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Social Marketing Mastery By Andrew Ethan Zeng – Instant Download!

Learn to Create & Run Profitable Ads to Grow Your Business

Social Marketing Mastery By Andrew Ethan Zenga

Step-by-Step Process
Growing library of video lessons reveal the full process to running profitable social media ads

Proven Ad Strategies
The unique strategies inside are forged from experience and thoroughly battle-tested

Done-For-You Resources
Get access to reusable templates and plug and play resources for your ads and business

Running ads that grow your business can
be complicated.
From Facebook Ads to Instagram Ads, ad platforms are a complex and competitive auction place riddled with algorithms.
It’s easy to get started with paid ads but difficult to master. It doesn’t help that you’re burning through money to test, learn and develop winning strategies.
We’ve all been there – running expensive ads that just aren’t producing results and have absolutely no clue why they’re a flop. Yet, others make it look far too easy…what gives?
What if we removed the guess-work, sunk time and money, replacing it instead with proven ad strategies and structures that will consistently generate demand and sales for your business.

You need to do 3 things right to run insanely profitable ads
Bullseye Targeting: Puts your product or service in front of the people willing to pay for it and weeds out others who will click on your ad aimlessly (and waste your ad spend)
High Quality Ad: Will drive your dream customers to purchase from you and includes elements such as copy writing, ad psychology and the creative strategy
Optimization & Scaling: Without the technical optimization and scaling, you’ll forever be stuck at unprofitable levels or at the very most, a profitable week or month.
When you master all three, the sales and leads will trickle in like clockwork – 24 hours, 7 days a week. No sales person, no manual selling, no time wasted and no fear of zero sales.
Ignore social media ads in this day and age, and you’ll be left behind in the dust, especially when 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook Ads alone (source: Facebook, Inc)
The program will teach you how to target and find your dream customers, the steps to creating all the elements that go into a high quality ad and then help you optimize and scale your ads.

Learn with Andrew Ethan Zeng
This program is created by Andrew, who was previously an award-winning Senior Digital Marketing Manager turned multi six-figure entrepreneur.
He has been mentored by leading industry contacts along with regular visits to Facebook, Instagram and Google offices around the world.
After spending (literally) millions of dollars in ad spend across 6+ years, all the learnings, wins and strategies are now condensed into Social Marketing Mastery.
You don’t need to spend the years Andrew has invested to achieve results. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned marketer, this program will turn your paid ad strategy into a profitable machine.

How It Works
To master social media ads, we provide an immersive community, ongoing support and rolling updates to the program. You’re not just investing into videos.

Proven Methodology
We’ve removed the risky guess-work from paid ads for you. All ad strategies shared inside have been thoroughly battle-tested and vetted before they’re added in. Focus on creating great ads, rather than relying on luck.

Comprehensive Guide
Follow on with high-quality step-by-step video lessons so you don’t miss a single beat. Along with theoretical lessons, you’ll get access to on-screen examples, worksheets and easy to follow guides.

In under 6 weeks, we’ll demystify the world of paid ads and flip the “growth mode” switch on for your business.

Module 1: The Initiation (6 Lessons)
Module 2: Fundamental Setup for Success (6 Lessons)
Module 3: Key Pillars of Paid Ad Marketing (5 Lessons)
Module 4: Ad Algorithm Supremacy in 2021 (8 Lessons)
Module 5: Ad Anatomy (5 Lessons)
Module 6: Copywriting to Sell (6 Lessons)
Module 7: Marketing Psychology & Cognition (7 Lessons)
Module 8: Bullseye Ad Targeting (4 Lessons)
Module 9: Advanced Retargeting & Evergreen Campaigns (4 Lessons)
Module 10: Supercharging Pixel Data (9 Lessons)
Module 11: Penultimate CBO Scaling (5 Lessons)
Module 12: Ad & Product Testing (4 Lessons)
Module 13: Instagram Ads (5 Lessons)
Module 14: Mind Mastery (9 Lessons)

Social Marketing Mastery™
80+ Step-by-Step Video Lessons ($5,000 value)

Ad Copywriting & Ad Psychology Modules ($997 value)
Manual Bidding & Scaling Guide ($500 value)
Ad Targeting Cheatsheet ($200 value)
Ad Stacking Cheatsheet ($200 value)
Accounting & Cash Flow Spreadsheet ($200 value)
COMPLETION BONUS: Facebook Ads Cliff Notes ($500 value)

What Our Global Students Say

🇸🇬 Justin Chan
“I’m truly blown away by just how much I’ve learned and implemented from Andrew. Sincerely thank you for the inspiring program and guidance.”

🇬🇧 Brandin Jordan
“With Social Marketing Mastery, I’ve now become a more-rounded digital marketer and applied strategies to help my agency clients. The info is laid out simply & taught excellently.”

🇦🇺 Ken Nguyen
“The ad strategies in Social Marketing Mastery work. I eclipsed what I made on Amazon within a month and scaled up to $20K per month with just Facebook Ads. Jump on this course because at the moment, it’s severely underpriced.”