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The Harem Game Method By John Anthony – Approach BreakThrough Challenge – Instant Download!

The Harem Game Method By John Anthony - Approach BreakThrough Challenge
How To Get Multiple Girlfriends And Have Regular Threesomes In Less Than 3 Weeks

My Simple Step-By-Step Process To Date, Retain And Manage Relationships With Multiple Women Effortlessly


Get The Relationships You Want In Your Life Today

Get The Harem Game Method Today And Receive:

  • Rotations Masterclass (Value: $297)
  • The Threesome Blueprint (Value: $197)
  • Breakdowns Of How To Get Threesomes On Dating Apps & In Public (Value: $97)
  • BONUS: How to Date Multiple Girls Without Your Own Place (Value: $47)
  • …And So Much More!

Join The Top 1% Of Men Who Can Date And Retain Multiple Girlfriends
This is your one chance to make that happen!

Get the EXACT step-by-step process that I used to date and manage a rotation of 17 women.

Here’s What You’re Getting With The Harem Game Method…

How To Get A Girlfriend

  • The EXACT step-by-step process to turn her from a date into your girlfriend in less than a week.
  • How to build an emotional connection with her on the date so she’ll be craving to see you again.
  • The 3 secret phrases I use to set the proper frame for the relationship. (This is how you put her on a ‘rotation’ without making her your girlfriend)
  • The 5 key attraction switches that make you appear high value and get her interested in you during the date.

Manage The Relationship

  • The proper way to set healthy boundaries and expectations in the relationship without being needy or controlling.
  • How often you should see your girlfriend so she doesn’t lose interest or sexual attraction to you.
  • How to create the power dynamic in the relationship to date multiple girls without any issues or headaches.
  • 3 little-known ways to build investment that keeps the relationship unpredictable and exciting.

Retain Multiple Girlfriends

  • How to retain a rotation of women if you don’t have a place to bring her back to.
  • How to manage a rotation of women without her losing interest or catching feelings for you.
  • How to drop a girl from a rotation or break up with your girlfriend without upsetting her.
  • How to effortlessly set up threesomes with your girlfriends or the girls on your rotation.
  • Get The Entire Step-By-Step Process To Having Multiple Girlfriends & Threesomes

Adding This Means:

  • Never being in an unhappy or toxic relationship ever again…
  • Never being lonely ever again…
  • Dating multiple girls and having regular threesomes…
  • No more guesswork…

Removing This Means:

  • Not knowing how to keep her in a relationship…
  • Not knowing when she’ll leave you…
  • Constantly wondering if the relationship will work out…
  • Jumping from one relationship to another…

The Harem Game Method By John Anthony – Approach BreakThrough Challenge, What is included (Content proofWatch here!):

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  • The Six Healing Sounds – Lecture.mp4