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Taylor – The LinkedIn Playbook | Instant Download !



Hey, I’m Taylor

I used to work at LinkedIn, now I’m an influencer on the platform. In the past 6 months, I have gone from 0 to over 30,000 followers on LinkedIn and my posts have been viewed over 10,400,000 times. With a $20 CPM, that is over $208,000 of media value, FOR FREE. From my exposure on my posts, I’ve been able to generate over $500k of revenue, been invited to speak at conferences around the world, even gotten paid thousands of dollars for a single LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn is the biggest opportunity in social media right now

I’ve seen this happen many times before. First with Facebook, then Vine, then Instagram. It’s all about timing the platform and now is the perfect time for LinkedIn. I’ve seen friends time platforms and grow to millions of followers and millions of dollars because of it. The time for LinkedIn is now. If you wait 6 months you might be too late…

LinkedIn is a content deficient platform

There are also two types of Social Media platforms:

Content Saturated Platforms 

Platforms that have more content than users viewing that content. In basic supply and demand principles, this creates a surplus of content. The platform serves your content to only a portion of your earned following.

Examples: Facebook, Instagram – Bad for organic reach

Content Deficient Platforms 

Platforms that have more users than content

Example: Linkedin – Good for organic reach

Facebook and Instagram have too much content so they won’t even show your content to your whole following.

LinkedIn doesn’t have enough content so they will show your content to your whole following AND then some.

On Facebook and Instagram, your content will get served a small subset (10% of your most engaged followers) instantly. Depending on how they like and comment on it, it’ll be determined as a “good” or “bad” piece of content. If it’s “good” it’ll get served to the next portion of your audience for the same test. If it passes again as “good” it gets served to the next chunk of your followers and so on and so on. At best, if you aren’t using hashtags, your content will get served to 100% of your audience.

On LinkedIn, there isn’t enough content. When someone likes or comments on your post, it shares your post to their whole network! Think about how powerful this is. If I am connected with John Doe and he likes my post on LinkedIn, it’ll get shared to potentially all 5,000 of his Linkedin connections. Multiply that and you can see how 50 likes can get you 250,000 views very quickly.

My Instagram @TaylorParker has 220,000 followers and the most views we’ve ever gotten on a post was 100,000. My LinkedIn has 11,000 followers and I regularly get 250,000 views on a post. Everyone’s focusing on Instagram, but if you want to maximize eyeballs, there are better platforms. When scrolling through your feed on LinkedIn, you can see you get served posts from people you don’t follow or aren’t connected with. This is LinkedIn amplifying content because they need more content on the platform. LinkedIn is giving out FREE organic reach and this course will teach you how to take advantage of it.

High Level Overview


  • Optimizing your profile page for conversions
  • Creating your micro-brand that follows you across the platform
  • How to make your profile more human and engaging
  • How to set up your profile to gain followers

Types of Posts

  • Understanding what posts do well on the platform and why
  • Access to the posting matrix, teaching you how to create over 18 posts a week
  • Access to posting framework, teaching you how to test content and copy and optimize for winners
  • Creating your content buckets and understanding how that morphs your personal brand

Dissecting the Posts

  • Reviewing the 3 elements a post needs to go viral
  • Crafting each element and embedding it in every posts
  • Taylor’s secret framework for every LinkedIn posts
  • Access to an invite only community of high exposure LinkedIn users, who will share tips/tricks and engage with your posts

All of this and much, much more…


  • $20,000 for 1,000,000 impressions on LinkedIn
  • Access to private LinkedIn Group sharing tips/tricks to grow
  • Engaged community to like and comment on your posts, sharing them across the platform
  • Step by step guide to optimizing every aspect of your profile
  • Taylor’s complete posting strategy that has lead 5M impressions in 3 months
  • Taylor’s posting matrix for testing and optimizing LinkedIn posts
  • The 3 elements every post needs to be successful on LinkedIn

“If there is anyone who knows LinkedIn, it is Taylor. I have been learning the platform from him and am SHOCKED by the positive results. It truly is the social platform everyone should be focusing on now”

– Dee Murthy, Five Four Group/Young & Reckless.