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Premium Client Blueprint By Scott Wilson – Instant Download!

“Are You Afraid Your Online Marketing Consulting Business is Slipping Behind and Missing Out on Deals To Smarter Competitors?”

Module One: Influence Through Education

  • $5000 in 2 Mins & 26 secs — My powerful video sales formula that I used to help a client get $5000 in advertising funding from just one 2 minute & 26 seconds video. (And yes you will also get the my template to copy and use for your own business.)
  • Manual Marketing Sucks… The No.1 reason why manual marketing is killing your business dreams and holding you ransom to only dealing with small paying and frustrating clients.
  • Call The Ball — How following a simple instruction used by the legendary Babe Ruth can help you focus and close more sales.
  • Leverage Technology… How to leverage technology the right way to close 5 figure deals without having to slave over writing frustrating word doc or PDF proposals.
  • 5 Hot Principles — if you want an Automated, Leveraged & Funancial business you will do well to model these 5 hot principles in your business.
  • Education + Value = Influence… How create authority, trust and power positioning so that premium clients coming looking for you ready and wanting to do business.

Module Two: Tame The Tech

  • Tame The Tech — The good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to using technology to sell to premium clients @ premium prices.
  • The Software Sauce… a birds eye view of the best screen capture video software that I use to get results fast. Including a look at the same software I used to close the $27,000 case study in the pre-launch videos.
  • Your Audio Edge — 2 low cost but very professional pieces of audio equipment that will have you sounding like a pro quick smart.
  • Picture Power… Exactly how and why I use certain pictures to position myself as the market authority when dealing with premium clients. (Plus I share with you the exact website where I get my images from. And no it’s not iStock.)
  • Poll Position – How to use 2 little known tools together to grab the poll position in your premium clients mind. Recently I used them in a 4 Minute video to close a $1500 a month contract.

Module Three: Video Influence

  • Video Influence… how to create video influence even if you have just started out as a brand new local online marketing consultant.
  • WIIFM Factor — how to ensure your videos get watched every time simply by doing this one simple thing. (Yep it is simple but most people never do it and miss deals because of it.)
  • 7 Screen Videos You Can Rip Off… this is where you discover the 7 types of screen capture videos that I create. Videos like “The Closer” and “Show & Tell To Sell”. (This is GOLD).
  • Monthly Report Leverage — watch this section and implement what I did in my past SEO business and watch how you start attracting premium clients.
  • The 3JC Method Challenge… I love rewarding action takers so if you get this far into the video course be prepared for a challenge and another free bonus worth $499.00.
  • 3 C’s of Cash Flow — The sales triggering emotions you will spark inside business owners after they have watched your videos that will joint them into action and want to deal with you.

Module Four: Language Leverage

  • PASTA Sales Formula Template – a proven and tested sales formula that I regularly use to prospect, present and close premium clients. (This the same template I used recently to close a $4200 consulting job for 4 hours work.)
  • $27K Case Study… An in-depth walk through of how I closed a $27K deal with just 2 videos and a phone call without meeting the client face to face.
  • Key Influence Partners — why your business must have key influence partners and how to go about creating these types of relationships in your business.
  • Brand First Position Tip… how to position your premium clients brand so that they forget your trying to sell them something. (Make no mistake this tip will buy you critical selling time.)
  • Dumb Ass Mistakes — how to leverage someone else’s dumb ass mistakes online to make you look like a modern day super hero in the eyes of premium clients.
  • Competitors Smack Down... how to simply position your premium prospects competitors in your videos so that they hit the roof with rage when they see them beating them again and again online.
  • Selling The Gap — what you are really selling your premium clients and how to position this so that it showcases your value.
  • Language Leverage… if you want sell more then watch and listen to this video because it has some gold tips in it for any online marketing expert. (This is the live recording of one of the videos I used to close the $27K case study.)

Premium Client Blueprint By Scott Wilson, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • Bonuses
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4