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Spencer Glasgow - Amazon Seller Academy1Spencer Glasgow – Amazon Seller Academy



The Step-by-Step Specific Strategies and Tactics to Building a Sustainable Six Figure Amazon FBA Business and Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller. (Private Labeling)

With over 70 detailed videos and 10 hours of premium content guiding you through every single step to successfully launching your first product, you will learn things like:

Everything from finding products that produce $10,000+/month, finding a trustworthy supplier and having them ship your products directly to Amazon’s warehouses without even touching them, producing high quality listings, and tactics for a successful product launch to rank your products to the top of their category for the most amount of success.

Your Instructor

Spencer Glasgow

Spencer Glasgow is an eCommerce entrepreneur that has owned several businesses at the current age of 22.

After learning about selling products on Amazon, Spencer launched his first private label product and generated over $12,000 in only his first full month with Amazon FBA.

With the knowledge, strategies, and learning experiences he’s acquired from selling on Amazon and launching successful products, Spencer has decided to pursue his passion of teaching others with the launch of the Amazon Seller Academy.

Spencer currently runs his Amazon FBA business and teaches individuals the strategies and methods to becoming a successful and profitable Amazon Seller.

Course Curriculum

ASA Course Introduction
  • The Reality of Selling on Amazon– What is Really Possible? (5:03)
  • Shifting into the Entrepreneur Mindset (3:07)
  • The Amazon FBA Mindset and Strategy to CRUSH the Competition (3:33)
  • Amazon FBA Overview (1:57)
  • Defining Key FBA Terms Before Getting ed (8:32)
Stage 1- Lean Product Research
  • The Strategy Behind ing a $12,000:month Product (5:53)
  • 1 Simple and Easy Strategy to Differentiate Your Product (5:29)
  • Showing Specific Examples of Good Products vs. Bad Products (EDITED) (17:48)
  • Exact Product Categories to Win Big With (3:20)
  • How to Find $10,000-$20,000/month Products with the #1 Product Research Method (18:23)
  • How to Ethically View Competitor’s Profitable Products with Product Research Method #2 (13:36)
  • New and Less Common Product Research Method #3 (9:40)
  • Product Research Method #4 (8:52)
  • Product Research Method #5 – Finding Brand New & Innovative Products Nobody Else is Selling (10:50)
  • Product Research Method #6 (10:32)
  • Showing Examples of 5 Products That You Could Right Now (20:09)
  • Explaining the Buy Box + Hijackers (9:08)
  • Gated Categories + Restricted Products (8:18)
  • How to See if Your Product Is Profitable (6:23)
  • How to Ensure Your Product Sells Consistently Throughout the Year (7:52)
  • How Much Money Do You Need to Get ed With FBA? (8:49)
  • How to Never Run out of Stock and Increase Sales (5:06)
Stage 2- Finding the Best Suppliers + Shipping Logistics
  • How to Find the Best Supplier Possible (12:25)
  • How to Negotiate a Lower MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) with Your Supplier (2:44)
  • International Shipping + How to Ensure Safe Overseas Transactions (9:12)
  • Sea Shipping (9:05)
  • Maximizing Profits by Negotiating with Suppliers to Get the best Pricing Possible (Part1) ASA (3:49)
  • Maximizing Profits by Negotiating with Suppliers to Get the best Pricing Possible (Part2) (6:24)
  • How to Make Sure that You Don’t Get Screwed Over by International Suppliers (5:12)
  • How to Create a Logo and High-end Packaging Inexpensively and Fast (5:18)
Stage 3- Creating Your Product Listing + Amazon Account Setup
  • Setting Up Your Seller Central Account Step-by-Step (8:29)
  • Creating a Product Listing (18:47)
  • Explaining Product Variations (3:02)
  • How to Bundle Items Together for More Profit (3:58)
  • The Process of Getting Reviews (13:34)
  • Explaining How the “First Page” Works for Product Ranking (14:35)
  • How to Find Keywords for Free and with Keyword Inspector (EDITED) ASA (13:37)
  • 3 Hacks to Find the Most Profitable Keywords for Your Listing to Rank to the First Page (4:13)
  • How to Get Ungated In Certain Categories (5:26)
  • The BULLETPROOF Product Launch Strategy (21:45)
Stage 4: Seller Central Walkthrough & Putting It All Together
  • Seller Central Orientation (11:33)
  • Setting up a Shipping Plan (8:29)
  • Putting it all Together (12:38)
Stage 5: Marketing & Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) (11:50)
  • Strategy to Rank to the First Page (11:43)
  • Facebook Advertising for More Sales (14:32)
  • Optimizing PPC Campaigns for Increased Profitability (9:13)
  • How to Find High Volume Keywords Fast (2:38)
  • Manual Keywords and Bid+ Hack (4:50)
  • What to do with Slow Selling Products (9:06)
  • Amazon FBA Accounting (7:17)
  • How to Travel for Free with PPC (4:31)
Stage 6: The Path to Building a Six and Seven Figure FBA Business
  • The Blueprint to Generating Six Figures in Profit/year (9:05)
  • Growth Strategy for Scaling Your Business to the Seven Figure Level (9:54)
  • Should You Borrow Money or Take Out a Loan + When to Buy More Product? (19:06)
  • New Lecture
Stage 7: How to Build a Sustainable Business and Consistent Income from Amazon
  • Expanding Your Product Line (13:02)
  • How to Gain Thousands of Followers on Social Media (8:44)
  • Influencer Marketing (9:52)
  • Setting up a Website (5:25)
  • How to Improve Your Brand + Strategies Others Don’t Use to Get More Reviews (6:52)
  • Selling Your Business for Six and Seven Figures (11:01)
Stage 8: Selling in International Markets
  • When Should You Selling in International Markets (3:26)
  • Logistics of Selling in International FBA Markets (6:22)
  • Setting Up Your International Seller Central Account (3:03)
  • International Markets: Specific Taxes and Customs to Understand (2:56)
Stage 9- FBA Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
  • How to make sure that your keywords are working 100% ASA (5:40)
  • How to Make Back Potentially Thousands of Dollars that Amazon Might Owe You (5:19)
  • Opening Up a Second Seller Central Account (tips and tricks you need to know) (2:23)
  • How to Properly Remove Negative Reviews/Seller Feedback (tips and tricks you need to know) (9:51)
  • How to Remove Hijackers from Your Listing (6:21)
  • How to Contact Amazon Seller Support (3:13)
Course Resources
  • Course Resources Sheet

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