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Six-Figure Tuber – Basic Package By Adam Del Duca – Instant Download!

Learn to grow a YouTube channel from scratch that will allow you earn $100,000+ per year!

In Six-Figure Tuber, I teach you how to start your own successful YouTube channel, with zero prior experience needed. In the course, I share with you every single tip, trick and tactic I’ve used and that my students have used to turn their YouTube channels into lucrative money making machines.

Now, why learn from me? Great question.

I’ve been through the YouTube struggle. YouTube is not an easy platform to master and for a long time I worked day and night to get my channel going and it was all for not. As you can see below, when growing my first YouTube channel, Betterment Boss, my growth was almost glacier.

Six-Figure Tuber - Basic Package By Adam Del Duca

Then, as you can see, things really started to take off. Why was this? Because I finally committed to learning how YouTube really works and I can promise you that you can do the same – all your lacking is the knowledge to do so.

As such, I’ve created a course with everything you need to know to win on YouTube and to start cashing checks like these:

Six-Figure Tuber - Basic Package By Adam Del Duca

Now, I can sit back and enjoy the dream lifestyle I’ve always wanted because I put in the work to build a passive online business thanks to the help of YouTube.

The 3 Burning Questions
Will it work for me?
Now, you probably have a few questions rattling around your head right now with the first being, “how likely am I to ACTUALLY make $100,000 a year on YouTube?” and the answer is more likely than you think. Here’s why.

First, this course has all the most updated YouTube tactics known to man (more details below).
Second, when you join Six-Figure Tuber, you get access to me personally so we can work through sticking points you face and allow for you to build a channel that will make you the 6-figure income you desire.
Think about this. I’ve built exactly what you want from scratch. Don’t you think I can help you do the same?

How long will it take?
How long does it take for a channel to start making $100,000 a year? Great question! While timelines will of course vary, it’s not uncommon for a channel to make over $100,000 in it’s first year.

Take the example of my friend Erika’s channel. She made 6-figures in her first year and she uses many of the same strategies I teach in my course.

Will it take a lot of work?
Will building up this 6-figure channel take every waking moment of my day to pull off? Not a chance.

I probably spend on average 3 hours a week on my channel. How do I do this?

Simple, I have a team that helps me produce content and I teach you how to build your own and turn your channel into a true passive income machine in the course.

So, if you have literally 3 hours a week to commit to building a profitable YouTube channel, you can do the same!

What’s Inside Six-Figure Tuber?
In Six-Figure Tuber, I share with you the following 13 information packed modules:

Module 1: Introduction – I outline my income proof to show that, yes, you are in fact learning from a six-figure tuber. I also go over my own personal YouTube story and the goal of the course.

Module 2: Mastering Your Domain – I share a list of niches worth pursuing and the two fundamental elements that must be in place when deciding on which niche to build your six-figure YouTube channel around.

Module 3: Channel Set Up and Format – I explain all the key elements that must be in place to set up your channel for success and guide you through the process of deciding on whether you should pursue an on-camera or off-camera content style.

Module 4: Building Your Roadmap –I share different content approaches, the rule of revision and the three YouTube milestones that determine your growth and income.

Module 5: The Viral Trifecta – I explain how to craft perfect thumbnails, intriguing titles and keep people watching longer which together give you the perfect formula for creating viral YouTube videos.

Module 6: The Nuts and Bolts – I share best practices for using tags, descriptions and how to expand your reach using other rarely talked about YouTube back-end tactics.

Module 7: Making A Connection – I explain how to connect with other YouTubers and how to leverage your relationships to prompt further growth and gain opportunities for monetization.

Module 8: Monetization – I share how to create multiple income streams and how you can make more income than most channels ten times your size!

Module 9: Outsourcing – I explain how to identify areas of outsourcing for your channel and how to find reliable workers who can help take work off your plate while still keeping your channel highly profitable.

Module 10: Secrets and Mindset – I share the YouTube secrets I have been gathering over the last 3+ years from my own personal experience as well as the experience of many of my fellow YouTuber friends. Moreover, I share with you the mindset that you must possess to win big on YouTube and go from a YouTube zero to a YouTube hero!

2022 Update
2022 – Module 1: Viral Trifecta 2.0: I share the latest strategies for creating clickable titles, eye-catching thumbnails and how to keep people watching your videos longer so that your channel grows at a rapid pace.

2022 – Module 2: Unique Selling Proposition: I teach you how to identify your competitive advantage on the platform to stand out and grow faster. No one is teaching this but it’s essential to break through this ever-expanding space.

2022 – Module 3: Leveraging Interest: I share why using high-interest topics on YouTube will not only allow you to grow extremely fast but how to identify which of these topics will also allow for the greatest monetization opportunities.

The Question is:

✔ People with zero experience on YouTube
✔ People who already have a YouTube channel
✔ People who want to use YouTube to generate a part-time or full-time income
✔ People who can trust a process and follow proven frameworks
✔ People who are willing to put in consistent work to see the results they desire

✖ People who want to grow a YouTube channel overnight
✖ People not willing to be consistent in their efforts
✖ People who think YouTube is too saturated
✖ People who think YouTube has run its course
✖ People who don’t want to serve others to serve themselves