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The 5 Client Challenge By Dino Gomez – Instant Download!

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Marketing Agency is “The 5 Client Challenge”

Introducing The 5 Client Challenge

The 5 Client Challenge By Dino Gomez

5 Client Challenge
The 5 Client Challenge is the premier client getting program & action roadmap to landing your next 5 paying clients using Facebook ads.

In the challenge we identify 7 methods to land your next paying client in as little as 20 minutes a day & our member results speak for themselves.

Proven Results
The methods and strategies taught in The 5 Client Challenge are proven to work with 100’s of marketing agencies.
This is the newest client getting program to market with the most reviews of any other competitor program.
Have a look at our member reviews below.

When You Join The 5 Client Challenge You
Module 1: Master sales psychology so that you can turn any prospect into a client without “selling”.

Module 2: Master the top 6 client getting strategies of 2019 so you can sign clients at the snap of a finger.

Module 3: Follow a step by step process to immediately get your clients results month after month.

 Bonuses… Included

Bonus #1: The Luxury Funnel
Use this funnel, offer, & our ad copy template to instantly get your client 50-100 leads. Your client will pay you $1,000 – $3,000/month to continually run this offer for them.

Bonus #2: Live Case Studies
See inside our real client getting campaigns & how we generate leads on autopilot step by step. Nobody has case studies like this & people have offered to pay us big money to see behind the scenes of our work.

Results from Our Test Community

John Hozjan lands 4 new clients & is making $5,000.00/month
John is brand new to online marketing, joined FCS, & quickly landed several new clients.

Gavin gets 9 leads in 24 hours & closes a $3,000/month client
Gavin used just 1 of our strategies to generate 9 inquires in 24 hours. One of the clients he closed was for $3,000/month.

1). We Help You Craft an Irresistible Offer centered around Facebook ads so you can land clients without even “selling” to them.

2). We give you 1 Simple Funnel & 1 Simple Offer to Get Your Client 50-200 leads at the start of your campaign.

3). You now have a new Facebook ad client (that is paying you $1,000 – $3,000/month for ad mgt.) that you can also up-sell to SEO or other services.

The 5 Client Challenge By Dino Gomez, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

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