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Ted McGrath - Sales Videos That Sell1Ted McGrath – Sales Videos That Sell


When I first launched my product my sales conversions were sooooooo BAD!!

I took some copywriting courses and spent hrs and hours trying to write long sales letters by the book

When I launched, my PRODUCT sales BOMBED!

Then one day I said, “Screw it, let me just try it this way with my iPhone and no script.”

Doing it my way, which was authentic, and non-scripted changed everything…

Immediately, my conversions doubled with sales videos on a simple iPhone.

So I created a framework for you that is simple and anyone can do.


Notice how it’s a framework and not a script? This way, you can BE YOURSELF, and talk within the framework. How liberating is that?


But, the truth is you MUST learn it…

Facebook FAVORS video and so do most of the platforms..

If you are not creating videos, your brand will suffer and so will your sales.

Also, when you learn how to sell online just ONE time, you will have that skill for life.

It has been worth millions to my brand online and in the future I know it will be worth hundreds of millions…

Not just in dollars, but in IMPACT.

If you’re like me you’re dying to get your knowledge and wisdom out in the world.

And without people actually BUYING your product…

…YOU will remain the best kept secret in your field…

But I learned Marketing so I could get my message to the world and truly create transformation for my client…

There are many traps to avoid when selling your product…

Being inauthentic and robotically writing and scripting your sales videos.

It wastes SO MUCH time, and it’s a drain for people like you and me who want to be expressive and creative. I know, I know…you have probably heard from other people

that you MUST script your videos… Not TRUE… I make over 450 product sales in one month, every single month.

And I haven’t scripted a DAMN thing, except the first video I ever did that BOMBED.

Trying to create your videos WITHOUT a framework.

Unless you have a proven framework it can be really hard. People tend to be scattered in their communication and without a framework its like THROWING up knowledge on your customer.

People either say too little and get gun shy… or they have “verbal diarrhea”. I got lucky my first time and it worked, but I actually have 19 years of sales experience.

So I have created a framework for you that SELLS and it works OVER and OVER again.

Wanting to be perfect…OUCH!

So many people procrastinate to launch their products and sales videos because they want to be perfect. Perfection is the greatest excuse for procrastination in the book. I did it when I started…

“Oh, I just want to coach clients and speak…I don’t need to launch products online… I will let someone else do the work for me and write my sales copy, if I ever do launch.” Those statements are the kiss of death.

All a SALES video is, is SPEAKING. You Speak every day and it’s time to do it on VIDEO… So people actually buy your products.


I have been there and it can be embarrassing and downright shameful at times…

…when other people who are half as qualified are better at marketing and that makes the DIFFERENCE.

Kind of unfair, a little pathetic, but it’s TRUE.

Don’t worry, I was NEVER a marketer…

Just a guy with a message.

But I learned Marketing so I could get my message to the world and truly create transformation for my client…

Here’s what I teach in My Sales Videos that Sell Training

This is a DEEP DIVE Video Course with Downloadable Worksheets and Frameworks to Help You Master Your Sales Videos and Potentially double or triple your product sales…

How To Bring it Powerfully and Emotionally in Your Sales Video and ALL videos

I will teach you:

  • How to be comfortable and be yourself on video
  • The secret to staring out with confidence and connectivity
  • How and when to turn up emotion during the sale
  • The Biggest mistake to avoid in front of the camera

I’m also a one man show performer where I play 12 characters on stage, sharing my life story in front of hundreds of people…

I know something about mastering performance and I can make you GREAT!

My 11 Step Framework For Videos That Sell

Without a framework, you’re lost, confused, and dead in the water.

This framework has sold millions of dollars worth of product for me online.

You can download the framework and create your sales video outline in 15 minutes or less…

And then you JUST talk to the camera.

The 3 Keys To a Powerful CTA on Videos

  • How to avoid the BIG mistake when making Calls To Action that will kill sales (I made it for years and didn’t know why I wasn’t selling more products)
  • The key to NOT feeling like a sales person when you make your offer
  • Why the 3rd Call To Action Seals The Deal and Can Double Your Conversions

How To Position Your Authority and Value For Customers

No One likes a bragger, but no one buys from NON-credible people.

  • I will show you how to balance you credibility with your vulnerability in your sales videos.
  • You will learn how to position yourself in a powerful but humble way
  • Discover The 3 Major outcomes to share that will skyrocket your credibility

Creating Your 60 Second Life Story For Impact

  • How to Find The Breakthrough Moment In Your Story To Show Your Clients Results in Advance
  • How To Be Vulnerable and Authentic In Your Storytelling
  • The secret to telling a 60 second story with 4 key essentials that move your clients into action

The Key To Case Stories To Sell More

  • Even if you have no case stories, I will show you how to get them
  • The World’s Best Framework for Creating Case Stories
  • How to tell a story that connects rather than just tell a result (this increases sales quickly)
  • Where to position case stories in your sales videos so they actually make more sales

My Video Teams Formula for Music, Text, and Emotional Videos

  • My Team Will Share Resources for you to Edit and Create Your Own videos with Ease
  • I will give you my 5 step template for the secret to emotional videos

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