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Script Builder By Jordan Belfort – Instant Download!

Script Builder By Jordan Belfort

A script is a well-thought-out essence of the perfect sale.

Every sale starts with a pristine script that can captivate the audience while building rapport, but writing one doesn’t come easy. That’s exactly why Jordan Belfort created Script Builder, your one and only guide to the mechanics behind a script and how to write an effective one every single time.

For over 30 years, Jordan has implemented teachings from Script Builder to train successful salespeople all over the world. And now here’s your chance to learn from the master himself. Combined with any of Jordan’s Straight Line System training courses, Script Builder acts as the icing on the cake一 a necessary resource that will catapult your writing to the next level and turn you into a true force to be reckoned with.

Course Description

Why Script Builder?

Learning how to write a script will help you maximize the key forces of Straight Line technology, which will ultimately allow you to control every sale from open to close. Hand-crafted and perfected by the legendary Wolf of Wall Street, Script Builder technology combines video training, done-for-you scripts, and the proven tools you need to execute an effective Straight Line script. This program covers every element of the script, from the open, body, close, and ends with the rebuttal. Here’s the best part: it’s adaptable so that you can use this versatile format to fit any sales situation in every industry imaginable.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Differentiate yourself from every other salesperson with a persuasive and personalized script.
  • The ideal way to present yourself as an expert in your field through professional presentation and tonality.
  • Understand your buyers’ psychology to best position your product or service to be top-of-mind.
  • Create the perfect rebuttals to handle objections, reassure your prospect, and close the sale.

Course Breakdown

4 part Video Training
● Part 1: Introduces the strategies and concepts behind writing amazing sales scripts. Moving quickly into the actual Opening of the script and how you’ll go about gathering intelligence, otherwise known as qualifying the prospect
● Part 2: Transition from the Opening to the Main Body or the Presentation.
● Part 3: Close, rebuttals and language patterns
● Part 4: Sit in as Jordan works with the sales team of a corporate client to hone their sales script to razor sharp perfection.

Transcripts & Guidelines
● Full transcript of Jordan’s video presentation to make it easy for you to study his comments in detail.

Done for you Sample Scripts
● This work constitutes a generic framework which you can customize to fit the learners unique sales environment.
● Some scripts and rebuttals may suit each needs better than others. It’s up to the learner to determine what content to use and how to use it. (Samples)

Basic Structure of a Script
● This is the meat of the Script Builder. Here you’ll learn how to structure the open, the body, the close and the rebuttals.
● The learner will be working with a sample script created by Jordan which can be adapted to their own industry or used as a guide to build their script from scratch.

Additional tips
● The Three Elements of a Good Script plus a look at the differences between in person (body language is covered here) and phone sales.

Script Builder By Jordan Belfort, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Script Writing
  • Script Writing Videos