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Shortcut Copywriting Course By Scott Haines – Instant Download!

“Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™
Is Currently Out-Of-Print”

Dear Friend,

Scott Haines here. As it says above, my complete copywriting course—Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™—is currently out-of-print.

If you want to be notified when/if it becomes available again, you can sign-up for my e-mail list below.

One more thing: If you do sign up for my e-mail list, I may send you an update from time-to-time when I have something important to say. (Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time… and… your e-mail address will never be sold, rented or used for any other purpose.)

“What Others Say About Scott Haines
And His Copywriting Abilities…

“Scott is truly one of the best copywriters in the world… and… one of only three people whose opinion I trust. Over the last eight years or so, he has written numerous pieces of advertising for me, all of which were enormously successful. What’s maybe most impressive is his uncanny ability to sell high-ticket items with ease. Last year, he wrote a letter that made $36 for every $1 spent mailing at a price point of $970. A letter he just wrote for me has made (so far) $23 for every $1 spent at a price point of $1,222… and… we’re still getting orders! Scott has my highest recommendation.”
— Gary C. Halbert, “The World’s Greatest Copywriter!”

“Last year Scott wrote a sales letter for me that pulled a 4% response. That may not sound too impressive, however, once you realize the selling price per unit — $1,032 — it becomes immediately clear that it’s very impressive. I made something like $41 for every $1 spent mailing that letter. Scott and I continue to work on many projects together. In fact, he recently wrote a letter for my $10,000-per-year ‘Platinum Plus’ coaching club that pulled an amazing 21% response! If you get a chance to hire him… don’t think twice! Scott’s copywriting and consulting services are essentially free… because… he makes you so much more money than you otherwise would. He could charge double what he does now and it’d still be a bargain. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
— Joe Polish, President, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

“Scott is one of the most obsessed copywriters on the planet. He has uncovered every single useful secret of the greatest ads ever written… and proved that they still work, over and over again, with fresh ads for new products. He’s a ‘living library’ of tricks, tips and shortcut secrets that will instantly turn even a pure dog-meat ad into solid gold, literally in a few minutes. Ninety percent of the copywriters working have no clue what makes a successful ad. It’s not a mystery to Scott, and he proves it over and over again by making clients rich. Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn stuff only a handful of lucky advertisers ever stumble across in their lifetimes. It will help you quickly amass a stunning fortune!”
— John Carlton, “The Marketing Rebel”

“Scott is my own personal marketing specialist. He is a pro. I, myself, have hired Scott to help me with several of my marketing campaigns — with great success. I’m impressed with his work and I know you will be, too!”
— Robert Allen, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of, Nothing Down and Creating Wealth. (Note: This quote is from Robert’s New York Times bestselling book, Multiple Streams Of Internet Income.)

Shortcut Copywriting Course By Scott Haines, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • How to make maximum Money in Minimum Time.pdf
  • Scott Haines – Shortcut Copywriting Course.pdf
  • Scott Haines’s Hottest Sales letter.pdf
  • Shortcut Copywriting Secrets.pdf
  • The Haines Method for Quick Copywriting Mastery.pdf