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The MissionFX Full Program

The MissionFX Full Program

– You get my start to finish, basics to advanced online forex trading course to help get you profitable.

– Everything you need to know from start to finish is covered in the training videos, whether you are brand new to forex, or an experienced trader broadening your knowledge.

– It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started

  • Welcome to MissionFX (6:25)

  • Focus (21:49)


  • An Introduction to Forex Trading (67:37)

  • Basic Terminology (29:47)

  • How to Use Metatrader 4 (MT4) (22:21)

  • How to Use Tradingview (37:06)

  • What lot size should you use? (6:50)

Risk Management 2.0

  • The Reason You Will Fail If You Do Not Control Risk (38:39)

Technical Analysis

  • The Reason Keeping Things Simple is the Only Way to Go (19:10)

  • Market Structure (38:12)

  • How to Draw Horizontal Support/Resistance Levels (32:36)

  • How to Identify Trends and Draw Trendlines (43:27)

  • Ranges (9:13)

Entering the Market

  • The 3 Components You Need for Every Trade You Take (9:44)

  • Breaks & Retests of Horizontal Levels (18:20)

  • Exactly What to Look For When Price is Retesting a Horizontal/Diagonal Level (19:29)


  • How Far Back do You Scroll on the Charts to Look for Levels? (5:29)

  • How Do You Manage Your Trades After You Place Them? (58:37)

  • How Economic News Events Impact Your Trading (11:55)

  • Keeping a Journal of Your Trades (10:39)

  • Taxes in Trading (9:33)

  • The Blueprint (35:40)


  • Problem Solving (33:40)

  • Priorities and Distractions (22:52)

  • Keeping a Clear Mind with Meditation (26:41)

You’re finished with the program. What now?

  • The Next Steps (26:51)

  • 1-1 Mentorship Guidelines (10:12)

  • Selecting a Broker and Starting a Demo Account (15:55)

  • The Two Month Demo Practice Period (19:08)

  • Access the MFX Discord Students Group Chat

Continuing Education Through the Demo Period

  • Congrats (1:08)

  • A Dynamic Way of Extending Targets and Using Breakeven Stop Losses in Order to Increase Profitability (14:14)


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