ‘The Don’ (aka ‘The Human Beefcake’ – another guy in attendance at this event)…and within the confines of the small island of Gozo.

But we’ve managed it.

We’ve managed to get ALL this material…all the secrets of the mysterious and magical ‘X’…and we’ve brought them home for YOU.

Yes, we’ve managed to bring ALL these new secrets HOME with us – and rip them onto three tightly-edited and ‘everything-you-need-know’ DVDs. These aren’t ‘filler’ DVDs like some you’ll find being made available online. They’re pure content, no filler – just what you need to know RIGHT NOW – to go out, use and defend yourself no matter what…with the most powerful ‘how to fight’ system we’ve ever seen.

With these DVDs in your hands, and watching from your favourite comfy chair, you can watch, learn and go out an implement ‘X’ within a few hours of watching.

This hot, devastating stuff is available nowhere else!

‘X’ is about more than just one martial artist though like a lot of other stuff you see out there today. No, it was about BOTH these guys – both top-flight ‘gurus’ – creating this TOGETHER. See, I don’t believe one single martial artist could have ever put together anything this powerful. It took two hugely powerful self-protection brains to bring this to guys like us.

And the results simply blows away anything else out there…now, past, and, I believe, going into the future.

It is, quite simply, the dogs-whatsits.

And it is ONLY available from this page.

(I feel you should know in advance by the way, that these DVDs are marked ‘X’ – and only ‘X’. We’ve done that for a reason…basically, if they ever got ‘intercepted’, we wouldn’t want people…the average Joe on the street…even our competitors… realising what this new material was, and trying to spread it or even use it without our ‘say so’. Forgive the clandestine approach here, but we feel it’s necessary to keep this new technology under wraps, and to keep it amongst the elite only.)

Available NOW – try ‘X’ for yourself from your
own home…without risking a scrap of your cash!

I appreciate I’ve harped on about ‘X’ in this letter – and you may be wondering how good this really is. Relax. Exhale. You don’t have to take my word for how good ‘X’ really is. See, I want you to try and test it out all for yourself, from the comfort of your home armchair…to see how powerful this material and new secrets really are.

You take NO RISK to try this ‘X’ out for yourself.

Here’s how it works…

Simply click one of the ‘Order Now’ buttons on this website. From there, you’ll be taken to Clickbank where you can order online with your card, or via Paypal under strict security guidelines.

We will guarantee your purchase not for a full 30 days like most people, – but for a full SIXTY DAYS! That’s basically two full months to check out this ‘X’ for yourself…see what you think of it, then go from there.

During that 60 days, try some of the material for yourself. See what you think. Try the techniques…try them out on your buddies if you want (just be careful with these secret techniques). ONLY THEN DECIDE.

If you’re not happy with what you’re received…then it isn’t a problem……we’ll issue you a full and prompt refund. Fair enough?

This way you only really have something to gain by ordering today.

Chances are, in fact, that you’ll look back on today and realize that it was a ‘turning point’ day in your life…a time when these ‘how to fight’ secrets from two of the World’s greatest fighting legends infused and invigorated you with a new kind of steely, streetwise and raw confidence…when this information gave you that ‘look’ that makes other men back down, since they know that YOU have the ‘skills’ that will provide you with immediate backup, should you need to call on them.

In face, chances are that once you’ve watch these DVDs for yourself and taken the information on board…

  • You’ll never have to ‘fear’ looking at someone the ‘wrong way’ again. Because you’ll know exactly how to deal with them and if need be neutralize their threat, almost at will.
  • You’ll experience and feel a profound sense of calm and even relaxation when you walk the streets, even when you come up against a bad guy. Because you’ll know you have the tools to back yourself up.
  • You’ll be ‘the man’ that people look at a little differently – even that people are a bit scared of. Why? Because you’ll know the best secrets for neutralizing threats and keeping people under yourcontrol.
  • And you’ll finally have the skills you want and NEED on today’s street to protect yourself and your loved ones, from whatever comes at you…!

No, we don’t condone violence in any way, shape or form. But sometimes you have no other option – to escape from trouble and to save your own skin. That’s what this is all about, in fact…giving you that power that belongs in the hands of people like us, the ‘good guys’ – and using that to protect ourselves on today’s increasingly violent streets!

It’s all about giving YOURSELF the power – the power to overcome and neutralize whatever threats (physical and otherwise) and thrown at you by any street scum that dares to cross your path, that dares to invade your own personal space. And that’s what Russell Stutely’s and Herol Graham’s ‘X’ System is going to give you.

“Russell puts the reality back into Martial Arts”

– Rich Mooney 8th Degree Kung Fu

“Real self defence, made real easy. Russell is where you should go if you want to learn what your Art really means”

– Malcolm Keith 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

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