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The PBN Blueprint By Mike Johnson – Instant Download!

“New Blueprint Reveals How to Put Page 1 Rankings on Autopilot by Following 8 Simple Steps!”

Are You tired of fighting Google?

Are You ​tired of trying every new Gimmick that comes along with tons of promises only to find out you still have gotten absolutely nowhere?

Are you tired of buying product after product and wasting your hard earned cash on things that just don’t work?

I am sure you are tired of all this and then some.

I know I was.

Just over 3 years ago I decided it was time to start building my own SEO. My own Ranking Machine​. My personal rank building, traffic generating tool I could use for any and all of my sites whenever I wanted.

Back then I didn’t have a name for it. I just did it. I learned what worked and what didn’t.

​I created a system that was just for me.

A Private Blog Network created and systematically managed to do one thing…

Rank my sites on Page #1 and drive massive traffic to my money sites!

Then came Google Penguin…

Nothing happened. Yeah there was some fluctuation in Rankings, but nothing really changed. My sites were all good and I didn’t get penalized by Google!
The PBN Blueprint By Mike Johnson

This was when I realized I had something special. Something so powerful that I could turn on Page #1 Rankings on Autopilot whenever I wanted!

Here in 2015 my system is working even better then before! I can Rank on Page 1 at will with my Network of sites.​

I realized that just like with Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. 🙂

I learned how to be smart about my rankings. How to keep under the radar. How to blend into the crowd and remove any footprint from my sites…

​I realized this system was so much more then what other people were teaching.

I started to get frustrated by all the unbelievable claims and new plugins and other tools which claim to do all of this on autopilot and in just minutes. I started worrying about all the entrepreneurs like me who were getting burned.

New products even started claiming to be able to build a PBN in an hour. Ha! I wish!

I said enough is enough.​

That is why today I am now giving you access to my personal system.

In fact, I can show you how to do everything I do in 8 Simple Steps…​

Introducing the…
The PBN Blueprint By Mike Johnson
8 Simple Steps to Autopilot Page #1 Rankings…

In the PBN Blueprint you will learn the 8 Simple Steps I follow in order to put my Page #1 Rankings on Auto.

In the PBN Blueprint I will show you how to build and manage a network of your own Authority driven sites, where to get that Authority, and how to manage it for the ultimate in Ranking results. Anyone can build a bunch of blogs and point links at their money

sites and that might have worked 10 years ago, but it doesn’t now.

Here I have taken over 3+ Years of running a very successful PBN of my own and put it into a simple, easy to understand Blueprint that anyone can use to build their own Private Blog Network.​

All You Have to do is:

1. Setup Your PBN Matrix
2. Acquire Instant Authority Domains
3. Acquire Buffer Sites
4. Setup ZERO Footprint Registrars & Hosting
5. Setup Your PBN Blogs – Site Config, Plugins, etc.
6. Configure Site Security & Management
7. Configure Post Content Automation
8. Configure Internal & External Linking

​Then Watch Your Rankings Hit Paydirt!!

Higher Rankings = More Traffic
More Traffic = More Sales
More Sales = Insane Profits!

That’s right. With the PBN Blueprint you get to create your own virtual SEO tool which is geared to do one thing…

Make you more money.

Now you will be able to not just put your Page #1 Rankings on Autopilot….you will now be able to put your Profits on Autopilot!

Imagine being able to turn on an extra $1000, $2000, or $5000 per month just by adding a few links to your own Private Blog Network?​

And that is just for Niche sites. If you have a Local Business or sell Physical ​products, you could literally jump the competition in just a few days!

Knock your competitors​ out of the way and have total control of the Authority which powers your site’s success just by using your own Private SEO arsenal.

There is literally NO OTHER TOOL like this which can do more for your business online. Nothing!​

Worried About the Risks? Don’t Believe the Hype!

PBN’s are only a risk to your sites if you make them Public and don’t follow our very simple guidelines. That is what drives me crazy! People keep wanting to make a ton of cash from their successful PBN’s. They want it so much that they get lazy and give access to anyone. Then they automate and give new links to ANYONE willing to pay.

There is one word for this in today’s Google environment: STUPID!​

If someone tries to sell you access to a mass PBN that lets anyone have access to the Network to post their links, there is only one thing you need to do: RUN!​

The only PBN’s Google has deindexed are the ones which advertise themselves to the Public or did not follow the simple, yet powerful RULES you can find here in the PBN Blueprint.

Here are a few RULES you need to follow when building your own PBN:

  • Do Not Use a WordPress Plugin to Manage all Your PBN Site’s – Stupid!
  • Do not use WordPress PBN Plugins which say PBN in the plugin settings – Stupid!
  • Do Not host all of your PBN sites on the same hosting account! – Very Stupid!
  • Do not provide Public Access to your PBN sites – Insanely Stupid!
  • Do not use Affiliate Links or tracking links on your PBN sites – Recipe for Disaster!

8 Simple Steps ANYONE Can Follow!

That’s right! Its not rocket science. Its all very simple. Its just like anything.

Follow the Blueprint and Success will follow.

Take shortcuts and don’t follow the rules and you will get burned!

This is built so anyone can do it.​

I’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is follow the 8 Simple Steps I have outlined here in the PBN Blueprint and you can build and grow the ultimate Ranking Machine for your ​own personal use.

With the PBN Blueprint you get:​

  • Page #1 Rankings on Autopilot – Rank whenever YOU want!
  • Our Domain Acquisition Blueprint for finding Instant Authority Domains!
  • Our Link Optimization Blueprint for successful on site and off site linking!
  • Our Hosting Blueprint for No Footprint hosting and registrations!
  • Our Site Building Blueprint for building Maximum Authority for your sites!
  • Our Content Management Blueprint for building more Authority on-site!
  • How to Grow Your PBN and Manage its Authority!
  • More Traffic to your Money Sites
  • More Sales on Your Money Sites
  • More Profits rolling in each and every month on autopilot.
  • Peace of mind knowing you don’t have to spend anymore cash on stupid SEO gimmicks that don’t work!
  • Full control of your site’s destiny versus relying on paying someone else for it.

The PBN Blueprint By Mike Johnson, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • Getting Started
  • Step 1_ Setup Your PBN Matrix
  • Step 2 Get Instant Authority Domains
  • Step 3 Acquire Buffer Sites
  • Step 4_ Registrars & Hosting
  • Step 5 PBN Site Setup
  • Step 6 Site Security & Management
  • Step 7 Posting Content
  • Step 8 Internal & External Linking
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