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The Love Activation System By Swinggcat – Instant Download!

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

When You Use This Simple Script…

A script etched deep into every girl’s brain.

A script she’s rehearsed millions of times. And a script of exactly how she’ll fall in love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re her type.

It doesn’t matter if you have anything in common with her.

And it doesn’t really matter if you’ve just met her or known her for years.

Tap Into This Script & Within Seven Short Minutes…

… She’ll Fall So Hard For You…

… You’ll Have Complete Control Over Her…

… And You’ll Get To Decide If & When She Sleeps With You…

… And Whether Or Not She Becomes Your Loyal Girlfriend Or Wife.

Pay Close Attention…
Because This Script Holds The Key To Making Girl After Girl Fall In Love With You…

In 2011, droves of women devoured Fifty Shades of Grey.

One in ten blockbusters is a romcom.

And romance novels annually rake in 1.4 billion dollars.

What do romance novels, romcoms, and mommy porn like Fifty Shades of Grey have in common?

They All Follow The Same Sappy Storyline.

A Storyline I Like To Call The “Prince Charming Script.”

Girls never get sick of it. They can’t get enough of it.

They’re literally addicted to the Prince Charming Script.

The more they see it, hear it, & read it…

… The more teary-eyed & turned on they get.

Here’s What The Prince Charming Script Does To Girls…

Every little girl’s bombarded with stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

These stories program the Prince Charming Script deep into her Love Mechanism.

The Love Mechanism is the part of the brain scientists call the “Romantic Hotspot” or the “nucleus accumbens.”

It’s the same part of the brain that makes people addicted to crack cocaine.

And it’s what makes girls obsess over and fall in love with a man. A man who may be you.

It produces dopamine. A chemical that makes us feel good – really good.

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

Once the Prince Charming Script is coded into her Love Mechanism, every time she thinks about it, she gets a nice, mini hit of dopamine.

That’s why every girl you’ve ever met has run through countless ways the Prince Charming Script will play out.

She’s endlessly fantasized about The One.

She’s pictured what he’ll look like.

She’s imagined where she’ll meet him.

She’s thought about the things they’ll share in common.

And she’s planned out the places they’ll travel together.

She’s fantasized again and again about the first thing he’ll say to her.

About the first kiss he’ll give her.

And about the first time he’ll make love to her.

She obsessively wants to see the Prince Charming Script in movies.

Read about it in books.

Each time she does, she gets more dopamine. More good feelings.

Most of all, she wants to experience it firsthand.

She Wants Her Own Personal Prince Charming…

Because that will give her the atom bomb of dopamine hits.


Here’s What Activates Her Love Mechanism…

If you look and act like The One and fit into her Prince Charming Script…

Her face will flush, her heart will beat faster, and her knees will go weak. Confusing thoughts will whirl around inside her. And she’ll want you bad.

But there may still be another man in the picture. Her friends may not approve. Or she may worry that you’re just a player like all the rest.

If you can get past these obstacles and make her act on her feelings for you …

You’ll Activate Her Love Mechanism. She’ll Become Sexually Obsessed And Fall Deeply In Love With You.

The Real Reason Why Most Women Won’t Fall In Love With You…

Most women are very specific about The One.

If you don’t look like him.

If you don’t fit into her Prince Charming Script.

And if you don’t make her act on her feelings…

You won’t activate her Love Mechanism.

And she won’t fall in love with you.

Unless You Use This Secret…

A secret that begins with a yawn.

Someone’s tired, so they yawn. When they yawn, others yawn and feel tired too. It’s called “contagious yawning.” And it’s caused by something spooky inside our brain. The same something that will cause girl after girl to fall in love with you.

During the early ‘90s in Parma, Italy, a group of researchers stumbled onto it by chance.

They wanted to know what parts of the brain are in charge of eating food.

So they put wires into a monkey’s brain. Every time he ate a nut, neurons from the part his brain in charge of eating food would fire. And a small monitor would register a sound: beep, beep… beep.

One day, a hungry researcher ate one of the monkey’s nuts. The monkey started hootin’ and hollerin’ and baring his fangs.

But something else happened. Something strange…

The small monitor was beeping away. The same neurons were firing. And they were causing the monkey to have the experience of eating the nut without actually eating anything.

These Are Called “Mirror Neurons.”

What they do to monkeys is powerful. But what they can do to a woman is downright scary.


If You Can Control Her Mirror Neurons…

…You’ll Control What She Feels, What She Thinks, & What She Does…

The David Geffen School of Medicine spent 20 years studying mirror neurons in humans.

And what they discovered will blow your mind…

Mirror neurons make us feel what others feel. That’s why we feel pain when we see someone cut their finger. Or get excited when a player scores a home run or makes a touchdown.

Mirror neurons can make us angry, horny, and emotional.

They can alter a woman’s thoughts. They can change what she finds sexy in a man. And they can make her do things she’d never normally do.

Best of all…

If You Can Control Her Mirror Neurons…

… You’ll Effortlessly Activate Her Love Mechanism.

A Discovery That Gives You Full Control Over Her Mirror Neurons…

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

My name is Josh Lubens. When I was at Berkeley, mirror neurons were all the rage. I was convinced that mirror neurons had a crucial role in all social interactions. So I pored over the published research.

After college, I authored several dating advice courses under the name Swinggcat. And went on to found the Seduction Community along with a couple of others. You may have read about me in Neil Strauss’ bestselling book The Game.

In 2007, the # 1 seduction authority site ranked me the top pickup artist in the entire world. My skill at getting girls into bed was a big part of why they picked me. But they were even more wowed by the results I got ordinary guys.

Years later, I applied what I knew about mirror neurons to seduction. And I discovered something big. Something that takes control of her mirror neurons. And something that activates her Love Mechanism.

It’s a process I call “Neuro Hijacking.”

If You Can Neuro Hijack Her, You’ll Activate Her Love Mechanism At Will.

Imagine this…

You meet your perfect girl.

Maybe she doesn’t find you attractive. Maybe she thinks you’re a creep. And maybe she even laughs at you behind your back.

But you don’t get nervous. You don’t feel rejected.

Instead, you stay cool and laugh it off…

Because you have full confidence that within a few short minutes…

You’ll completely neuro hijack her brain. Her Love Mechanism will activate. And she’ll get sexually obsessed and fall deeply in love with you.

Neuro Hijack Any Girl With These Three Steps & You’ll Activate Her Love Mechanism…

Step One: Use the Mind Melder

The Mind Melder syncs your mirror neurons up with hers…

… And makes her see you as engaging, interesting, and easy to talk to.

You’ll both get caught up in the moment and lost in conversation.

And something else will happen. Something almost spooky…

When your mirror neurons are in sync with hers, your brains will meld into a single brain.

You’ll keep thinking the same thoughts. And saying the same things at the same time. A clear sign, you’re ready to take full control of her mirror neurons.

Two: Use The Brain Controller

The Brain Controller conditions her neurons to do what you say.

The more you condition her mirror neurons, the more you’ll control what she thinks and feels.

Step Three: Use The Passion Coder

The Passion Coder reprograms everything inside her Love Mechanism.

It rewrites her Prince Charming Script to match exactly how she met and got to know you.

It reworks what she looks for and finds sexy in a man. A special man. A man she knows with certainty is The One. A man who’s, well, exactly like you.

And it rewires her brain to act right now, this very second, on her feelings for you.

Use These Three Steps & Watch Her Love Mechanism Go Berserk. Watch Her Fall Deeper & Deeper In Love With You.

Here’s How To Master These Three Steps…
… So You Can Activate Any Girl’s Love Mechanism…

I’ve used these three steps to Neuro Hijack not one or two girls.

Nor 20 or 30. Nor 50 or 60. But hundreds of hot girls.

The pattern’s predictable. I do the three steps and their Love Mechanism goes off like an Atom bomb.

The deeper they fall in love with me, the more willing they are to fulfill my desires on my terms.

And I’m not the only one experiencing this type of success…

These three steps are helping tens of thousands of men activate the Love Mechanism of the women they want.

Regular guys are using these steps to make high quality gorgeous girls fall in love with them, so they have the power.

The power to decide if a hottie stays a fuck-buddy or gets promoted to a girlfriend or wife.


And There’s Good News…

I’ve turned these three steps into a program

A program called “The Love Activation System.”

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

Inside, I walk you through each step, so you can naturally and effortlessly make women obsess over and fall in love with you.

With just a little bit of practice you’ll find it easier and easier to activate the Love Mechanism in the women you desire.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside…

The Mind Melder

When You Use The Mind Melder On A Girl…

… Conversation Flows Naturally…

… She Loses Track Of Time… She Loses Herself To The Moment…

… & You Become The Center Of Her World.

Have you ever thought the same thought or said the same thing at the same time as someone?

It’s caused by something we all naturally do. A process scientists call “Brain-to-Brain Synchrony.”

Without it, we’d never make friends, get along with others, or attract mates.

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat
Girls are usually better at it than men. They do it with each other all the time.

Most people can’t control whom they do it with.

It almost magically happens.

And leads them to think: some people I get along with and others I don’t.

The Mind Melder takes the magic out of the process, makes Brain-to-Brain Synchrony easy, and gives you the power to click with the women you want.

The Mind Melder Has Three Parts
Part One: Spins The Web

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

The spider spins its web with lots of threads. Sticky threads. Threads that entrap its prey.

All interactions. All conversations. Are made up of threads.

Some are dead ends. Boring topics that create conversational lulls. Or subjects that make people walk away.

But some threads are so sticky, girls can’t resist them. Can’t get enough of them. And can’t walk away from them.

Spin these sticky threads into a web and she’ll ignore her phone, brush off her friends, and forget about her plans. Everything else will take a backseat to interacting with you.

4 Sticky Threads To Spin Your Web


Just like a tasty piece of bait grabs the attention of a fish, these lures make you the most important thing to her right now.

Use one of these lures and she’ll stop what she’s doing and put all her attention on you.


Never Ending Stories

Just like a story that never ends, these threads never get old. What to do if you lose her interest or attention? Or another guy takes her attention away from you?

Bring up a Never Ending Story and she’ll light up like a pinball machine. And all her attention will be back on you.



These threads put psychological pressure on her to stay and keep talking with you.

She may be busy and need to do other things.

But when you use a hook, she’ll stay with you for a reason she doesn’t understand.


Chick Crack

These threads make girls addicted to getting your validation.

She may need to get to work, get to a date, or get home to cook dinner for her husband. Her phone may keep ringing.

But when you use chick crack, she’ll blow off her plans and ignore her phone. All she’ll care about is that next hit of validation from you.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • The Social Obligation Hook makes even the bitchiest girl think, “It would be rude not to stop and talk with this guy.
  • The Shinny Object Lure makes hot girls approach you even if you don’t do or say anything.
  • Use any 3 of these investment hooks and she’ll put in lots of effort. (The more effort she invests, the deeper she’s hooked into the conversation.)
  • Sometimes girls bore themselves out of talking to you. (Use these 3 steps and you’ll instantly lure her back and hook her in.)
  • Fire this compliment hook at a girl and she’ll stay with you all night and won’t know why.
  • Ever go blank or feel tongue-tied? Use the Reciprocal Lure and the perfect thing to grab her attention will instantly pop into your head.
  • 4 types of Chick Crack that turn her into a junky for your approval. (Remember: The more she needs her validation fix, the harder it is for her to leave you.)

Part Two: Gets You Inside Her Head

To get inside her head and decode her neurons…

You don’t need to know what types of guys she dates.

You don’t need to know what she does for work or fun.

And you don’t even need to know anything about her values or beliefs.

It’s much much easier…

Just Use One Of These Three Decoders & You’ll Know Exactly What She’s Thinking & Feeling…

The Golden Ear

Every girl has trigger words. Each one is tied to powerful emotions. Ones that make her happy and horny and think about love.

Each time she says the word, a whole constellation of neurons light up. One that makes her feel the emotion.

If you can identify her triggers words, you’ll know the exact emotion she’s having.

Golden Ears make it easy to identify these words.


KGB Profilers

The KGB can profile someone from across the room.

Just a slight glance at their body language and facial expressions tells them everything they need to know.

When you use a KGB Profiler, you’ll instantly decode her neurons.

You’ll know what she’s thinking and feeling at each moment.


Trance Identifiers

Trance Identifiers are one of the most powerful ways to decode her neurons.

Actors use them to become another person.

Shrinks use them to change a person.

And you can use them to see and feel things from her perspective.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Try this Trance Identifier and you’ll know more about her than her best friend.
  • A Golden Ear that spots her trigger words for orgasm.
  • Use this KGB Profiler and you’ll know when she’s turned on.
  • Try this Trance Identifier and you’ll hear the voice inside her head.
  • A Golden Ear that uncovers her trigger words for being in love.
  • A KGB Profiler that tells you exactly when she’s down to do the dirty.

Part Three: Syncs Your Brain With Hers

You’ll keep thinking the same thoughts and saying the same things at the same time.

All of her defenses will go away.

And she’ll feel completely at ease in your presence.

All because your brains have melded into one, single brain…

When You These Three Neuro Syncers…

Brain Mimes

Brain Mimes feed back her trigger words and expressions in a way that mimes or mimics the behavior of her neurons.

Couple a Brain Mime with a Trance Identifier and her brain will instantly sync with yours.


Soul Gazers

When you use a Soul Gazer, the moment your eyes lock, your brains will sync.

You will keep thinking the same thoughts and saying the same things.


Etheric Cords

When you create an Etheric Cord with her, your brains will merge together.

The bigger and brighter the cord gets, the deeper and more intense she’ll feel the bond.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Use any 3 of these Soul Gazers and she’ll feel like you’re looking directly into her soul.
  • A Brain Mime that makes you and her have the exact same emotion at the same time.
  • Use this Etheric Cord and she’ll get more and more turned on and won’t know why.
  • A Soul Gazer that makes even the coldest women feel closer to you than their closest friends.
  • Use this Brain Mime on her and you’ll both keep saying the same thing at the same time.
  • An Etheric Cord that bonds her strongest emotions to you.

Here’s What The Mind Melder Did For These Guys…

Spin The Web & They’ll Beg To Stay…
I’m not a bad looking guy. But I’m more on the quiet side and would always run out of things to say and my conversation
with females would get really awkward.

Your stuff on spinning the web changed everything for me. When I stop girls on the street, they usually say they need to go. But then I’ll spin my web and say, ‘Up. Gotta go.’ And they’ll beg, ‘No wait. Just five more minutes.’

Last week, I met a red head with big old titties and I kept spinning my web until she ended up back at my place. Your stuff makes everything so fun and easy.”

Kyle from Hawaii

With This Stuff, Looks Don’t Matter…
“I’ve lived in many cultures and speak several languages. So I pride myself on being good with others. When a woman didn’t want to talk to me I’d always think, either I’m not her type or something’s mentally wrong with her.

Boy was I wrong. For me, the missing piece was the mind melder. Now it doesn’t matter what they think of me at first or if they’re having a bad day. After a few minutes they’re completely putty in my hands.

Not to mention, this system has made me a lot more money with clients. Brilliant.”

Jake living in Thailand

This Eliminates Your Competition…
“All because of The Mind Melder most dudes (including my friends) are pissed at me and I’ve been loving it.

Soon after meeting a girl, we’re so in sync we’re blurting out the same thoughts at exactly the same time.

When another guy tries to come into the conversation (such as my friend did last night), he gets completely ignored. The woman’s attention is solely focused on me. It’s as if he doesn’t exist.

Powerful, my man.”

Richard from Los Olivos, CA

The Brain Controller…

… When You Use The Brain Controller.

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

The Brain Controller conditions her mirror neurons to do what you say. The more you condition them, the more you’ll control her thoughts and emotions.

The The Brain Controller Has Three Parts
Part One Changes Her State

Once you’ve used the Mind Melder on a girl, her neurons will naturally follow your lead and mirror yours. This makes it easy to change her state. Easy to make her think and feel what you suggest.

Use Any One Of These Three Ways To Change Her State

The Neuro Shift

Neuro Shift her and you’ll make her feel what you feel. Get excited. Happy. Horny. Emotional. Whatever.

Her neurons will mirror yours. And she’ll shift into the same state.


The Neuro Reframe

Neuro Reframe her and you’ll change her thoughts and make her think about and see things in a new way.

A way she’s never thought about or seen before.


The Neuro String

What happens when you dangle a piece of string in front of a cat? It chases after it.

When you Neuro String a girl, the same thing happens. She chases you harder and harder.

The harder she chases, the more she loses control of her emotions.

And the easier it gets to make her think and feel exactly what you want her to.


Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • A sneaky neuro shift that controls her sexual arousal. (The more you can control her horniness, the more you’ll control if and when she sleeps with you.)
  • A neuro string that compels good girls to prove to you that they’re sluts.
  • An artist turned people into Marxists with this neuro reframe. (Inside you’ll learn how to use it to turn her thoughts into the ones you want her to have.)
  • A storytelling trick that makes girls laugh uncontrollably and then breaks their little hearts. (With each new emotion you neuro shift them into, you’ll gain more control over their brain.)
  • Try one of these 4 neuro reframes and she’ll think about something in a new light – one that serves your interests.
  • 3 easy steps Hollywood actors use to neuro shift their audience and make them feel their emotions.
  • Use this neuro reframe on a girl and you’ll make her think about sex with you.
  • Martin Luther King controlled whole crowds using this neuro shift secret. (Use it, and you’ll control what she feels and when she feels it.)
  • Neuro String any girl with these 4 words. (Use them and she’ll get all worked up and flustered. And you’ll have complete control over what she feels.


Step Two: Strengthens The Pathway

Every time you make her feel a specific emotion or think a certain thought, you’re strengthening the neural pathway.

The stronger the neural pathway gets, the easier it is to make her think the thought or feel the emotion.

She’ll think a thought or have an emotion again and again and her pathway will get stronger and stronger…

When You Use One Of These Three Techniques

Mental Ferris Wheels

They make a thought or emotion go ’round and around inside her mind.

Each time it goes around, she thinks the thought or feels the emotion again.



Subtle signs that you may be interested. Small clues that jog her memory of something exciting you shared together. Little hints of a special place you’re going to take her.

They make her fill in the details on her own, wonder if she’s reading into things, and hope for the best.

The harder she works, the more she thinks about you and the stronger the neural pathway gets.


Disneyland Dads

It makes her think something fun, wild, or even a little naughty is about to happen.

When it doesn’t, she dwells on it, desires it, and pines for it again and again.

The more she does, the stronger the neural pathway gets.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • 3 Romeo & Juliets – These Dinsneyland Dads get her super excited about a date with you and then crush her little heart with a silly reason why it can never happen.
  • Use this breadcrumb over a text and all the excitement she felt when she first met you will rush through her again and again.
  • If you make her laugh, use one of these 3 Mental Ferris Wheels and she’ll laugh twice as hard. Each time she does, strengthens the neural pathway.
  • Drop this breadcrumb and you’ll torture her silly. (She’ll wonder if you’ll ask her out and worry that you don’t like her.)
  • Give her this nickname and you’ll control what she thinks, what she feels, and what she does.
  • A Mental Ferris Wheel that makes her think the same thought and feel the same emotion again and again.

Part Three: Anchor The State

You can anchor her state to anything. A word. A sound. A smile. Or even a touch.

Once you’ve anchored her state, every time she hears the word or sound.

Every time she sees you smile.

Or every time she feels your touch…

… You’ll trigger the state. You’ll make her have the thought or emotion again.

Three Easy Ways To Anchor Her State…


Pavlov’s Touch

It anchors her desires to your touch.

She won’t drool like Pavlov’s dog.

But she will get more and more turned on each time you touch her.


The Condiment Anchor

It anchors her thoughts, emotions, and desires to objects like condiments.

Imagine tying her sense of desire to a coffee cup. Each time she looks at the cup, she gets turned on.


The Zip Anchor

It gives you full control over her feelings and emotions.

Imagine, each time you move a coffee cup closer to her, you increase her arousal and each time you move it away, you decrease it.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Use any three of these Pavlov’s touches and you can fondle her in more and more intrusive places without resistance (because each one makes her feel safe and horny at the same time).
  • Four simple steps that link her deepest emotions to your phone. (If you look at or touch your phone, she’ll instantly have the emotions.)
  • Use these sliding body anchors and she’ll go deep into the emotional state of your choice when you rub her back, touch her chest, or pull her hair.
  • Anchor all her horniness to a coffee cup and each time you touch it, “She’ll blush and say, “Stop it. You’re making me bad.”
  • Turn her coffee cup into a zip anchor and you’ll control just how horny she gets.
  • Use this Pavlov’s touch and you’ll exploit her past conditioning and gain full control over her emotions.
  • A zip anchor that makes her addicted to you touching her.
  • How to turn yourself into an anchor. (Use this and you’ll condition her to feel good when she’s around you and sad and lonely when she’s not. Use with caution.)

Here’s What The Brain Controller Did For These Guys…

Your Course Saved My Marriage…
It all seemed fine except my wife wouldn’t sleep me for two years.

Then I did something I’d regret and looked at her phone. What I read put chills down my spine. It was a text to a friend about how she wanted a divorce but didn’t know how to tell me.

Your course made us fall in love all over again. But in a way I have so much more control over.

Anytime she’s not in the mood or we’re having a fight I simply rub the anchor on her shoulder and use her trigger word for horny and we’re going at it like jackrabbits.

Looking forward to using this stuff to get her to do some crazy stuff with me.

Lenny from Exeter, NH

My Voice Made Her Wet On Command…
“During COVID, I met a gorgeous Cuban girl online. We chatted for a while over IM. That’s where I used your bread crumbing technique to get her on the phone.

That’s where I neural conditioned her. I got her talking about orgasms and anchored those feelings to the sound of my voice.

We finally met up at a restaurant. Every time I said, ‘mmm,’ she blushed and said, ‘Stop it. You’re making me wet.’ Of course, I kept doing it.

Finally she said, ‘I can’t take it anymore.’ So I took her to the bathroom and did her from behind.

Adon from Denver, CO

This Cup Controlled Her Emotions…
“Grabbed coffee with a sick blonde. Dead ringer for Taylor Swift.

I kept asking her questions about times she felt completely loved and other times she felt completely alone. All the while I was anchoring her heart to my coffee cup.

Eventually, every time I moved the coffee cup away from her she felt empty and alone.

But when I moved it closer, she felt super happy and loved.

Finally, I threw the cup in the trash. Her eyes teared up and she demanded that I hug her. She wouldn’t let go. It was bananas.

Jeff from San Francisco, CA


The Passion Coder…

You’ll Activate Her Love Mechanism & She’ll Fall Deeply In Love With You…

… When You Use The Passion Coder.

Now it’s time to use the Passion Coder. It completely rewrites her Prince Charming Script, makes her see you as The One, and compels her to act on her feelings for you.

When she does, her breathing will deepen, her heart will beat faster, and her Love Mechanism will kick into high gear.

Uncontrollable emotions will pump through her body and make her sexually obsessed and fall deeply in love with you.

The Passion Coder Has Three Parts…

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

Part One: Rewrites Her Prince Charming Script

Where she’ll meet him. What they’ll share in common. When he’ll kiss her. And how they’ll fall in love. All of this is coded into every girl’s Love Mechanism.

There’s an easy and powerful way you can rewrite her Prince Charming Script to suit your needs.
It’s called “Neuro Suggestions.” And it caused one of the biggest scandals during the 80s.

“Experts” claimed the McMartin preschool had molested kids and forced them into Satanic rituals.

The only problem: None of it was true.

When they questioned the kids, they unknowingly used Neural Suggestions. Ones that planted memories that never happened.
You can use these same Neuro Suggestions to rewrite her Prince Charming Script.

You can use them to make her Prince Charming Script match exactly how she meets and gets to know you.

Do this and she’ll think everything you do, everything that happens, is even more evidence that she’s meant to be with you.

Five Types Of Neuro Suggestions That Rewrite Her Prince Charming Script…

Fantasy Implanters

They program your sexual fantasies deep inside her Love Mechanism.

Use a fantasy implanter & each one of your sexual fantasies will become her sexual fantasies.


Time Distorters

They distort her romantic and sexual timeline to suit your needs.

Does she want to get to know her Prince Charming over the next couple of weeks, months, or even years?

Time distorters shrink that timeline, so she gets caught up in the moment and sleeps with you right away.


Common Interest Generators

They make her think all of your hobbies, all of the things you like to do, are things she likes to do.

Use one and she’ll backwards rationalize that she’s always wanted to meet a guy with your exact interests.


Set Changers

They change the time, place, and way she meets her Prince Charming to the time, place, and way she met you.


Hungry Eyes

They crank up her desire to meet The One right now this very moment.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Use any three of these cognitive primers and she’ll think each thing you say and do fits into her Prince Charming Script.
  • A time distorter that makes her worry that if she doesn’t sleep with her Prince Charming right now, she’ll lose him forever.
  • The Minimal Group Paradigm turns each thing you share in common with her into something that makes her like you more and others less.
  • All girls are suckers for serendipity. (Inside you’ll learn how to use serendipity to give her Prince Charming Script a radical facelift.)
  • When you cater your neuro suggestions to her, she can’t deny them. (Inside you’ll learn how to cater each one to her personality and age.)
  • Shadowing – a fantasy implanter that gets rid of the prude and brings out the slut in her.


Step Two: Makes Her See You As The One

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

Cult leaders wield an almost supernatural power over their loyal followers. At the behest of their leader, members cheat on their husbands, offer up their wives, and end their own lives.

Cult leaders don’t exude a magical aura. They don’t possess a mysterious charismatic quality. But it sure seems that way.

Instead, they use a storytelling structure that taps into emotional hardwiring.

Hardwiring all humans have.

Hardwiring that compels their members to see them as their hero, their God, their source of meaning, and their reason for living.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell was the first to decode this structure.

Since then, every Hollywood writer uses it to entrance audiences and make millions off their screenplays.

I’ve reduced this structure to a few plug-and-play steps. And I call it “Hero Framing.”

The more you use it on a girl, the more she’ll see you as her hero.

And here’s the spooky thing…

When you get a girl to see you as her hero, you recode her Love Mechanism.

You reprogram it, so she thinks she’s always wanted to meet a man. A special man. A man, well, exactly like you.

Four Hero Frames That Make Her See You As The “One.”

Us V. Them Makes Her Wonder If You’re The Only Person Who Gets Her

Deep down many women worry that no one truly understands them. Not their past lovers, boyfriends, husbands, parents or best friends.

Use the Us v. Them and she’ll wonder if she’s finally met that person who gets her on that deeper more important level.


The Locket & The Key Makes Her See You As Her One And Only

Use it and she’ll see her heart as a locket.

She’ll see all the men throughout her life as different keys.

And she’ll see you as the only key that fits inside her locket.


Destiny Seeding Makes Her Think She Was Always Meant To Be With Only You

Destiny. The universe and its mysterious ways. It’s written into every Prince Charming Script.

When you use destiny seeding, she’ll think a higher power brought you guys together for a reason.


Carpe Diem Make Her Feel She Needs To Be With You Right Now

It programs her to seize the day with you.

Follow this up with the third and final step and she’ll sleep with you tonight.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • How to create the “inner struggle.” (It’s something everyone relates to and will force her to identify with and see you as her hero).
  • Three simple secrets that turn any boring story into a Hero Frame. (One that makes girl after girl see you as her Prince Charming.)
  • The Wrong Fork in the Road makes her second guess life choices like her current relationship. (Warning: Use only if you really like a girl.)
  • An Us v. Them that makes her think she shares things in common with you she shares with no one else.
  • Put any fact, detail, or experience about your life into this template and she’ll think you’re the most interesting man she’s ever met.
  • Use the Ball & Chain and she’ll think all the advice from friends and family hold her back. (Use it if you sense they don’t like you.)
  • When she asks your name, answer with this and she’ll remember it forever.
  • The “Love vs Duty” frame reprograms the Love Mechanism of married and taken women to see you as The One. (Use at your own discretion.)


Step Three: Programs Her To Take Immediate Action

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

You may fit perfectly into her Prince Charming Script. She may see you as The One.

But unless she takes action, she won’t see the feelings as real and you won’t activate her Love Mechanism.

Eventually, she’ll reduce you to a whim, a fleeting memory, or even worse, a bad idea.

If she’s married, her friends don’t like you, or she thinks you’re a player, getting her to take action can seem downright impossible…

Unless you do this…

What do lords and knights in 12th century England, zombies in the apocalypse, and elves in Middle-earth have in common?

LARPing or Live, Action, Role-Playing.

LARPers act out imaginary characters in an imaginary place with an imaginary plot.

LARPING creates a special space. A space where people can suspend reality and act out their fantasies.

When you LARP a girl, you create a special space. A space that makes it easy to program into her an uncontainable urge. An urge to act right now, this very second, on her feelings.

When you put her in this place, she won’t worry or care what other people think.

She’ll feel safe and comfortable. All her sexual resistance will melt away.

She’ll completely surrender to that uncontrollable urge. Give in. And act on her feelings for you.

Five LARPS That Program Her To Take Action

My Secret Garden

You’ve already used fantasy implanters to make your fantasies her fantasies.

My Secret Garden creates a dying need to act out these sexual fantasies with you right now.


The Faceless Stranger

It melds make-believe fantasies with reality.

Joking around seamlessly turns into sex.

It gets her to imagine her ideal lover touching her, kissing her, and seducing her into bed.

And melds that fantasy with you actually touching her, kissing her, and seducing her into bed.


Hate At First Sight

A popular romcom theme are two people who hate each other at first but then fall in love. Girls can’t enough of it.

Hate At First Sight plays off of this and is hands down one of the fastest way to kiss a girl. Kissing will turn to sex shortly after.


Destiny Convergence

You guys come from different worlds. You have very different jobs.

Destiny Convergence gets her to imagine and act out scenario where your jobs and worlds complement each other. Where your destinies converge.

And sparks an immediate, passionate romance.


Sexual Soulmates

She’s already connected the dots and thinks you guys are soulmates.

Sexual Soulmates gets her to start acting like it.

And allows you to be more and more sexually intrusive without resistance.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside…

  • Tertiary deception blurs the line between fantasy and reality. (Use it and she won’t be able to tell the difference between acting out an imaginary LARP and actually having sex with you.)
  • Three ways to break the fourth wall. (When you break the forth wall the LARP splills over into reality – feelings get real and joking around turns into sex.)
  • Ask her this one question and she’ll feel an uncontrollable urge. An urge to live out each of these fantasies with you right now.
  • Kayfabe is when professional wrestlers act out events as if they were real. The number one rule: Never break Kayfabe. (Use this on a girl and she’ll play along and suspend reality no matter how far you push the envolope.)
  • Bonus LARP eliminates your competition and turns your interaction with her sexual.
  • Another bonus LARP creates a need in her. A need to fulfill each of your sexual desires. (Each time she fulfills one, she feels more turned on and emotionally attached to you.)


Here’s What The Passion Coder Did For These Guys…

Neural Suggestions Are Pure Voodoo
“I chatted up a girl in line at the cleaners and got her number.

A few weeks later, we met up for coffee.

We ended up making out. Not bad.

But I left out one detail. During our date I dropped several neural suggestions not really thinking it would have any affect.

Next morning she texted me:

‘This is really strange and I don’t want to scare you. But I always imagined I’d meet the love of my life in line. Our first date would be coffee. He’d smile at me just like you do. And then kiss me the way you did. I think it’s weird too and hope I didn’t scare you off.’

Can’t wait to see where this goes.”

Sean from New York, NY

This Got Me Out Of Friend Zone…
“I’ve been in love with her since she started working at my agency.

She’s a much hotter version of Betty Page. Because we’re both illustrators and obsessed with Rockabilly, we became instant friends.

Unfortunately, she never felt any ‘sparks’ for me and friend-zoned me years ago. Over the last couple weeks that’s changed. I started using hero framing on her. I did some destiny seeding and used the love vs duty frame. And nothing seemed to change. But then she called me and told me I needed to meet up with her ASAP.

We met up and she said that she recently started thinking that there was something unresolved between us. Something she wanted to explore. A few days after, we went out for a few drinks. One thing led to the next and she woke up in my bed the next morning naked.”

James Lincoln, NB

He Got A BJ From A Married Woman…
“I’ve seen my share of porn and know my boobs. Point blank, my coworker has one of the best racks on the planet. Although she had feelings for me, at the
time she was married and very loyal to her husband. I’m no homewrecker but he was seriously f*cked up. He’d hit her and she’d come into work with noticeable bruises. From your course, I knew that if I didn’t get her to take action, her feelings for me wouldn’t be real.

So I used two of the LARPS from the course. First, My Secret Garden. Then as I was doing the Faceless Stranger, I started kissing her neck and running my hands up her back and on the sides of those huge, beautiful breasts. She put her hand I’m throbbing crotch, undid my pants, and gave me the most incredible bj of my life.”

Mark from Minnetonka, MN

This Course May Not Be For You If…

  • You don’t believe guys like you can attract hot women.
  • You hate females. (In the wrong hands this course will psychologically cripple a woman.)
  • You aren’t willing to put in a tiny bit of pain that leads huge gains – gains in how girls respond to you. And gains that make women obsessed and fall in love with you.
  • You have so many beautiful girls throwing themselves at you that you don’t have time for anymore.
  • You have a hot, loyal girlfriend or wife who’s sexually obsessed with you and you’re completely satisfied.

This Course May Be For You If…

  • You want the power to activate the Love Mechanism in any female you meet, so can decide if she becomes your F-buddy, girlfriend, or wife.
  • You want to get a specific girl to fall in love and become sexually obsessed with you.
  • You want your girlfriend or wife to fall in love with you all over again.
  • You’re ready for big big changes in your life.

Here’s What Makes The Love Activation System Different From Other Courses…

The Love Activation System Is The Only Course That Rewrites Her Prince Charming Script & Makes Her See You As The One She’s Always Wanted…

Some courses teach you how to turn into the man girls want.

Some courses teach you how to highlight the parts of you that match the man girls want.

And some courses teach you to target the girls who see you as the man they want.

The Love Activation System makes life much much easier. You don’t need to be the type of guy she wants. You don’t need to pretend to be him. And you don’t need to become him. In fact, you don’t need to change anything about yourself.

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

It’s The Only Course That Turns Her Romantic Fantasies Into Your Sexual Desires…

Many guys think, if they could figure out her romantic fantasies, they’d know how to please her and make her want them badly.

That’s why many books and courses promise to answer the question: What do women really want?

The Love Activation System bypasses the question all together.

Instead, it uses neural suggestions to turn her romantic fantasies into your sexual desires.

It’s The Only Course That Programs Her To Act On Her Feelings For You Right Now…

Some courses are packed with techniques that make her want you bad.

But if she’s married, if her friends don’t like you, or if she thinks you’re a player, she may not act on those feelings. All that hard work you put in goes to waste.

The Love Activation System works differently. Not only does it make her fall in love with you. Not only does it get her sexually obsessed with you…

… It deletes all of her worries, judgments, and morals. And recodes her Love Mechanism with an uncontainable urge. An urge to act on her feelings for you right now.

Let’s Recap What You’re Getting:

The Mind Melder – It pulls her deep into conversation with you, creates an intense emotional connection, decodes what she’s thinking and feeling, and syncs your brain to hers.

The Mind Controller – It conditions her to think specific thoughts and feel specific emotions.

The Passion Coder – It rewrites her Prince Charming Script, makes her see you as The One, and programs her to act on her feelings right now.

The Love Activation System Has Four Volumes…

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

Each volume is packed to the brim with techniques.

Techniques that Neural Hijack any girl and take full control over her brain.

Techniques that reprogram her to see you as the guy she’s always wanted.

Techniques that activate her love mechanism at will.

And techniques that compel her to act on her feelings and sleep with you right now.

Each volume gives you the concepts, exercises, and time you need to internalize each technique. Turn it into a skill. One you can effortlessly use on girls at any moment.

Once you have these skills, you’ll get to decide who falls deeper and deeper in love and becomes sexually obsessed with you.

Each volume prepares you for the next one, so you never feel overwhelmed.

So you always feel change happening to you effortlessly. Change in how you affect women. Change in how women act around you. And change – big big big change – in the results you get.

You’ll Experience Four Big Transformations…

And watch the changes creep up on you. Changes in how women see you. Changes in how they treat you. And changes in the power you wield over them.

When you feel the hunger – the greed – to get even better, you’ve made the First Big Transformation. It will happen 15 days from today to be exact.

Work through Volume Two and…

… You’ll find it effortless to rope women into conversations with you. Each thing you say and do will engross women. Pull them in deeper. And make them feel an intense emotional connection with you.

When talking to a girl, you’ll keep thinking each other’s thoughts. And saying the same things at the same time. She’ll feel like your deep inside her head. .

Work through Volume Three…

And you’ll really start to feel the power. You’ll condition girls to think specific thoughts and feel specific emotions at specific times. You’ll make them feel horny and think about love and sex again and again.

Work Through Volume Four…

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

And you’ll rewrite her Prince Charming Script to match exactly how she met and got know you.

You’ll revise her romantic fantasies to match your sexual desires.

You’ll no longer need to target girls in your league. And you’ll never get discouraged when a girl says, “You’re not my type.”

Instead you’ll give her a big hardy smile. All because you’ll have complete confidence that within a few short minutes, you’ll rewire her brain to think she’s always wanted to meet a guy who looks and acts just like you.
It will feel completely natural to get girl after girl to act on her feelings for you. So natural she may even think it was her idea.

You’ll instantly rid her of all resistance. You’ll instantly eliminate other men. And you’ll instantly make kissing you, touching you, and sleeping with you, no big deal.

But the moment she gives in is the moment her feelings become real. The moment you’ll activate her Love Mechanism. The mechanism the makes her fall deeper and deeper in love with you and become more and more sexually obsessed.

Just Imagine…

Possessing the power…

The power to take complete control of any girl’s brain. Rewire it. And make her think she’s always wanted a guy who looks and acts just like you.

The power to make any girl become sexual obsessed and fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

I don’t want to be a downer…

Most men will never attract the women they really want. They’ll never fuck them. And they’ll never date or marry them.

Most men are trapped. Trapped by what they look like. Trapped by their age. And trapped by how much money they make.

Most men are sick of getting flaked on. Sick of wasting money on dates that go nowhere. And sick of being told they should settle for someone just about their level or below.

Most guys eventually end up in relationships with mediocre women. Women they shouldn’t have committed to. And women who constantly nag at them and bitch them around.

Here’s Something To Keep In Mind…

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

What if The Love Activation System gets you a date with just one more attractive woman? How much would that be worth to you?

Let’s up the ante a little…

What if Love Activation System gets you a girl you think is out of your league? What would that be worth to you?

Now let’s really up the ante…

What if The Love Activation System gave you the tools to make hottie after hottie sexually obsessed and fall deeply in love with you?

What if The Love Activation System gave you the power to bed the women you want and create relationships with them on your terms?

What would this be worth to you?

Be honest. A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? A million dollars?

For most guys it would be priceless.

When I started out, there weren’t any courses like this available. It took me 15 years of hard work in the single scene trenches to figure this stuff out.

I would have saved a lot of time, sweat, and hard work if something like this was available when I was starting out.

Unless you become a monk, there are always going to be women you’d like to meet, attract, and date… girls you’d like to fuck… and friends you you’d like as lovers…

Are you going to know what to do and say to succeed? Or are you going to let these opportunities pass you by without ever finding out what could have happened?

Just think what would be possible if you possessed these skills.

Your Dating Coach,

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat

The Love Activation System By Swinggcat, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • 0. Proof
  • Workbook