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Pressure Point Protege 7 DVD Set for IMMEDIATE Digital Download By Russell Stutely – Instant Download!

“How An Overweight Super-Geek Achieved MASTERY Of The World’s Most Powerful Pressure Points In A Secret Month-Long Training Regime.

.And How The ‘Secrets’ I Taught Him In My Ground-Breaking $30,000 Pressure Point Protégé Program Are Now Available To You Too – For A Very Limited Time!

After 7 Years In Development and 21 years in the making.I am finally going to effectively ‘take you under my wing’.and make you a personal ‘Jedi-Master’ of pressure points – no matter what your experience level is or what you’re training in right now.


Dear UKFightLab Customer,

Russell Stutely here – and let me say right away that this is a very unusual letter I’ve sat down to write to you today…

In some ways, though, it could be the most important letter I’ve ever written to you.

Why? I’ll explain in just a moment. But let me say firstly that the reason why I say this letter is ‘unusual’ is because, if you know me, you’ll know that I usually never write to you about my own products.

I certainly don’t write letters about them and I don’t brag about them either – I let my publishers, and most importantly my customers, do that for me.

But this here today, is different.

You see, I’m writing you this letter personally because what I’m writing about here today is frankly so important that I had to write to you personally to tell you about this.

It concerns frankly what could be the most powerful training ‘program’ I’ve ever put together – one that is going to give you complete, final and total mastery of pressure points.

Like never before.

Seriously, this could be the most important letter you’ve ever received about your training – from me, my publishers, or anyone else for that matter.

It concerns a chap that I can only describe as an overweight geek – someone who came to me desperately wanting to know the MOST POWERFUL (and dare I say ‘secret’) pressure point methods known to man.

In short, he walked in an overweight geek…and walked out a near pressure point master.

Exactly ‘how’ he did this is the reason why I’m writing to you today.

This is something you really have to see. (It’s something I’ve only ever previously revealed to my ‘inner circle’ for a price of an astonishing $30,000 per person.)

This is something that could well change your life top to bottom – and super-quick, too.

And this is something that’s finally going to give you such ‘over-the-top’ power and mastery of the World’s most powerful (and secret) pressure points, that people simply will think you were not even born from this planet – you will be THAT powerful!

Bold claims, I know – but justified ones, as I will prove to you throughout this letter.

So, OK, where did I begin?

(Bear one thing in mind here before we continue – I’m not use to writing ‘these letters’ about my own stuff. So please bear with me here.)

It’s been 21 YEARS in development and another 7 YEARS in the making!

Well, this all starts some 21 years ago when I began my martial arts career. As you can probably guess from my love of pressure points, that’s one area where I’ve honed my skills, honed my craft, and where I’ve sought to learn from the World’s best – true ‘Masters’ in every sense of the World.

And no doubt: one of the great things about these ‘Masters’ is that they effectively took me under their wing …gave me all their best secrets, and effectively worked with me ‘one-on-one’ to give me the near super-human pressure point skills which I now have.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Nope…because what it really took – what it really took for me to reach ‘mastery’ level with my pressure points – was for these guys to ‘take me under their wing’…for them to give me all their inside and most closely-guarded ‘secret’ stuff.

Once they did that , then things got a lot clearer, a lot more quickly – and I was well on my way to now being (myself) one of the World’s leading authorities on pressure points.

You see, back some years ago now, I’d always craved some sort of ‘all-in-one’ pressure point training – effectively a ‘one-on-one’ personal mentoring program – where I could go and learn this stuff. But there was no such program. So about the only thing I was able to do was ‘cobble together’ various different secrets from various different Masters to acquire the knowledge I have today.

And that’s when it hit me…

It was about 7 years ago now.

I realised something.

And it was simply this: since there was no complete and ‘all-in-one’ secret pressure point training program where you could learn basically everything from a Master…and since I now had reached that kind of level myself…then I would create my own program. A program which would reveal ALL the secrets of acquiring super-human like pressure point skills…secrets that will enable a man who goes through the training to literally drop someone with one finger…secrets that are simply unavailable anyplace else – certainly not from the ‘mainstream’ establishments.

The program I put together is one you’ve probably never even heard of.

It’s called The Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program .

And there’s actually a very good reason why you’ve never heard of it before.

Simply because before now I’ve ONLY shared it with my personal clients…

…at $30,000 per TIME!

Now, that sounds like a great deal of money – and it is. But this is a personal, one-on-one training that cannot be compared to anything else. It’s nothing less than a complete transformation for the client concerned.

My goal was and is very simple with my The Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program – in short, my goal with this program is to help ‘students’ achieve complete MASTERY of pressure points – to turn them from eager beginners (if that’s where they are in their journey) to near ‘Jedi Masters’ of the pressure point game.

Now, as you can imagine, to do this usually has required more than just fact, it has required coming out to my remote training location (currently in a hidden location in Gozo, near Malta) – and literally learning at my feet for anything up to a month at a time. We go intense.we go deep. I literally hand those lucky enough to be accepted onto the program (not everyone is allowed ‘on’ the program- you must qualify and be accepted ) the keys to the vault when it comes to acquiring complete and ultimate mastery of the pressure point World .

Yes – because there IS some ‘stuff’ that I have simply never shared on any of my chapters ever before. It’s stuff that, quite frankly, I am ONLY prepared to share ‘face-to-face’, with those people who are prepared to pay me $30,000 for the privilege!

What’s more, I only feel ‘comfortable’ sharing some material with those from my inner circle – those long-term training partners who have shown commitment, reliability and short, I know that they can reliably and responsibly ‘handle’ this stuff, and won’t use it for ‘bad’ means. (Yes, it is that powerful ).

One thing IS for sure though…

They walk in eager self-defence practitioners.they walk out near ‘Jedi’ masters of pressure points – able to drop and control men with a single finger!

That’s my goal – and by golly do they achieve it!

Every person so far who has been fortunate enough to be accepted onto my Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program – to the person – has told me that their lives have literally been transformed by the deeper secrets that I the step-by-step nature of everything that is laid the way I make sure they ‘get’ everything – no matter what level of experience they are at when they walk through the door!

There is NOTHING like my ‘Pressure Point Protégé Mastery Program’ anywhere in the World. There is nothing this powerful, this complete, this able to turn anyone from rookie to absolutely lethal pressure point fighter, over the course of the program. I know, because I am considered Europe ‘s #1 Authority on Pressure Points and I know that training of this calibre, quality and depth is just ‘out of bounds’ for so many other martial artists.

This is the training program I wanted when I first got started in this game – it would have turned me into an authority literally years sooner!

But here’s the really bad news.

You see, chances are my ‘Pressure Point Protégé Mastery Program’ has been out-of-bounds for YOU for many years now as well. Why?

Well – simply because of the cost!

In fact, it’s not just the cost, either.

See, this training has traditionally taken at least a month or so for the ‘average’ student. And that’s meant an awfully big commitment on the part of both me and the student. (Taking a month off to just come and see me, to train, is a very large commitment for most people – although worth it when you see the transformation that can and does take place).

This training, by its very nature, doesn’t come cheap either.

When I’m revealing literally everything I know.when I’m teaching you all my deepest, inner-most secrets, when I’m revealing secrets I’ve learned from basically the finest pressure point minds on the planet.when I’m revealing all my personal ‘inner sanctum’ secrets that I’ve learned over the last 23 years.then you can bet it won’t come cheap!

In fact, although this may shock you, I really have charged $30,000 for these secrets before now! Yes, it’s true. The ONLY students I’ve ever taken on at this level, in fact, were personal students who I knew personally (and trusted to guard these secrets with their lives, and literally never share this material with anybody, ever) – and they simply queued up to be accepted at this (admittedly high) price.

And they ALL agreed that it simply transformed their martial arts – and themselves – forever.

But, chances are you don’t want to pay me $30K to learn these secrets.

But that’s OK.

In fact, it’s why I’ve sat down to write you this letter today.

It concerns some serious ‘arm-twisting’ that has been done by my Publishers of the last 3 years, UKFightLab.

You see, they have known about the The Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program for a while now; they have tried their best to get me to reveal it somehow. And, without exception, every single time I have refused.


The ‘change’ came when I realised that – if I got the Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Program out to a wider audience, then I would probably go down in history for my work on pressure points in self-defense.

Yes, this is something of an ‘ego’ project for me and I don’t mind admitting that. You see, I am quite simply planning that this program be my PERSONAL LEGACY.

Something that’s around long after I’ve gone, so people can appreciate the work I’ve done. (And once they see this stuff they WILL be blown away…that’s what I mean by ‘leaving a legacy’ by finally releasing the program).

Quite frankly, it took a serious amount of ‘work’ on behalf of the guys over at UKFightLab, including my old friend Ian G. (more about him and why he is integral to this in just a moment). They begged, they pleaded and they ‘cried’; they threw cash at me ; they offered me flights over to the UK ; they offered me everything they thought I would want to make me crumble.

Nothing worked.

Then, one day, after training a successful student using my Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program, I finally saw the light.

I realised that by committing these secrets to tape – that I’d finally have my legacy if you like. the tapes would remain in history for time evermore, and I would be put down as the guy who could turn raw rookies into powerful pressure-point street-fighters, quickly and without fuss.

Enter Ian G..

The big question was HOW exactly we were going to put together this program. After all, up until now The Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program has been an intense, personal one-on-one ‘journey’ – with each student being different. I racked my brains for a solution. Nothing was forth-coming.

Then, it hit me.

I would take Ian G. from my publishers UKFightLab.get him out here to my secret and remote training location in Gozo.and then, through the use of what’s effectively ‘time-lapse’ camera technology, over the course of The Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program – even if it lasted a month or so – film Ian G. and myself ‘working’ you would miss absolutely nothing.

Yes, we got absolutely everything!

It’s the next best thing to actually being there yourself, the next best thing to learning directly from me on a one-on-one and personal basis. In fact, since you can replay this information to your heart’s content, in some ways it’s actually better than the original $30,000 ‘live’ Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program

You are going to miss absolutely’re going to hear and ‘see’ everything that goes into the’re going to even see the ‘Before’ And ‘Afters’ of a guy who walked in poor at pressure points, and who walked out a near Jedi-Master of the game!

And because we ‘condensed’ it all down through the technology – you don’t have to listen to a month or two month’s worth of see, we ‘condensed’ down everything that Ian learned throughout the entire course of the program onto seven, tightly-packed ‘full of secrets’ chapters.

And let me tell you now: when Ian G. walked into that room on that first fateful day.he was a little apprehensive and basically knew very little about pressure points. But when he walked out a few days later, his World had been transformed forever.

You’ll actually see this for yourself. The look in his eye, the way his chest was ‘out’ a little more, the way his confidence had come on by leaps and bounds. And, of course, how he had been transformed from rank-beginner to near jedi-master of the pressure point game!

(You’ll even see the before and after video shots for you can see this ‘transformation’ for yourself!)

He walked in a pressure-point nobody . He walked out with the best pressure point training on the face of the plant right to take on and win against larger, bigger tougher opponents – no matter what.

It’s this ‘transformation’ which is my reason for writing to you today in fact.

Because now I want YOU to undergo this same ‘transformation’ for yourself.I want you to experience to life-changing secrets that are part-and-parcel of the Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Program for yourself.I want you to realise just what a difference this can make in your own training (and life) – and how quickly these results are achievable once I proverbially ‘take you under my wing’!

That’s what this letter is really about today. Consider it your personal and private invitation towards getting these MASTERY-level skills in pressure point technology, fighting and self-protection.

The time is here – but it’s not going to last forever!

A quick warning here before we continue: this will probably be your one and only chance to collar these ‘secrets’ for yourself. I’ll tell you more about WHY this is the case later. But first let me tell you exactly what happened with Ian G. from UKFightLab.what I taught him.and how you can now be part of this learning experience for yourself.

I invited him into my personal inner circle.and I gave him absolutely everything.


Now, before we go any further I want you to take a GOOD LOOK at my friend Ian G.

As you’ll see from the picture on the front of this letter today – no offense intended here to Ian G. – but he’s short and.and dare I say it.even a little over-weight. He doesn’t have a great deal of experience with pressure points AT ALL. He is not in super-shape. And he is certainly now super-human.

Yet he still underwent the ‘transformation’ from rookie to MASTERY.

And I know – from the times I’ve taught this Pressure Point Protégé Program – that the same can happen for you. In short,

• You do NOT need to be fit, in-shape or super-athletic. If your bones are creaking, it doesn’t matter.that’s the very power of pressure points in fact! To overcome your own physical weaknesses and STILL beat down any attacker by using these super-powerful pressure point secrets.

• You do NOT need masses of ‘experience’ – Ian G. certainly didn’t have any such experience when he arrived at my door. You can start from ANY level and you will still walk away transformed . Remember that I reveal and take you through everything with the Program – so ANYONE can pick up and start using this, and quickly to boot! (By the way, I assume nothing, so anyone can start with this programme.even rank beginners).

• It doesn’t matter if you’re lazy and bone-idle. Simply by watching the chapters I’ve prepared for you, you’ll instantly start to ‘get’ this material and soon be on your way to your own transformation!

About the ONLY thing you the desire to turn yourself into a Master Practitioner of pressure points.achieve a level of pressure point knowledge and skill that surpasses 99.9% of other martial artists (not to mention the general population – where barely 1 in 1 million will ever get to experience these secrets for themselves)…and to be ready and willing to pick up and apply this material for yourself. let me tell you EXACTLY what we went over for the course of the PPP.

Now, let me tell you firstly that we DID (for the introduction of the Program) go over the ‘grounding secrets’. Yes, I realise you may have seen these before. But I had to go over them for completeness, and because – as I mentioned before – I want this Set to be my legacy.

So we went over everything you’ll need to know starting out – even if you’re a rank beginner. Advanced students will get a brush-up, and have ‘everything-they-need-for-basics’ right here on this programme for easy reference.

You’ll see for yourself just why ALL the stuff I will be sharing is.

• Easy to learn – you can pick it up very quickly, in just a series of ‘sessions’

• Easy to replicate – can be used by anyone, no matter what!

• QUICK-to-learn – you can start using the material I will share with you immediately!

By way of ‘introductions’ here for example, I looked at the critical ‘basics’ such as understanding the anatomy of balance – critical information which will enable you to ‘man-handle’ and un-balance ANYONE – even the largest men on the face of the planet. (Turn them into ‘play-do’ and get them completely under your control, throwing them to the other side of the room with the ease of throwing a tennis ball!)

You will see DEEPER secrets too – for example, why simple shifts in posture and balance can lead to HUGE differences in final results using pressure points. It’s these kinds of ‘intimate secrets’ that separate my Protégé training from anything else out there. You’ll see why some people (my inner circle and people who have been lucky enough to have been through the program) get such dramatic, life-changing results using these secrets, whilst others DO NOT. You’ll learn how to be in the ‘elite’ group with these secret yet very easy-to-apply small shifts.

With the basics ‘grounding’ you…

…with the basics you will have acquired a good, solid ground, so from there I then moved onto the core ‘meat’ of my Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program training program…

My focus is very simple here: giving you the exact training in STREET pressure point fighting that I’ve previously shared with my ‘inner-circle’ students at $30,000 per time! NOT training for the gym or anything else. Purely: how to take out attackers the best ‘ways’ possible with this, the most powerful pressure-point street training on the face of the planet right now.

The good news: on this programme what you’ll get is just about the SIMPLEST explanation I’ve ever given on how to really get pressure points working at the highest-possible level of effectiveness on the street, against ANY opponent.

Some of the programme footage in fact, is even ‘informal chat’ – stuff where I reveal some of the ‘underground’ secrets that most people don’t want you to know.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store for you, once I put you too through The Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program…

• Why it actually DOESN’T matter if you’re ‘accurate’ with your pressure point striking! I’ll reveal a big ‘secret’ about how you DON’T need to be accurate to use pressure points effectively on the street!

• How to STOP getting a ‘bad’ reaction from an to do things as I will show you on this programme, so pressure points will work for you against ANYONE, at ANY time. Regardless!

• DEEPER ‘Secrets’ of how to make pressure points really to make them ‘over-the-top-powerful’ to crumple a man with nothing more than your fingers!

• How to ‘release’ a guy’s neck, making him ‘super-pliable’ so you can move him all over the room – even if his neck is as thick as Mike Tyson’s!

• I will reveal to you MY personal ULTIMATE pressure point knockout point. Use this on your opponent and it’s like an earthquake going on in his body.and he will drop like a hot potato! Use it with my ‘deeper’ secrets and you will possess unheard of knockout potential!

• How simple shifts in balance and posture can produce dramatic changes in your pressure point results.and how to use these secrets in your own training!

• How to use LIVER pressure points. You’ll hear our subject on here squeal like a pig – I will show you how to use this so your attacker will probably run off he will be so scared of you after you’ve done this to him! (And that’s IF he can still run)

• How NOT to be super-accurate with any pressure point but still cause extreme pain!

You’ll realise just why I had to introduce this set talking about balance and anti-shock systems.because this all ties together so you DON’T need to be accurate to make these ‘secrets’ work for you too. Finally, you’ll realise that YOU can get pressure points working at this you too can be in the ‘elite’ who knows more about this stuff than anyone else.

Not only did I give you probably the most thorough ‘tour-de-force’ of exactly what pressure points to use on the street, how to hit them, where to hit them, and how to multiply your force when you do hit them, but I went on to look at using them in…


Yes, that’s right. In fact, we devoted a whole chapter to using the best points in ‘extreme situations’ – the kind of harsh situation where you simply NEED to get the hell out of there and escape. I put Ian G. through these scenarios for himself…and by the time we were done, he and I agreed that he had every move he’d ever need to use pressure points in WHATEVER scenario the ‘street’ threw at him!

A sample of what you’ll learn…

• What to do when you are ‘DOWNED’ (on the ground, ideal for club- or street-type environments), and need to escape – even if the attacker is super-strong!

• What to do if you’re on the ground, and an attacker (or more than one) are literally trying to boot you in the FACE. What to do, how to escape, how to turn the tables and put them down (where they belong)

• What to do when you’re UP AGAINST A WALL. Common attack, frightening too – what to do, to shock him, then completely take him out – even if he is strangling you!

Now, let me tell you something ‘interesting’ about
my original Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program…

It’s simply this: throughout the original program, I actually put together a classroom-based ‘Masterclass’ – an actual class-room session – for my students.

And that’s why I thought it only fair to do the same for this, the home-study version.

Throughout this ‘classroom-based’ session – which I’ve professionally recorded for you using presentation software – we looked at the more important THEORETICAL ASPECTS of how pressure point and ‘meridians’ work.

Basically, throughout this session on your chapters, I proverbially ‘sit down’ with you and walk you through the most critical things you ‘need to know’ for these higher-level and deeper pressure point secrets.

For example, I gave probably the most complete run-down I’ve ever done on yin and yang …(complete with high resolution graphics and with me explaining everything for you in precise detail)…how to get greater ‘systemic’ reactions on someone’s body through the savvy use of my pressure point secrets…using my ‘law of complimentary opposites’…and how to integrate everything together with the other secrets you’ll learn throughout the Protege Program. Here’s what else you’ll learn…

• Using the ‘cycle of destruction’ …and the ‘cycle of construction’ – what they are, how to use them with your pressure points for ultimate power over your opponents

• The secrets of ‘elemental’ pairs – what they are, what you need to know about them

• The ‘Conceptor’ and ‘Governor’ – what they are, how to use them – their ‘secrets’ revealed

Throughout this part of the program, I even gave away my own ‘precise’ meridian diagrams to show you exactly what to strike and where. For example – did you know there are SIX main ‘Lung Meridian’ points? I go through points you may have never even seen before! (You can see why I’ve kept this stuff just for my protégés).

Two examples: ONE point (on the ‘Spleen Meridian’) – which you MUST know (in fact, if you only remember one pressure point, ever, then make sure it’s this one!) I will also outline my lists of exceptionally effective ‘KO’ pressure points – and plenty more!

And all this is comprehensively illustrated with high-quality graphics…outlining the mains points you ‘need to know’. In total, I give practically EVERY powerful, street-based pressure point which you are ever likely to want to know…which to use, which to ignore, for real power over your opponents.

My ‘Secret Seven’…

We moved on…

Next up, I outlined something which I give to all my original Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program students.

I simply HAND THEM – as I will hand you – my very best, most powerful, most devastating ‘this-is-what-I-would-use-personally-on-the-street-if-the-shit-was-hitting-the-fan’ type moves.

EASY moves. Yet ultra-devastating pressure point moves, too. Seven of them in total (you don’t need much else!) A sample…

• ‘Spleen 6’ – a pressure point that NO-ONE (I’ve ever met) has been able to take. And I’ve met some very tough guys!

• ‘Gall Bladder 20’ – a big point which ANYONE can use, and which doesn’t require accuracy! That’s why I love this point and why it’s part of my ‘secret 7’ – because anyone can use it (since it’s large and easy to hit) to take out any attacker.

• ‘Large Intestine 18 – a point which is almost like hitting THREE pressure points at the same time (yet once again, it’s EASY to strike this point).

And more – basically my seven best, in exacting details. (Funnily enough, you probably don’t need much else in street self-defense other than these seven. They are THAT powerful!)

And we literally went over and over these points…so everything will be crystal clear for you, so you needn’t do anything else but pick up this programme, watch , be ‘infused’ with these thorough training methods, and then you’ll instantly ‘get’ what to do with these points.

You too will then acquire mastery of the ultra-powerful ‘secret 7’.

Bear in mind here: the whole way through I was personally ‘mentoring’ Ian G. on using these moves – telling him where most people go wrong, what he had to really do to make them work at maximum effectiveness, and so on.

The result is as close to a ‘one-on-one’ mentoring session as you’ll ever get from me, allowing you to take on these ‘secret 7’, make them your own, and have them at your beck and call to use in your own street arsenal against anyone stupid enough to attack you.
In fact, it was a virtual ‘walk-through’ of how to apply these pressure point secrets – with me correcting Ian each step of the way. “No, you need a little less pressure there…” or me saying “OK, boot that point – that’s all you need to do here to make him be at your mercy” … “You need to push DOWN there instead of pushing up.”and so on.

Dare I say it but this was the most complete, thorough and ‘every-last-secret-revealed’ RUNDOWN on exactly what to do, and where, with EACH of the most POTENT and ‘secret’ seven pressure points known to man. You’ll see how people get pressure points all wrong.hitting on the ‘surface’ of the point, and I reveal my best secrets for ‘deep’ hitting of the you’ll possess the ability to drop anyone, at any time with a mere finger!

Moving on…

Moving on – I looked at even more ‘deeper secrets’ that I’m going to give you, so you can acquire total mastery of pressure points for the street. My goal here is to ’round out’ the previous knowledge I’ve handed to you, so we (together) have left nothing to chance.

It’s a bit like ‘crossing the t’s’ and ‘dotting the i’s’, to ensure complete mastery.

Here’s some more ‘secrets’ which I’ll be sharing throughout the home-study programme for my Pressure Point Protege Training Program.

• BIG Pressure points that ANYONE can use (because they are simply SO easy to hit). WARNING: as always, do NOT hit these too hard otherwise you WILL cause real damage!

• A pressure point which is basically ‘nightmare-time’ for your opponents.THIS gets the ultimate amount of ‘bang for your buck’.dropping anyone easily and super-fast!

• UNDER-USED yet absolutely devastating pressure points that few people know about – and even fewer use. Get ready for a HUGE advantage over everyone else walking the street today.

• MERIDIAN ‘cross points’ which are extreme pain points.

• EXACTLY how to hit pressure points to cause maximum pain and anxiety. In precise detail!

• How to LITERALLY make an opponent fill his pants. (No joke. Just be very careful with this).

• SIMPLE Leg Points that will cause excruciating pain on your attacker – instantly drop him whilst he ‘writhes’ in agony on the floor, pleading for you to leave him alone! (“No, please…I won’t ever think about attacking YOU again!”)

And a lot more ‘subtle’ and ‘deep secret’ points – for example, why going directly ‘head on’ in a pressure point fight is exactly the WRONG thing to do.and why a slight shift will produce exponentially better results.why you need to ‘take 45’ to get ‘over-the-top’ results from pressure points.and more.

You will NOT get anything this thorough.any place else – ever!

WARNING: you WILL hear some ‘swearing’ and the like on this programme.purely because I keep this absolutely ‘real’, with no holds barred. As I’ve tried to stress, this is as close as you can get to being ‘close and personal’ with me as possible.

You MAY need to watch a FEW times though – because as I’ve said there are deeper level secrets here that will take you longer to ‘get’ – so a few sessions may be required.

So OK – on the final chapter, we looked at (probably the first time ever) of how to do…

Pressure point sparring.

In fact, we filmed an entire session, with me correcting, analysing and ‘setting on track’ Ian G. with his newly-acquired knowledge. You’ll see for example how simple stomach strikes can ‘down’ an attacker…with hardly any power…when you know the ‘secrets’ of doing this…you will learn how to use the head to ‘fake’ and then ‘setup’ absolutely devastating pressure point strikes to the BODY…you will actually SEE me ‘pick off’ pressure points in a ring-type environment, seeing Ian G. crumble like the proverbial cookie, at my will!

This ‘pressure point sparring’ is ideal for helping you practice what you learn on the rest of the Program – or just for impressing the hell out of your buddies down the pub, or your training partner down the gym.

And it perfectly finishes and rounds off the rest of the material that you’ll have experienced and learned from with the rest of your programme.

The result…?

The result? Probably the most complete and powerful training Set I’ve ever put together…and the most complete anywhere on the planet for that matter.

In total, you’ll be getting 7 chapters, chock-full of ‘secrets’ and my most powerful and ‘for-my-inner-circle-only’ type information on pressure points for the street.

Bluntly: there is nothing out there this powerful for training to be a complete, holistic pressure-point fighting machine…one that can turn on the ‘tap’ whenever they want to clear a place with these pressure point secrets. Clear the damn venue. Then walk away with your head in the air. That’s the kind of power this training can bestow on you.

YOU owning the place…

…and everyone else fearing the power that you have!

In addition to your 7 chapters…for the first time ever…I’m including some written materials (in a folio folder) with your chapters. These complement your main programme perfectly, and just round out and add to the overall learning experience.

As you can tell, I’m leaving nothing to chance in turning you from a rookie to a near Jedi-Master of this game, and I’m doing everything required to make sure YOUR ‘transformation’ happens as quickly as possible.

I’ve included these extra written materials to further illustrate, expound up and ‘bring to life’ what you’ll learn through your programme.

And something else I’m going to do for you too…(but only if you’re super quick).

And…and…if you show me you’re serious here today and get your order in within the next five days (so I know you are real and genuine about becoming a real Protégé of mine), then I will also provide a personal consultative review of your training.

What’s this about?

Well, once you’ve finished working through the program, take a film of yourself training and send it to me. I will then comprehensively review and ‘critique’ what you’re doing…where you can improve… what you can do next to really hit the proverbial pressure point ‘high notes’ if you like.

I am ONLY prepared to do this for my Protégés, and because of the personal input required I will ONLY do this for the first 10 responders. So, ideally you need to get your order to me within the next 5 days, or else you risk being disappointed. Fair enough?

So what’s the price here then Russell?

Don’t worry. It’s nothing like the $30,000 I’ve asked for the Program before. Not even close. After all, my real purpose with releasing these secrets today is to create my own legacy if you like (as I mentioned earlier in this letter today). so I won’t charge anything like that. Point is, I want a wider distribution for this ultimate training Set so my ‘legacy’ will be complete.

Mind you, I also don’t want everyone and anyone to have these secrets. They are much too powerful and ‘hard-won’ to see to that. Handing them out to every Tom-Dick-And-Harry would water down the secrets too.and, let’s face it, we don’t want a bunch of marauding Pressure Point Masters walking around on every street corner! No, if these secrets got out to the wider market, then I’m convinced that all Hell would break loose.

And that’s why my price for this programme is ‘expensive’ enough to put off the average Joe who simply won’t appreciate this training in any case. That price in fact is $247 for the entire Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program .there are no extra, hidden charges whatsover.

That’s for your 7-chapter Set…your extra written materials…and even your personal consultative review (I could easily charge the $247 price for JUST the review – so you can see what a real ‘bargain’ this price is…particularly considering the $30,000 I’ve charged before now to ‘live’ attendees!)

One more question you need to ask before deciding to invest in my Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program.

It’s simply this:


It’s a serious question that needs careful thought before you take up this possibly life-changing decision here today.
See, I know – from experience – that not everyone is ready to have their World rocked by what’s going to be revealed to you on this programme. Sometimes such an experience can shock you to your core, making you lose sleep even – you realise how powerful this stuff is, how much sheer power you can wield over your average man, and your brain simply shuts down . Can’t take the secrets. I’ve seen it before, and I know that with the release of this Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program that I will probably see it again – and soon. If the thought of learning material this powerful frankly scares you in some way.then do NOT order.

I don’t want to be dealing with a basket case in a few weeks time.

You have been warned.

WARNING! ONLY 50 Sets available.!

My original Multiplied Force Fighting System was sold widely to the public. My other programs have been much more limited in their release – usually just 100 Sets each.

Now, in this case, with the release of Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program, I am going to limit these secrets even further.

Yes, I want to leave a legacy – but by the same token NO, I don’t want these secrets available to too many people. So.I am going to limit this set to just 50 full training packages. And once they are gone.they really are gone. Gone forever and never to be released again! So, the lesson here is not to hang about. Don’t delay here or you almost certainly WILL be locked out. Someone else (maybe someone you’ll face one day on the streets!) will get these secrets ahead of you in the pack. And HE will get the benefits that this bestows upon you.not you.

And.and.since all ‘students’ of my Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program will have achieved Mastery of these principles.then you’ll also receive a signed Russell Stutely Pressure Point Protégé Certificate – alongside your package. Few people over the globe will hold such a certificate – YOU can and will.

Ok, enough ‘chat’, let me now tell you.

How to order.

OK, let me tell you now how to get your hands on one of these 50 Sets for yourself.

Either way, don’t hang about.

Once those 50 Sets are gone.that’s it!

Oh – and one more thing, just to set your mind at rest…

EVERYTHING is fully guaranteed to you as a customer of UKFightLab’s.

Yes, you’ll get UKFightLab’s usual 60-day ‘satisfaction guarantee’ – although I’d be very surprised if you’d even consider asking for a refund. But, the guarantee is there should you need it – for whatever reason. In short, you get 60-days to look everything over.and if you’re not happy with everything you’ve received, then just let us know by email, and you’ll be cut a full and prompt refund of your purchase price. Fair enough? This way, you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying to claim one of these 50 available Sets for yourself.

The final result.

By the time I’ve personally mentored you to mastery level through my ground-breaking Pressure Point Protégé MASTERY Training Program , you’ll emerged a changed person. And although it sounds ‘corny’ to say it – I know from seeing it with my own two eyes – that you’ll walk away with a whole NEW outlook and, put bluntly, your life won’t be the same again .

It is NOT just the pressure point secrets I’ll be sharing – although they alone are enough to rock your World. No.I’ve seen it before – it’s that look in the ‘student’s’ eye as he realises the power of what he now holds in his’s that chest that’s puffed out a bit more, that inner confidence that comes from knowing you can totally dominate and obliterate whoever walks in your path, whoever dares cross you and your family.

It’s THAT which is the real ‘deal-clincher’ for me that ability to have ultimate power over your fellow man.regardless of how big he is or how scary he looks.

In fact, chances are once you join me in this personal journey to pressure point mastery.

• You WON’T need to walk around ‘worried’ that you can’t beat down any other guy within distance of you.because you’ll be armed with these mastery-level secrets.

• You WON’T need to train endlessly in some of the tiresome and ineffective ‘martial arts’.because you’ll have everything you need right here.

• And you WILL have everything you need to ‘combat and conquer’ whatever today’s harsh streets throw at you…

In short, you’ll not only have acquired my Mastery-Level secrets.
but you’ll also be a changed person as well!

I’m inviting you today to take this personal journey for yourself.and join me.

Order online today!

Let’s get you started on your journey to Pressure Point Protege Mastery.

I know from experience – it’s going to be an exciting ride!


Russell Stutely

Europe ‘s #1 Pressure Point Authority

P.S. I mentioned at the start of this letter that this Protege Training Package will only be open for a ‘very limited time’. And that’s right – it will. I really will take this off the market as soon as I take on 50 new Protégés. Those places could be filled by tomorrow for all I know…the bottom line is that these places WILL fill quickly. So don’t hang about…I’d urge you to get back to us very quickly to reserve your place. Get back to use right away to avoid disappointment!

About Russell Stutely…

A quick note from my publishers: Ian G. here – thanks for that letter Russell. Just to remind you – in case you don’t know – here’s why people listen to what Russell has to say and treat him as a true ‘guru’ figure in this game…

Russell Stutely has been on the Front Cover of the UK ‘s largest and most prestigious Martial Arts Magazine, Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI), 4 times in one year (sample below). Russell Stutely has also written for MAI, Combat, Traditional Karate and other Magazines for nearly 12 years. His ‘ Multiplied Force Fighting System’ (published by UKFightLab) won the title for ‘Instructional programmme Of The Year’ at the prestigious SENI show in 2006 – Europe ‘s largest martial arts tradeshow.

What Other ‘Pros’ Say About Russell…

“Real self defence, made real easy. Russell is where you should go if you want to learn what your Art really means” – Malcolm Keith 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu

“..He has transformed my Martial Arts” – Bob Sykes 6th Dan Karate, Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated.

“I have worked with Russell for many years and can personally vouch for the effectiveness of these principles and techniques. If anyone now carries the torch of what I believe and teach in respect of impact development it’s Russell Stutely.”

– Peter Consterdine 8th Dan – Co-Founder, British Combat Association

Pressure Point Protege 7 DVD Set for IMMEDIATE Digital Download By Russell Stutely, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

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