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Smart Money Course By Forex XL – Instant Download!


  • Receive My personal setups, AREAS OF INTEREST and trade updates
  • 1.0 + 2.0 + 3.0 COURSE
  • Earn while you Learn: other than EDUCATION, I also share analysis and setups with explanation
  • XL Strategy
  • BONUS: XL Indicator
  • My name is Edward, I have been trading for 8 years and I spent the first 2 years trying to develop profitable strategies that could give me profits consistently. After losing money during my first 2 years of trading I started to think outside the box in order to differentiate myself from the 90% of traders who lose money. I will help you understad how the market moves and what are the little things that will differentiate you from the majority of losing traders.
  • Everything that I know will be taught in this course, I will teach you how to anticipate movements of the market in order to have a big RISK:REWARD ratio, which is the most important thing to have.
  • Supply & Demand zones selection (which zone do we want to trade from?)
  • Entry types (with the goal to lower Stop Loss size and increase RR)
  • Smart Money Concepts, Institutional candles and Fib Strategy
  • Finding your Daily Bias
  • Understand Weak and Strong points
  • How to combine Liquidity with our setups and entry types
  • Learn how to trade on your own
  • Multi-timeframe analysis to get accurate entries
  • and much, much more..


Smart Money Course By Forex XL


We spend hours analysing the market for you, saving you time by sending daily market updates, analysis and setups directly to your mobile.

Our goal is to help Traders grow and find confidence in the market.

Smart Money Course By Forex XL


Our Team offers three different services each with the aim to build Traders’ knowledge and capabilities.

We want to speed up your learning process by providing what we learned from years of experience in the Forex Market on our XL TRADING CORSE.

Smart Money Course By Forex XL


We are a Team of independent traders from Venice, Italy. Now based in the Canary Islands.

Smart Money Course By Forex XL, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

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