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The $20 Million Copy Vault By Kyle Milligan For Immediate Digital Download!

“Making money has never been easier!”
See How To DOUBLE Your Rates (While Working Less) by Leveraging the BEST Copy In The World…

The $20 Million Copy Vault By Kyle Milligan

How much easier will it be for YOU to get
BIG retainer clients… When you’re writing record setting promotions faster than almost anyone else?

From: Kyle Milligan
Boca Raton, Florida

How much do you typically make per project?

Whatever the amount is…

It’s not enough.
I want you charging as much as DOUBLE what you are charging today.

The only way to do that is by producing better, world-class quality work, in a shorter amount of time.

And the only way I’ve been able to do that is with a simple million-dollar writing structure I’m about to share with you right now…

It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, this will work for you.

With this structure, you’ll understand exactly what needs to be said to make the sale…

And never waste time spinning your wheels again.

This method systematically draws your prospects in… deeper and deeper. Until they are asking, “How do I buy?” before you even make your offer!

Your Life Could Change Dramatically…

If new clients are spending $1,000 with you today, after our time together every new customer could be spending $2,500 or more with you.

If new customers are spending $5,000 with you today, after our time together every new customer could be spending $10,000 or more with you.

Think about what this can do for your business and your ability to grow.

When you’re collecting double the amount of money from every new project…

Living The Life Of Your Dreams
Becomes Fun & Easy!

Why? Because, when you have this simple million-dollar structure…

  • You find knowing where to start each promo straightforward and almost effortless… because you have a simple to follow step-by-step structure!
  • You have your pick of all the best clients… cause you can produce the type of work they desperately want to pay for!
  • You no longer feel stressed about time… because you know exactly what goes where with each new project!
  • ​You’re tapping into SALES your competition can’t… because your putting together AIR-TIGHT persuasive arguments faster than they can keep up with!
  • ​You’re seeing your client list grow monthly… because your work (and your reputation) keeps attracting everyone’s respect!
  • ​And most importantly… you’re seeing a heck of a lot more profit from every new customer transaction!

Which means you end up with more money and more time to do whatever you want… whenever you want… (all without batting an eye)!

Hey, Kyle Milligan here…

The $20 Million Copy Vault By Kyle Milligan
Since you’re on this page, you likely already know me, my reputation, and my track record.

You likely already know I produced more than $7 million in sales, my first year in the biz. And then built a team of over a dozen writers – many of whom had NEVER written before – that went on to generate over $50 million in a single year.

Maybe you’ve seen me working with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and marketers.

Folks like…

Robert Kiyosaki

James Altucher

Todd Brown

Or you may have seen me on YouTube giving away career building copy advice…

Copywriting has allowed me to live a rich and exciting life.

And today I want to share with you my exact methods for how I am able to produce such consistent and profitable results for myself and my clients.

I’ve cracked the code on putting together a specific type of sales message that seamlessly walks a prospect from simply “curious” to ravenous BUYER.

And that’s what I’m here to share with you today.

Fact is:

The most accomplished copywriters all know… the ability to live a life of freedom comes down to how well you can control your customer’s thoughts and emotions…

Because what you say… and when you say it… determines whether your prospect simply uses your sales page for “entertainment”…

Or gets sold on your product and BUYS.

This is why the rich only get richer…

Because the more BUYERS you can generate with your sales page… the easier getting new clients is for you.

And when you’re getting double or triple the number of prospects to buy your (or your client’s) product… you can get a heck of a lot more royalties, and an endless supply of new projects!

Forget the idea of “The Big Idea.”

Most copywriters make the mistake of focusing all their energy on their “big idea.”

But the big idea is simply the wrapping paper around the whole package.

What is inside the paper? What is that important thing inside the package?

A sales argument, optimized and designed to make someone INCAPABLE of ignoring your offer.

That’s why flowery, disorganized, crap copy the amateurs write NEVER works.

They romanticize the “big idea” so much, they don’t realize it is nothing more than an “instagram filter.”

Your SALES ARGUMENT is the picture itself. The big idea is just the filter.

The SALES ARGUMENT is the special thing that makes the cash register ring.

The big idea is just an attention grabber; it’s just an initial impulse which tugs at how “curious” you were able to make the person reading (or watching).

The big idea doesn’t tell you whether you have a profit producing sales page. Nor can it (alone) give you one; no matter how interesting you may think it is…

You can have a million people hit your sales message and still not make any money.

Yet, you can have only 1,000 people hit your page and be profiting like crazy.


Because getting your readers attention isn’t what matters; the only thing that matters is directing your readers’ attention to where you want to go…

So they ask the exact question you want them to ask…

Exactly when you want them to ask it.

And they form the conclusions you want them to form…

Exactly when you want them to form it.

That’s the ONLY way to turn regular people into BUYERS.

And the best part…

It couldn’t be easier!

Because it starts with the simplest concept that anyone can execute: 3 Act structure.

Which includes your lead, your body copy, and your offer.

Just like any other written work, the message you craft will generate a narrative in your reader’s mind. One that takes them on an emotional roller coaster and excites them into action.

You just need to force 4 simple questions at key moments of your message.

  • What’s In It For Me?
  • How Is This Possible?
  • How Does It Work?
  • ​How Can I Get Started?

This structure is the key to crafting powerful persuasive messages that make the cash register ring on command.

I want to show you, step by step, the powerful 3-Act structure that creates an airtight sales argument…

One that guides your prospect from curious to buyer.

And makes that cash register ring.


Kyle Milligan’s


Inside the $20 Million Copy Vault is the million-dollar sales structure that converts prospects into BUYERS.

I call it the “Beats of a Sales Letter.”

And it turns writing sales pages into paint-by-numbers EASY!

Over the past three years, I’ve been breaking down million-dollar sales letters LIVE for members of my Copy Squad Inner Circle.

And in 2021, I cracked the code.

I noticed a very specific pattern emerge with every single blockbuster sales letter.

A pattern that…

  • Makes research easier (and faster)
  • Eliminates the question, “what’s next?”
  • Shows you exactly which part of the argument to place where
  • ​And ensures you always produce million-dollar quality work
  • ​Which makes clients jump over each other to work with YOU!
  • ​And pay HIGHER and higher fees for each new project

This is the secret to my (and my copywriters) success.

I’ve had an endless amount of requests to teach it.

And one day, I will surely turn it into a stand alone product.

But today – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – you can unlock access to the LIVE sessions where I developed and revealed the Beats!

Along with every copywriting secret I’ve put together and deployed…

For a FRACTION of what it would typically cost to get.

Outside of spending $5,000 per year for the Copy Squad Inner Circle…

This is the only place you can get these recordings.

Kyle Milligan’s
$20 Million Copy Vault

This is every MILLION dollar promo I broke down in 2021. Including Oxford Club’s Win Both Ways Promo… Jeff Brown’s SAV Promo… Banyan Hill’s Digitarium… And much, much more! Many of these promos are no longer running and therefore cannot be found in the wild. You can only get access to each one – plus, over 9+ hours of video where I go over every lesson and insight each one taught me – when you fill out the form on the next page and open the vault.

Kyle’s Secret Formula
The “Beats of a
Sales Letter”

The million-dollar sales structure (that every single control beating promo follows) will emerge right before your eyes. You’ll see exactly when to tease the “Mechanism.” What’s so important about having a “Force of Nature.” Why you’re leaving money on the table without a “Winter is Coming” section. How to think about the “Catalyst.” And so much more… This is the first time this structure has ever been made available to the public.

2 Exclusive Trainings

And in addition to insights and secrets and 9+ hours of recordings you get from the $20 Million Copy Vault, you’ll also receive two bonus lessons!

The first is a 48 minute video guide with me and Justin Blackman from Pretty Fly Copywriting (AKA The 10,000 Headlines Guy) showing you exactly how to generate countless amazing headlines on command. You’ll never wonder what to put at the top of your promo ever again!

And the second is and in-depth Email Training series with John Rhodes that reveals the 3 ways to make money with email, how to sell a “buying frenzy,” his secret email set-ups, how to pocket hundreds of dollars per hour writing emails, 4 email swipe formulas, and much more!

Let’s Recap…

The $20 Million Copy Vault By Kyle Milligan

  • The $20 Million Copy Vault with some of the BEST Copywriting Promos ever written.
  • 9+ Hours of Video Insights and Secrets my team and I use to generate Millions of dollars with our words
  • “The Beats of a Sales Letter” The million-dollar sales structure that makes writing control-beating promos paint-by-numbers easy! (Revealed for the FIRST time)
  • FREE BONUS #1: Headline Training with the 10,000 Headlines Guy that shows you (with over the shoulder writing) how to write Amazing Headlines on Command!
  • FREE BONUS #2: Pro Email Training with John Rhodes where you’ll see exactly how he generated MILLIONS of dollars with email. And how you can use the same templates and formulas to stir your readers into a “buying frenzy” and skyrocket your sales!

Peace out Copy Squad,
Kyle Milligan

The $20 Million Copy Vault By Kyle Milligan, What Is It Included (Content Proof: Watch Here!)