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Peter Sage - Ultimate Self Mastery1Peter Sage – Ultimate Self Mastery

Why 95% of What You’re Spending On Personal Development, Books, Courses, Motivational Videos and Quotes Are A Complete Waste Of Time…

And the ‘Engaged Neural Conditioning’ Hack to Achieving Everything You Want in Life…

Hello, my name is Peter Sage.

For the last 30 years I’ve been a keen student of human behaviour diving deep into the whole world of personal growth and transformation. I’ve seen just about every course, attended every seminar, read every book and also spent over 15 years working alongside Tony Robbins as one of his experienced trainers so I’ve amassed an arsenal of experience on understanding the fundamental principals on why we do what we do.
And I’ve translated that into huge financial success, business success and relationship success, health success as well as making many mistakes along the way.
Mistakes I hope you don’t have to make if you pay attention to everything I’m going to share with you today.
You see – if you’re not achieving everything you want in your life, your relationships, your business or your wealth, chances are…

You’re locked into a pattern of acceptance…

Remember, as human beings, we are programmed to be desensitised to our environment. A classic example is if you live near an airport, for the first two weeks you’re pulling your hair out, because the planes are flying over every day. After two to three weeks, you never hear them until somebody comes to visit and says, “How can you live with all that noise?” And you’re like, “What noise? I didn’t hear it.

We’re trained to be desensitised. It’s the same with anything including personal growth. If you’re the kind of person who buys personal development books, goes to the seminars and joins the courses but never really gets anywhere with them, chances are, you’re desensitised as to the real reasons to be doing what you’re doing.

Are you ‘Sleeping Awake’?

We are habit creatures by design, which is a beautiful level of evolution that stops us from learning how to walk every day, but it does come at a cost.

The cost is that over 95% of the time we are sleeping awake, which means that we’re running on autopilot. It’s the same reason you pull up at your office on your day off to work because you forgot.
You were just absentmindedly driving, and we’ve all done things like that. When it comes to understanding the mechanics behind that, I want to just remind you to what’s really going on using some metaphors that we can all understand.
The mind is like a compass needle, it can only point in one direction of the time.
But similar to a compass needle, it has a Magnetic North and the Magnetic North in this scenario is the quality and level of our thoughts linked to our level of consciousness.
You can split that very easily in terms of positive or negative. Let’s just use that as our benchmark. If you are conditioned to think habitually negative thoughts, which by the way is most of humanity, not because we’re born negative, far from it, but because we’re surrounding ourselves with examples of negativity.
Most people’s favourite pastime and what they want to talk about is themselves. What most people’s subject or favourite subject to talk about in terms of themselves is all the stuff that’s going wrong.
Because a lot of people bond through common sympathy, through common adversity.
You’ve heard, “Nothing unites like a common enemy.
If the common enemy is the government or the weather and how bad it is or some stuff in the paper that’s troubling you. People unite over that and therefore they get their need for connection through essentially bonding over negativity. That is reinforced and conditioned through the media, through other agendas.

As a result, most people’s default Magnetic North happens to be generally more negative than positive.

We only have to look at evidence of what’s happening in the world in order to validate that.

So what does that mean?
That means that when you’re awake, what I call walking awake, rather than sleeping awake. When you’re walking awake, you have the ability at any particular point to grab your compass needle and change its direction consciously.
If you’re feeling down, you can get up, snap out of it, go for a walk, watch a funny movie.
There are conscious choices that you can make in the moment.
However, that’s only 5% of the time, generally speaking, of our lives.
The rest we are unconsciously sleeping awake, which means we take our hands off the compass needle and as soon as we do that it will automatically drift back to its conditioned Magnetic North, which for most people is negative. So that’s the society that we live in.
That’s the world that we live in. What most people don’t do, is they don’t then say, “Okay, if my default magnetic North happens to be more negative than positive at the moment due to the environmental conditions, not my own personal fault. How do I change that?”
Remember questions are the steering wheel of the mind, so ask a better question, get a better answer.
“How do I change my default Magnetic North of the compass needle of my mind to be more positive than negative?”, is a great question to ask and I’m happy to answer it for you.

You do it through ‘Continuous Spaced Repetition’…

That’s how you build muscle in the gym. You don’t go in the gym 30 pounds overweight and walk out thin.

That doesn’t happen.
You have to do it over time.
Continuous and spaced repetition.
And today I’m inviting you to join a very special program I’ve created called The Self-Mastery Program which enables you to tap into continuous spaced repetition in a way provides you a true path to abundance in every area of your life.
That path begins with mastering yourself. Remember, your outer world follows your inner world. So in order to achieve and master everything you want in life – you must first master yourself.

If you try to master anything else before mastering yourself, you’re wasting your time.

Let me give you an example.

You could hire the best and most expensive personal trainer, who knows everything about how to transform your body, but if you haven’t mastered getting out of bed early in the morning to go to the gym, then none of that counts.
Just as you could enrol in a top-level and expensive business course, but if you haven’t mastered the art of embracing uncertainty, then you’re not going to apply what it is that you learn.
Instead, you’re gonna procrastinate, you’re gonna self-sabotage, and you’re gonna put off starting the business all while coming up with perfectly reasonably sounding excuses, all of which are not based in truth but they’re designed to keep you in a comfort zone of mediocrity.
And I don’t want that to happen to you.
Which is why I’ve got a special invitation for you to become part of a community of like-minded people who are all focused on raising their game.

The Self-Mastery Program – The Most Affordable Path To Achievement and Abundance

This unique and exclusive program was strategically designed, so you can tap into the power of continuous spaced repetition and consistently stroke your compass needle as a load point in the direction of self mastery in the direction of positivity.

You become not just immune in the moment towards negativity, towards procrastination, but you do it automatically.
That’s a very different life if you fast forward that or future pace that out for five years.
That is a very different life to the life that unfortunately most people live. I’ve put a lot of work and effort into cherrypicking, selecting, refining, and creating very specific content that is delivered in a very specific order for you to essentially continually stroke that compass needle in the right direction.
You guys don’t have to think about anything in terms of what particular piece of content, what to drill down on, when it should be there, it’s all done for you.
All you need to do is press play, show up, put on the headphones, listen and do what’s there. I’ve built the mental gym for you, I’ve written out the mental workout program, all you’ve got to do is follow it.
When something triggers you that used to trigger your before into a tailspin, now you see that not as a steep decline, or you’re catching yourself before it happens. That can happen quickly with awareness and that awareness can become conditioned over time.

Here’s what’s included with your invitation to The Self-Mastery Program:

  • Every week you’ll get drip fed an exclusive and specifically chosen piece of content from my weekly ‘mind conditioning’ vault and content library.
  • ​And most importantly, you’ll get access to the Live Self-Mastery Sessions. Every single month you’ll get direct access to me, where not only am I gonna give you a brand new cutting edge live training, but you’ll also get the opportunity to participate and get your most pressing questions answered by me, personally, every month.
  • ​And you’ll also get access to the Live Q&A vault with all previous recordings of our Self-Mastery Sessions.
Imagine being mentored and coached directly by me every month to make sure that you get the results that you want and hold you accountable for getting the best out what you’ve already committed to.
So, to get started with The Self-Mastery Program, just fill out your details below.
From my heart to yours!

Peter Sage

“Yes, Peter! I Want to Achieve Ultimate Self-Mastery and Exploit My Potential to the Fullest”

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the Ultimate Self-Mastery Program:

+ Personalized Strategy & Onboarding Session
To kick things off, you’ll get a private ONE-ON-ONE session with one of my trained success coaches who will help set you up to win and get the absolute BEST start on your journey of transformation and self-mastery.
+ 12-Months Four-Phase Total Mental Upgrade
Each week you’ll receive a carefully chosen mind-shifting lesson. These lessons are designed to give you a guaranteed long-lasting impact.
+ Live Monthly Power Coaching
Once a month, I will personally coach you and answer any questions you have.
+ Self-Mastery Sessions – Q&A Vault
You’ll get access to the Coaching Q&A Power Vault with all previous recordings of Self-Mastery Sessions. These recordings are a gold mine of invaluable lessons.
+ The 5-Day Challenge
Get ready to upgrade your peer group, relationships, bank balance, and life with this is a transformative 5-day challenge.
+ Surprise Gifts & Bonuses
Look out for your first one coming in 10 days!

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